Geneva: Sharma and Independence Century

Geneva Something resembles an elegant well-groomed lady in a fashionable hat, fluently speaking practically in all languages ​​of the world and leading exclusively secular lifestyle. Geneva, perhaps, really the most French (and the most non-Swiss) city of Switzerland, and not only because of the language and intimacy of France. Many people speak in English in English, and the first thing that feels in Geneva is its special atmosphere and mood. Geneva is often called the most cosmopolitan city of Europe – and, indeed, it is not like other Swiss and European cities, and literally every guest will find something special from the first hours of staying and extremely close to oneself.

United Nations

The city in which in 1863, Henri Dunan founded the International Society of the Red Cross, today – headquarters of many international organizations, including the European headquarters of the UN. Geneva is a very tourist city, with an interesting and well-preserved center, and at the same time it is often chosen for negotiations, business meetings, conferences and incentives. In this city, it was seriously taken care of business people: the modern Palexpo Exhibition Center is 5 minutes from Geneva Airport and less than 20 minutes from the center. Palexpo is able to take from 200 to 15,000 participants and about 100,000 visitors. The exhibition complex offers all the conditions for a qualitative event of any Mastshabov and themes. Geneva is famous for the whole world as one of the largest centers of international diplomatic activity, it is here that the palace of nations is located. The city all year round takes many exhibitions of the highest level, collecting participants from around the world.

The history of Geneva has many centuries – it is known that in 120 BC, the city in the mouth of the Rhone was captured by the Romans, and at that time he had flourished. This was facilitated by a very good location of Geneva – Rona, in the key point of the magnificent lake, at the crossroads of many roads. In the mid-16th century, Geneva became one of the largest reformation centers thanks Jean Calvina. Calvina’s activities have had a great influence on the development of the city. Life in the city completely transformed: Geneva has turned into a missionary movement center and acquired glory "Holy City" and "Evangelical Rome". This was also facilitated by the new forms of the city, but especially – the provision of asylum from religious persecution to the UNDERSERS from other European countries. Among the refugees pursued in Catholic countries for Protestant convictions, there were a lot of skillful artisans and master, rich merchants, large bankers. They brought with them new production (hourly, silk, velvet dressing and other fabrics) and made a huge contribution to the development of Geneva.

Later, in 1602 Savoy tried to capture an independent city, but was defeated with … soup. Citizens are still happy to celebrate FETE DT L’Escalade, in December, a theatrical view is held in the city, recreation of events of those years. The main heroine of the holiday is a resident of Geneva Tetushka Ruay. Getting up early to cook soup, she saw enemies, storming urban walls, and splashed boiling soup from a large boiler. The city from capturing saved the help of the guardian and the townspeople, and since then annually on December 11 and 12, Geneva marks this event with a torch procession, a walking and an omnipresent specially welded soup. According to the existing tradition, this holiday needs to eat a cup of vegetable soup, and then chocolate "Kotelok", filled with marzipan vegetables (exists, custom breaking a chocolate bowler with words "Let all the enemies of the republic will also die!"). However, despite his stall nature, Geneva was still in the power of France, but not for too long, and in 1815 it became part of the Swiss Confederation.

Nevertheless, the proximity of France is also slipping in Geneva: on shopping streets and squares, you can find excellent restaurants with fresh seafood and oysters, and love for shopping shopping in Genevtsev – very popular entertainment. In Geneva, the best shops, including well-known designers, are located on Rhone Street (Ryu-du Ron), where Gucci boutiques and Valentino replace jewelry shops with jewels and decorated with diamonds for hours. A little further, at the foot of the Old Town, there is less expensive and very popular streets: Ryu de la-Confedereson, Ryu de Marsha, Ryu de la Croa-d’Or Ryu de Riv. Nearby is the center of Confedereson, which accommodates more than 50 stores and boutiques. For antiques, cute belligers, books and albums better send to Grand Ryu and streets, divergent from the square Burg de Fur. And a large selection of souvenirs of all the masters, from Swiss knives and bells to thinner and exquisite things can be discovered in abundance to Ryu de Mont Blanc.

Geneva Century Sharma and Independence

And yet the main object of shopping in Geneva is, of course, jewelry and watches. On the selection and variety of stamps, this magnificent city is steadily resistant among the leaders. The best jewelry houses regularly exhibit their masterpieces at auctions, however, very interesting decorations and watches can be found almost on any street in the city center. And to buy a Swiss watch, it is not necessary to be a millionaire – the choice is so great that the available watches can be bought for quite reasonable money. If there is time, and you got to Geneva not on the day off, be sure to go to the wraps (trams number 12 and 13) – a cute two-story suburb of Geneva. In a charming town, you can see dozens of unique workshops and mini-factories – from hat and leather to hours, and, of course, purchase a favorite decoration, watches or other things. On Sundays, a flea market is organized on the market square of Karuzha, where a very symbolic amount can be purchased unique antique things.

Geneva is somewhat inferior to the major European capitals in terms of attractions, but it does not mean that there is nothing to do in it, except for shopping and studying the restaurant assortment. For those who have organized excursions cause unpleasant associations, tourism office organized three trains running on the right and left shores of the Lake and the city center. However, for a runaway acquaintance with the old city, there are enough couples-triple hours. Any route should not bypass the side of St. Peter’s Cathedral, Town Hall and Arsenal, the legendary floral clock, the pride of the city, and its indispensable symbol, the most photographed 140-meter fountain Jet d’Eau. A little tired of the impressions, it is worth looking into the university park, where the wall of the reformation and the statues of the founders of this flow is constructed. Over blooming gardens there is a longest wooden bench stretching 120 meters. For romantic dates, walks on the lake are ideal – their choice is quite large, from dinner on a steamer to a full-fledged evening cruise or excursion for a whole day. Just necessarily stand in advance to help references about the weather and the availability of places so that the trip is not too rainy. If the next way out of Geneva lies through her railway station (part-time – open on weekends shopping center), it is worth looking at the Les Grottes quarter, located 100 meters from it. The unusual district is built up with phantasmagoric houses created on the projects of Gaudi and Hundertwasser.

Geneva boasts a wide choice of hotels of all levels, but there is in it and very special hotel. Against the backdrop of the legendary hotel with a century of history is allocated a unique five-star hotel La Reserve Geneve Hotel&SPA. The hotel, located in a beautiful park on the shores of Lake Geneva, built in the style "safari" dizanerom famous Jacques Garcia, just a few years ago. Spa-center hotel repeatedly recognized as the best not only in Geneva, Switzerland, but also for its predelgami. Inside, use the line Cinq Mondes and La Prairie, a spa and restaurant offers a variety of healthy dishes, and masseurs and beauticians qualified leads coming to the spa hotel residents of other cities. The interiors of the hotel exquisitely combines materilov expensive, rare wood, black granite and marble bathrooms are equipped with Jacuzzi and a modern spa cabins. The restaurants also are commendable, reserve seats they need to advance. The selection of food in Room Service is almost identical to the Mediterranean and the Chinese restaurant menu of the hotel, and the delivery system and serving meals in the room makes it possible to arrange a truly luxurious dinner in the comfort of your room.

The visit to Geneva would not be complete without a visit to one (or more) of its museums – the city offers to see exhibits of 50 museums and over 100 galleries. What to choose – a matter of personal pristastiya and interests, but definitely not worth sidestep Clock Museum and the Museum of Patek Philippe magnificent museum of art and history, an impressive museum of porcelain and ceramics with unique collections. Fans of natural monuments will appreciate the abundance of flowers and greenery, and, of course, the Botanical Garden, one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe.

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