Geographical discoveries that were not

Leaving Spain in 1492, Columbus did not think at all to open America – a new seaway to India enulged a huge benefit in spices trade. Also, many peasants-colonializers of Siberia went east not for oil or forest, and from Barin and Recructacles, in Belovodier, a happy country, rumors that worked out the mind and soul of Russian pioneers. Conquistadors were presented through the jungle, suffering from malaria and tropical fever, in search of the Golden Country Eldorado. Exploring new lands and the sea, the maps of which only had to be drawn up, travelers believed that there were still pretty spaces in the world and for blissful hyperboreys, and for people with pest heads. Believed that there are ants about pigs and unicorns somewhere. And what is the islands, on which after a long road you can finally find the shelter. They feed and eat for free and how much you want, do not pursue faith, do not even die. Now, when there seems to be left on the map, there are no gaps, only it remains that to summarize this happy faith in amazing and not found by anyone, cities and countries.

Socialist state: Kokan

The first testimony of the country of Kokhan, the state of the idlers, the dream of a man of Middle Ages, is found in the French story of the middle of the XIII century. Pope itself commanded the storytellor to go to this unknown land as repentance. The author returned from the blessed edge to go there again, along with friends, but forgot the way. The English poem reports that Kokan is an island to the west of Spain, and to get there you need to sit in the neck in pork dung.

The walls of houses in the cocani are composed of perch, herring and salmon, rafters – from sturgeon, roof – from the trees, and the floors are eliminated by sausages. In the rivers, water is drawn to wine, red and white robust. Three days a week in this country are raining from hot blood sausages. Who sleeps more in these parts, he earns more, but also earn here, in general, nothing – wherever you look, all yours. The monetary economy, despite the abundance of gold and silver, is abolished at all – everything you need, including clothes and luxury items, is distributed to the inhabitants for just like this: every month courtesy of the tailor will fly you a new outfit for your taste, and a saummer at least every day can provide up to three hundred couples Best shoes.

The state of pious: Belovodye

From Moscow, you should go to Kazan, there – to Tyumen, then, through the village it will be chosen along the Katunyarsk river to Krasnoyarsk, and in the village of Allas. From there through the mountains, to the village of Ustmynsk, where Skimnik Joseph lives. Then – on the Chinese kingdom, 44 days the go on the desert of Goban (Gobi) to the sea. Such a way in Belovodye offers "Traveler Mark Topozersky", a guidebook, armed with which Russian peasants and the Cossacks went to search for the country, where on 70 Islands 179 churches, where the ancient soda and they rule the spiritual authorities. There are soil frosts in winter, thunder and earthquakes happen, "Tree is equal with the highest trees" and the sweetest fruits grow. Dreaming to hide from the secular and spiritual authorities, from hunger and needs, people left their villages, selling property, and went to look for Belovodye. Such expeditions almost always had a sad outcome – someone died of hunger, someone caught the soldiers, and someone got into the hands of the robbers.

Geographical discoveries that were not

Pranodina White Race: Tula

Pilli, Greek scientist and traveler from Marseille, then Massia, about 324 years before.NS. went to swimming: he ran into Spain, bypassed the British Islands from the north and reached the Baltic coast. In six days swimming from Britain to the north Pill, allegedly found an island called Tula. On the island, the night in length in forty days is intermittent with the days when the sun does not enter at all. Island inhabit: Residents grow millet, they have gardens, they hunt and collect wild fruits. The most wild of the thirteen tribes inhabiting the island, the screitophins, on the custom of feeding children not by maternal milk, but the brain of killed animals. According to antique ideas, Tula – the border of the inhabitable world. Further (one day by sea north) There is no air, no fire, no water, but only a strange mixture of all elements and a frozen sea. Described once Pieteheh, the mysterious island takes the minds of geographers, historians and esotericists the last two thousand years. Geographers argue that I saw the Pine in fact: Greenland, Iceland or Norway. Mystics see in the island of the Praodin of the White Race, the fabulous kingdom of Saturn, where the demons teach people of their magic. Finding Tula, among others, was engaged in the odious "Society of Tula", in which Adolf Hitler and his nearest environment.

Underwater City: Kite

On the eve of Ivan-Kupala to Lake Svetloyar, not far from Nizhny Novgorod, the Bogomols came out, mostly ancient. For the first time, such a custom is fixed in the 1870s, but, according to the pilgrims themselves, "Izstari went". Praying did not allow themselves to swim in the lake, nor chop trees around him. For the persuasiveness of the last ban, the following parable was told: "Baba here Yojshina has grilled here . – What, says for the ban such! Cut, and that’s it! – How he helped, her tree to death and hurt ". According to the Streversary legend, under the waters of the lake lies the city of the kite, the prayers of its inhabitants took place from the Hana Batya. Wishing to get into this city with his white-named churches and teremes, from which the prayer has so far, it is necessary, according to the legend, to beware of evil thoughts, to want salvation with all souls and "not to think about yes about this". In the environment of the Old Believers passed the text of the letter to parents from the Son, allegedly living in Kitezh. Son reports that he lives there well, praying in the society of Saints Fathers and Prosper, "Yako Pinics and Yako Cyparis". Dreaming about such a life came to the lake, listened to disassemble the bell ringing in silence, and tried in the outlines of hills, fog over the water or clouds to see the silhouette of hiding city.

Geographical discoveries that were not

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