Genoa – Columbus

Genoa. From the shore, with a high pedestal, Christopher Columbus looks a fixed look where the lands of Central and South America are opened for thousands of storm miles.

He was looking for the shortest way to India, and opened a new continent. And even mentioned the mainland with the name of another navigator, it does not significantly reduce the merits of Columbus. The Genoese carefully keeps the memory of his great compatriot: until now, there is a house in which he was born and lived, and at the foot of the monument always lie fresh flowers.

If you come in the evening in the lagoon, a favorite place of resting citizens, then you will see a spectacular spectacle: in the rays of the spotlights shines a gilding copy of the Columbian caravels in full size. The lagoon was designed by talented architects: here is one of the largest oceanariums in the world, and in the top ten steps from it, under the easy canopy, a nonive rink: the young men and girls in the beach costume roll on the ice, rolling.

Listen to just a few tens of meters on a silent lift, and you will captivate your breath from what: below – the soft bends of the Ligurian coast, and above you, on the background of the bright blue sky, the vertices of the Apennine. Between the shore and the mountains, palaces, museums, majestic arches are crowded, tastefully built residential areas, wide areas and narrow streets. According to the super-modern highway at the speed of over a hundred kilometers, continuous streams of cars are racing. Many here and elegant scooters; driving them, as a rule, charming genes.

Walking through the streets and squares of Genoa. Here that neither the corner is the story that neither turn is traces of the glorious deeds of the long-lasting generations. The sign on one of the old castles states that in it in the XII century the citizens of the city bravely fought with the troops of the Terrible Friedrich Barbarossa. Scene burners on the monument of Garibaldi will tell you how seven hundred years later by the streets of the revolutionary Genoa Stegali Battalions of the Great Italian.

Genoa is a city that will charm you will force you to fall in love. Before his charm was powerless classics. This is what I wrote from here Gustave Flaubert to my friend in 1845:

Genoese University – one of the oldest in Europe and is hardly the most beautiful. – As if they ask students, looking from the walls, portraits of old professors, scientists of the distant past.

In 1843, Charles Dickens visited here. In his own he recorded:

From the sea and to mountain peaks

I tried this amazing city and Richard Wagner. Here are the rows from the letter of the composer to his wife:

In Genoa, soft weather all year round. Even at Christmas, the city is usually flooded with the sun, and the temperature reaches 15 degrees. Motherland Columbus is protected from cold winds mountains, and the sea gives her her tender warmth. But Genoa knew not only the caress of the sea.

The terrible times of the Second World War resembles an inscription on marble Arches:

The current beauty and greatness of the city were made long, difficult centuries. At all, I saw the genome Dante: I think other lines would give birth in the poet’s soul the present.

Genoa - Columbus

Unique even the local international airport. His take-off strip passes at all next to the sea; when the air liner runs out, you can easily imagine that you are on the hydroplane.

Pilots to this are accustomed. It is harder to get used to the other – to numerous flocks of chaps. Yes they are not safe. Once the mighty Ukrainian broke out of the strip . Loading was under one hundred tons.

And suddenly, seagulls crashed at low altitude! There were no less than forty, and each – weighing over ten kilograms. Two of the four engines immediately stalled.

Only unique flight qualities, the last brainchild of the brilliant aircraft designer Oleg Antonova, and the high professionalism of the pilots allowed to make a normal landing. On the nose of the giant remained a dent size with a car .

Now the boat swims along the aerodrome, and its crew regularly shoots into the air, scaring the chap. Good job! I would help himself on it, just to see the whole days Genoa – from the sea to the mountain peaks.

Let’s go back to the streets of the city, to the square in front of the Museum of Arts. On the billboard – color photographs of the frescoes created by the long masters. Man and woman in vintage clothes, musicians. These people lived here half a thousandths ago. They loved their city, and the artists loved them, their simulators. Artists left for us faces, movements, feelings of ancestors. Art after all loves the dynamics, not?

And the speakers, fun, stormy communication on the streets of Genoa plenty! Here is the actor on the street scene plays before the crowd of kids. The plot of the guys from the small years, but they meet a joyful cry for each actor replica, he is director. Moms and dads, and very young couples are also delighted. Oh, beautiful city, – let the antiquity of your age grieves millennia, but does not fade the charm.

Genoa - Columbus

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