US Geographical Position: Personal Experience

Tahoe – one of the deepest freshly lakes of the world. Maximum depth 501m. Dina His 35 km., Width 19 km. Most of the coastline is located in California.

All year round, the shores of the lake can relax, ski resorts and ecotourism zones are located.

Summer coast becomes a great place for water sports.

Camping Lake Tahoe is universal, they have something to surprise customers at any time of the year, as well as many cafes and shops are a complex of entertainment for every taste.

On visits to the valley of death

The huge territory of the park creates a number of inconveniences. More than 13 thousand square kilometers difficult to drive around even by car.

Accordingly, there may be problems with both overnight and gasoline. Prices and on the other in the park itself. Double rooms are sold from $ 200 per day instead of the laid 30-40, the gasoline here is not lower than 6 bucks per gallon (having left for the park. Price immediately falls to standard 4 dollars).

Yes, and normal asphalt roads in the park just a few. The heat-free heat makes it also constantly remember about the thirst. Water – here also running goods.

But all these inconvenience are rewarded with amazing unearthly landscapes, original, nor not those who are disliked by local attractions and a strange sense of all the world around. As if there would be no and never had no noisy Las Vegas at 300 kilometers from coming from here, nor cheerful California, in which this national park is located. Already at the entrance to the park, the air temperature steadily grows up, reaching his peak at the very bottom of the depressions of the ancient sea. Even in early April, it exceeded 39-degree marks. What hell here happens in summer?

For 250 miles to Los Angeles on the highway number 1 Do not miss the beaches with marine lions

250 miles to Los Angeles do not miss the beaches with sea lions. or quotes. I first did not understand what kind of stones lie on the sand and reflect the sun

They are just thousands. Along the beaches made pedestrian walkways, so as not to interfere with animals to live their natural life. You just watch them from the balcony.

Basically, they quietly lie and warm in the sun, but when someone turns over the other side, the assisted other, begins the op and gam. Next hurts the following and so on the chain until everyone is hugged.

Reserved swamps Okhefenoki

Understanding the Okefenokee SWamp (Okefenokee Swamp). They are located almost away from the main route, which leads to Florida (approximately in 80km), in South Georgia, in the vicinity of Wakeross. Oknefenoka swamps – this is an ordinary fake area 40km in length and 60 wide, with its unique flora and fauna. Here you can watch alligaters in the wildlife and ride a boat to consider them closer. At the entrance to the park, seeing this pointer, you can decide that you are already in place, but no, you have to drive a few more km, admiring the incredible southern nature of the park.

Arriving at the place, immediately buy tickets on the tour and already calmly wait for your hour, admiring the surroundings and getting acquainted with the guests of the park – turtles, butterms and, of course, alligators.

You will have to wait for a short time, because of a large number of tourists, many groups are recruited with a minimum time interval, but there are no crowded and large number of people, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. But still several rules better observe. Advice! In the park it is better to come on weekdays (however, as in many places), while local residents at work. Park time from 9.00 to 17-30. Two types of excursions are available on your choice: the usual boat walk in the swamps and walk with the inspection of the area from the tower. Accordingly, the difference in the price of tickets. Walking with the tower lasts about two hours.

Actually it looks like a boat with tourists. Advice! For a walk, you can not do without a head helpor – the sun is unbearable in the afternoon, and it doesn’t matter that you are close to the water, you will not be allowed to plunge, but you probably don’t want)). Well, do not forget to take with you to drink and the camera.

Park of four corners

Four Corners Park is located at the junction of the borders of four states: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Of this, in general, the trivial event, the Indians are trying to squeeze the maximum benefit, taking into account the unwashed deserted territory with a small monument as much as 5 bucks.

Geographical position of the United States Personal Experience

To increase your income from this tourist pacifier Navajo rebuilt around the monument of trade counters. In short, you pay money for an ordinary bazaar in the conventional point of geographical space. Idea worthy of Ostap Bender!

Next, to which we noticed – Heaps of garbage and broken glass on roadside. Outside the reservation, find such a srach is difficult. This one more unpleasant feature of Indian territories.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

First drove a review loop by car. So they go to the mountains! 99% stopped after leaving the parking lots equipped with mangals and tables (free notable) relax and eat)) Americans!

And there you can ride on horseback. And houses museums how people lived in the past century.

And then we went to the mountains. the weather was "In the rain", We bought the sophisticated raincoats and at the end they were useful to us. And so the circle is 21 km with climbing on top! On the way, signs where to go.

At the top of the shelter every 2-3 miles. This is for those who go to the long way on the ridge. There are stretched cables to lift food from bears upstairs. And springs with drinking water. Firewood is folded behind the fireplace. Grace for tourists. There was an American couple of retirees. Rested.

How to get to Denali National Park (Alaska, United States)

From Anchorage Airport to Park to go about 4 hours.

Through the park there is one road with a length of 92 miles. Movement on the territory of the park on its own car is allowed only to the 15th miles. For traveling in the park there is a system of buses that are divided into excursion, shuttles and buses for campers. If you come to the park for one day, you do not need any special permission. If you are going to stay on the territory of the park for the night with a tent, here you already need to get a pass and register from the Rangers. The park is divided into zones and the number of people staying at night in each of the zones strictly limited.

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