Jewelry factory Gems Gallery in Pattaya

Pattaya’s attractions include parks, gardens, unusual temples, amazing places, interesting excursions and entertainment for the whole family. And Thailand is famous for its precious stones – the pearls of the Andaman Sea, sapphires and rubies from the central region. James Galeri – famous jewelry store in Pattaya – offers a large selection of gold and silver jewelry. Other branches are open in the cities of Bangkok, Chiang May and on the island of Phuket.

Among all stores of jewelry in Pattaya Gems Gallery were the first to be honored with world recognition and certificates. To date, the company enters the top 300 leading jewelry brands. In factory staff more than a hundred designers of international level. Trades consultants speak tens of languages, including Russian. Every year, James Gellery shops visit several million buyers.

Jewelry factory Gems Gallery in Pattaya

To its customers, the factory offers a free shuttle service from the hotel to the store and back. Order it by phone +66 84 905 6656 or Messenger Whatsapp or Viber. You can write in Russian. Already at the entrance to the factory begins a fascinating trip to the world of stones and jewels. You are celebrating girls in traditional Thai dresses, welcoming gesture "Wai". They accompany to the train, which goes on a cognitive tour to underground depths. You will learn a lot of interesting facts from the world of Thai gems.

Jewelery excursion

Factory of jewelry in Pattaya The largest of all Thai branches. Its area of ​​more than 15 thousand square meters.M. Part of the building occupies an interactive tunnel, telling about the stones of Thailand, their prey and the manufacture of decorations. Excursion is held in Russian. Sitting on the train, you will drive on an animated dungeon with moving scenery. With your own eyes you will see the birth of minerals. Learn interesting facts about the extraction of precious stones in Thailand and their transformation into gorgeous jewelry. After traveling by train you will pass to the workshop where several jewelers work. Masters Factory use in the work of ordinary coarse tools. And as a result, decorations of incredible beauty are born.

Jewelry on James Galeri

After acquaintance with the workshop and production you will be held in shopping chairs. Here are exhibited products with precious stones of silver and gold. All gems in the factory pass the scrupulous selection by hemologists. Sapphires and Rubins are mined right in the kingdom, in the mines of Cantachaburi and Canthtaburi provinces. In the store you will find both pink and yellow sapphires and the rarest stars. In addition to Thai stones, the factory works with imported, brought from Myanmar, South Africa, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Colombia.

The entire space of the store is divided into several halls. Central Showcases of the Main Pavilion – VIP Zone. Here you will see the exclusive factory and pride items of Thai designers. Earrings with diamonds, rings with star sapphires, brooches with rare tanzanite – this is only part of unique things. Jewelry prices in the VIP zone can reach a few million baht. The designs of all products are unique, so in the store it is impossible to take pictures and shoot on the camcorder.

On the shop windows to the right of the entrance you will find products with pearls: Earrings, Rings, Necklaces and Separate Threads. Under individual queries collect bracelets or necklace of the required length. You can even choose a gold or silver clasp from several options. Pearls in the factory in Pattaya is divided into river, sea and natural. The value of the latter can reach up to several tens of thousands of baht. In the store you can even buy separate pearls.

Separate showcases are allocated for treated natural stones. When buying to each attached description and quality certificate. To the left of the entrance you will see a large selection of decorations with gold and stones. Not only sapphires and rubies, but also emerald, diamond, Aquamarine, Jadeit, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Topaz, Grenad, Chrysolit, Opal and others. Do not think that jewelry is a purchase only for women. Here you will find a large selection of products for men: rings, bracelets, cufflinks, suspension.

Several showcases in the main hall are designated under silver ornaments. His mining is very developed in Thailand. Therefore, silver decoration prices are available. Earrings and rings of silver, as well as other products with stones, covered with a thin layer of rhodium. Such decorations do not darken and do not lose their kind for many years. All Silver Products James Galary put the factory stamp.

Thai gold

Among tourists is popular question: "Why Thai gold is so yellow?" All thing in ligature. Silver adds to the alloy instead of copper, so the color is obtained unusually yellow. Golden decorations in Thailand are marked by the British system of carat breakdown, and not metric. So 585 sample will correspond to 14 karat, 750 – 18 carat, 833 – 20 carat, 990 – 24 carats. The most common decorations in the 14- and 18-carat factory.

Certificates and guarantees

When buying gold jewelry in the GEMS Gallery store issues a lifetime certificate of quality. On the branded form indicated a description of the decoration, its picture and the price. If there are diamonds in the product, you will additionally be issued a passport of the Gia Gemology Institute. At any time you can contact one of the branches of the factory to clean or repair the decoration for free. And if you get tired ring or earrings, they can be changed to another decoration with a surcharge difference.

Prices in factory

Gems Gallery in Pattaya Discount - Jewelry Store and Factory, Free Shuttle, Prices Pattaya Guide

The cost of jewelry depends on metal, stones and design complexity. Simple silver ring or zircon pendant will cost 700-1000 baht. Gold earrings with ruby ​​- 3000-5000 baht. River pearl thread – from 2000-3000 baht. Jewelers Factory are ready to customize any product according to your sketch. Or you can choose something from the exclusive on European samples. For all buyers, consultants will not just select the believed decoration, but also customize the size of the ring.

At the customs of Thailand there are no restrictions on the export of jewelry with precious stones, if you have a certificate of factory. Silver decorations are not subject to certification, with rare exception. They can be removed from the country.

Souvenirs and exotic skin products

In a separate trading room, a large selection of souvenirs and leather products. Here you will find bags and belts from crocodile, wallets from a skate and marine snake, briefcases from a cow and much more. On a separate showcase there are products from Thai Silka. Souvenir products in the factory are not so diverse, but unusual things are found. For example, tea set from Thai porcelain or paintings.

Free shuttle service to the jewelry factory in Pattaya

For its buyers, James Gelary store offers a free transfer from the hotel and back. Call by phone +66 84 905 6656 or write a message in Whatsapp or Viber In Russian, specifying your hotel, Room Room, Time and Date of Trip. You will come comfortable car for you, the driver will have a list with your last name.

Only for readers of the site RINO4KA.RU provides a guaranteed 10% discount. During the order of free shutter, tell me that you are from Rynochka.

Discount is valid when ordering a free shuttle and does not work if you arrived with your guide or with a taxi driver.

Gems Gallery Address in Pattaya: Moo 6, 555 North Pattaya Road, Bang Lamung, Pattaya
Working hours: Every day from 8:00 to 17:30

Gems Gallery in Pattaya Discount - Jewelry Store and Factory, Free Shuttle, Prices Pattaya Guide

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