Gentle laziness

Of course, you can go to large boulevards, in the so-called big stores – Printemps, Galeries Lafayette or Le Bon Marche, especially since the summer sales began there.

But you can choose a less obvious way – along the streets of non-unistricted, residential Paris. Here, pathetic boutiques get along with shops, where goods are sold for every day for those who live nearby and whom the sellers have long known by name.

Ryu du-tank

Along with fish and meat shops and "Culinary" On Ryu Du-tank, where she intersects with Ryu de Grenel, is one of the best in the city of cheese shops – Barthelemy (Say, here you buy cheese even for President Jacques Chirac). Prices start from quite democratic – 5 euros for packaging Camumbert. From this culinary kingdom, the shortest way go to the store La Paresse en douce (literally "Gentle laziness") where they sell individual luxurious things for the bedroom and bathroom: cashmere bedspreads, silk night shirts, soap, candles and air fresheners. The designer of the designer Renault Pellegrino with bags, shoes and elegant accessories is located. Among the fans of Pellegrino Catherine Denev and Leticia Casta. And if on Ryu de Grennel to go to Ryu-Bonaparte, then how to pass by one of the best Parisian confectionery laduree. It specializes in the manufacture of miniature and multi-colored almonds – no, not cakes, and real edible jewels that pack in branded cardboard and tin boxes. Laduree is both a tea room at the same time. First you can try sweetness, and then buy it. Many urban confectioners compete in the manufacture of almond cookies, but Laduree is an undisputed leader, even a queue in his store.

Quarter Marhe

Ryu-du-Pont Louis-Filipp is not in the tourist part of the quarter. She is a champion on solubal care stores sometimes within a hundred meters. In the same building, where, by the way, there is a headquarters of the French Commander, there is a store of old musical instruments Orphee and a MONASTICA shop with utensils and consecrated crosses from Jerusalem monasteries, and near the jewelry, knit and design boutiques. But the main attraction of the street is the Calligrane stationery store, where Italian texture paper is sold "Fabrian" Handmade from natural materials. Hit the season – stationery from some alien materials with iridescent shades of green, lilac and bright orange. And then the attractive fragrance will lead a person with a good sense of smell to the Faux De Vie Et Vins Du Monde. Inside the bags with spices, crops and bean, candied fruits and nuts, barrels with marinades, huge selection of olives, halva tiles, banks with exotic seasonings.

Around the Vandom Square

The third route is less eclectic, but more expensive – runs through the Vandom Square, which is famous for its jewelry shops, and its surroundings. Recently, Jar (on the initials of its founder – American Joel Arthur Rosental, who opened the store in 1977, is initially honored, which opened the store in 1977), where they traded in the form of flowers and butterflies. From here with hand to the store of the same Rosental on Ryu de Castiglong, 14, where spirits are sold. Prices are more accessible in it, but it is not less exquisied. When you go to this tiny boutique, carved from the inside with a dark purple velvet, then you feel Perstess in an expensive case. From the Vandom Square near Boulevard de la-Madeleine, where Lavinia shop is located. This is a very bright, modernly designed store where Rarity brandy, Armagnac and Calvados are sold, and another truly encyclopedic range of champagne and wines from all over the planet (about 6000 varieties). Here you can buy both cheap wines from 5 euros per bottle and expensive collectible. As with a worthy wine store, Lavinia offers visitors to taste the drink before and only then buy. In Lavinia, you can order a lunch or snack and a glass of wine to back up the power and go on. After all, to wander in Paris – the surest way to find unusual shops and make purchases that are only possible here and now.

County VI-VII


Address: 51, Rue de Grenel (Rue de Grenelle)
Underground: "Ryu du-tank" (Rue du bac)
Tel.: +33 01 45 48 56 75

La Paresse en douce

Address: 97, Ruy du-tank (rue du bac)
Underground: "Ryu du-tank" (Rue du bac)
Tel.: +33 01 42 22 64 10

Renault Pellegrino (Renaud Pellegrino)

Address: 8, Rue de Commai (Rue de Commaile)
Underground: "Ryu du-tank" (Rue du bac)
Tel.: +33 01 45 48 36 30


Address: 21, Rue Bonaparte (Rue Bonaparte)
Underground: "Saint-Germain de Pre" Saint Germain Des PRES)
Tel.: +33 01 44 07 64 87

District III

Orphee (Orphee)

Address: 8, Ryu Du-Pont Louis-Philipp (Rue du Pont Louis Philippe)
Underground: "Saint-Pol" (Saint-Paul)
Tel.: +33 01 42 72 68 42

Gentle laziness


Address: 11, Ryu-du-Pont Louis Philippe (Rue du Pont Louis Philippe)
Underground: "Saint-Pol" (Saint-Paul)


Address: 4-6, Ryu du-Pont Louis Philippe (Rue du Pont Louis Philippe)
Underground: "Saint-Pol" (Saint-Paul)
Tel.: +33 01 48 04 31 89

District I

Address: 7, Vandom Pl. (Place Vendome)
Underground: "Tuileries", "Madelena" (Tuileries, Madeleine)
Tel.: +33 01 42 96 33 66

Jar Parfums

Address: 14, Rue de Castiglione (Rue de Castiglione)
Underground: "Tuileries" (Tuileries)
Tel.: + 33 01 40 20 47 20


Address: 3, Boulevard De La Madeleine (Boulevard de la Madeleine)
Underground: "Madelene" (Madeleine)
Tel.: +33 01 42 97 20 20

Gentle laziness

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