General information to travel to Amsterdam

Amsterdam – the largest city and the capital of the Netherlands, located in the north of the country. He perfectly combines medieval and modern architecture. In the 17th century was one of the most significant ports of the world, as well as the center of commercial.

At the moment, the popular tourist city of Europe, about 4.63 million tourists visit him every year.

Climate and weather

The city is located in a temperate climate zone with high humidity. Often, storms and severe wind gusts.

In winter, the temperature usually does not fall below 0 ° C, although sometimes freezing when cold air flows come from the north. Summer is hot weather, the temperature reaches about 32 ° C.


Before Amsterdam can be reached not only by the plane, but also by train. Railways Connect Amsterdam with Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Cologne and Some other cities.

The city has a developed transport system: Metropolitan, buses, high-speed trams and even ferries.

From the airport you can get by bus, tram or subway directly to the city center. Myself Airport is close to Central Station. Also on buses can be reached in the vicinity of the city. On all types of transport there is a single ticket that is a convenient and economical solution.

Since there are many channels in Amsterdam, unforgettable Boat cruises By sights of the city.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

The city provides an excellent selection of hotels, motels, guesthouses and hostels. Here are some of them with a good rating:

Motel One Amsterdam – WaterlooPlein – Excellent motel located in the city center, famous for comfortable beds. Rating: 9.0.
Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam Rembrandpark – The hotel is located next to Rembrandt Park and a 15-minute drive from the airport. What is interesting, Breakfast at the hotel is served at any time of the day. Four stars rating: 8.1.
Generator Amsterdam – Designer hostel located in the east of Amsterdam. Has a unique architecture and style, friendly staff. Rating: 8.0.
Sunflower Inn Amsterdam – A good guest house, located in the shopping area of ​​Amsterdam, also near the house of Rembrandt. Rating: 8.9.

The city’s attractions

Amsterdam is replete with monuments of history and culture: museums, churches, antique streets, channels, castles and many others. Also in the city many cozy cafes, restaurants, trendy stores.

The most popular places of the city:

General information to travel to Amsterdam

Square Dame – Area, where people of different nationalities and any age are like to gather. In the center there is a white obelisk, resembling the victims of the Second World War.

Museum Van Gogh – Here is the largest collection of 200 works of the famous artist. At the entrance to the museum you can take an audio guide and learn more about Van Gogh’s life and its unique work.

Brewer "Heineken" – The Plant Museum proposes to learn the history of the plant, see the process of cooking beer, as well as visitors themselves try it to taste.

Flower market – Seeds and lovely flowers are sold on the market – Tulips – the most popular flower in Holland. There you can also buy the bulbs of this flower.

Royal Palace – The palace belongs to the royal family and is located on the square of the ladies. Inside you can see magnificent interiors and galleries.

Red light district – One of the most famous places of the city, where public houses are. The quarter itself is close to the port. In ancient times, sailors cradted after long swimming parts came to this quarter to have fun and relax. Here you can also see the medieval architecture of this area.

Other of the most interesting places of the city:

– Channels Amsterdama
– Möirderslot Castle
– Madame Tussauds museum
– House-Museum of Rembrandt
– Museum of shipping
– Museum of Nemo.

General information to travel to Amsterdam

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