Gentlemen prefer "Havana"

The second largest city is the city of Cuba – Santiago de Cuba, pressed the mountains of Sierra Maestra to the sea. These mountains announced by the natural historical monument, witnesses of almost all Cuban liberation wars. From the mountainous regions of Sierra Maestra, the partisan uprising under the leadership of Fidel Castro spread to the whole country.

Moncada barracks next to Santiago de Cuba became the first target for Fidel’s fighters, which attacked them on July 26, 1953. True, unsuccessfully. Footprints from bullets on the walls of the barracks are still visible. Today they have been turned into a museum dedicated to the history of the Cuban Revolution.

16 km from Santiago de Cuba is the main shrine of the Islands – Church of Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre. Cubans believe that objects assigned to her altar help in the performance of desires. Therefore, there are always many letters with requests, images of hands, legs and other parts of the body in need of healing. There is even an order and officer epaulets. Another 70 km can reach the American military base Guantanamo, around which endless banana plantations spread out. Barakaro lies behind her – the first city laid down by the Spaniards in Cuba and her first capital. In the local church, a unique relic is stored – a wooden cross, the one that Waterproof Christopher Columbus, leaving anchor off the coast of Cuba.

Gentlemen prefer Havana

When you go on the car on the island, it seems that you cut out the unimaginable green sea of ​​thickets, reminiscent of the reed somewhere in the Volga delta. This plantation of sugar cane is the main wealth of Cuba. Endless cane thickets are interspersed with banana plantations, orange gardens and tobacco fields, from which world-famous cigars make. Remember, in many films, respectable gentlemen after dinner littered "Havana". Cubans themselves, however, call cigars in their own way – "tobacco". The best cigars today are made in the same way that it was still in the ancient Indians in the course. For the noble fragrance of cigars "answer" Long tobacco fillers leaves, which Torcidor – a sprayer of cigars, compresses the length and fastens another binding sheet. Obtained "doll" Wrap a kind of kind "Parade clothing" Cigars – a coating sheet responsible for its appearance. It is grown specifically and must have a impeccable surface and color. After all, this is, first of all, chooses the buyer when in front of him, one after another, the store’s seller reveals the box of excellent cigars.

There are more than 200 varieties of tobacco on Cuba and produce about 50 brands of cigars. But no matter how different the tastes of smokers, in the world of cigars there are those who know, appreciate and respese everything, without exception. The undisputed leader of the last decades – Cuban CygiBa Cigars, who loved not only Fidel Castro and tobacco Gourmet, but also strict experts Cigar Aficionado – the most authoritative tobacco publication of the world. From landing tobacco seeds before the release of ready-made Cohiba from the factory passes three long year. But what’s the result! Unbendable Terminator-Governor Arnold Schwarznegher did not resist the ascending star tobacco Beaujda – appeared on the market in 1998 by the Cuban brand Trinidad. Elegant, with a unique aroma, they are superior to all the cigars currently produced and sold, for the most part, at auctions. MONECRISTO cigars in photos often smoke Che Guevara. They also give preference to the Hollywood Star Demi Moore. Distinguished by a deep aroma, a balanced bouquet and unchanged quality, they got their name from the famous Roman Alexander Duma, who read out loud Cuban Torcidoras, when those cigarettes. Another one "literary" Mark – Romeo Y Julieta, became fashionable thanks to Winston Churchill, who daily smoked them at least a dozen. "Cuba I hold in my teeth", He loved to repeat this gentleman, who possessed, truly, a big-time grip. Cubans did not pull with the answer – cigars such a favorite Englishman format (length 178, diameter 19mm) received their own name – churchills. And now everyone can hold in the teeth of Churchill himself.

Gentlemen prefer Havana

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