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For her many years of practice, the lawyer Lion Wulfson never encountered so confusing. Another lawyer in his place would rub his hands in anticipation of an unexpected precedent who could subsequently get his name and indifferent to his "discoverer" as an American Amerig Vespucci. But Lev was a very responsible person. Truth and justice stood for him above glory. At least he tried to inspire it.

Yesterday’s visit to the married couple extinguished his professional appetite, which he would only bline blisted at night. Wulfson scrupulously, like Stirlitz, built all the details obtained and developed a plan for further actions that would have to withdraw the intruders on clean water. Before the case could be brought to the court, and the trial court, it was necessary to give them to "reveal", it was necessary that they themselves stretched out their hands themselves so that it was more convenient to snap on them handcuffs ..

Lyova was the creator and head of the law firm "Tour-Ring", the main specialization of which was the protection of tourists offended by travel agencies. The first won court won fame among "offended": it was the case of the blue mountains in Australia. Tourist from Syktyvkar, all life in unbearable works Copying money for a trip to the country of his dreams, was convinced that the blue mountains are actually not blue at all … the moral damage was rated 500,000 rubles. Taking advantage of the small competence of regional courts in geography, Lövin office gradually increased momentum, although it could not even come to compete with large law firms, but Lyova failed to bet on a narrow specialization. True, since its origin, at the beginning of the nineties of Russian travel agencies, Russia has learned to defend themselves, and it was not always possible to knock off compensation for an overdue yoghurt at the buffet, but "Tour-Foreign", however, Laptem Shuttle Not ******.

Family couple applied to the office was "offended" to the firm, more lurking on the sect; In any case, the elements of fraud were too obvious in order not to rush into the eyes. Everything else was added sophisticated cynicism from the conductors of Africa. The fact is that potential customers were offered more than an original service of a suitable place for their own death. "Get beautifully" – Takovo was the official name of the new direction in tourism. Asked for an "exclusive service" it seems to be inexpensive, but still the point smelled badly from an ethical point of view. In addition, the complaint is a complaint: "There is no paper, there is no case," as American lawyers say, and in this case, the paper was already.

The married couple appealed to the complaint about the "leave beautifully". It was not about themselves, but about the grandfather, to whom they paid the journey to the last way. Choosing the "dream country", the cunning old man went there at the expense of the son and daughter-in-law, but for some reason, for some reason I didn’t want to die … The three-bedroom apartment left in Moscow again passed into the use of a pensioner, to the disappointment of his "children", who have already settled in it repair. The old man returned not only quite healthy, but also inspired for further feats. He canceled the will, sold an apartment overlooking Moscow River, having bought a house in Tarusa overlooking Oka, and the remaining round sum postponed to "see the world", and then die beautifully when his Lord calls. The blissful state of his relatives were explained not otherwise as satanic psychological treatment on the part of a firm that sent him on a trip for the fifth time in a trip, and, accordingly, materially interested in such an end to the case.

The initial diagnosis of veteran, delivered in the oncocenter, was disappointing. The outcome was like predetermined, but a two-month hike in the highlands of Tibet led to an unexpected ending – cancer retreated. From a medical point of view, this turn could be explained by the restructuring of the body at the molecular level as a result of the change of heights, temperature regime, etc.D. From the point of view of esoteric, healing should have been recognized as wonderful. True, the Orthodox father, to which the grandfather went for a blessing on the road sharply condemned his "Pilgrimage to the Besnow Stone" (as Russian people sometimes call Mount Kailas, known to them, undoubtedly since the time of mythical hyperborei). However, this watchful priest was unlikely to deny the fact of wonderful healing, even if even the "foreign territory". Any denomination has the right to interpret extraordinary phenomena in their favor. In the end, we can assume that healing has come in the process of sports, which was preceded by reflections on their unrighteous life, and repentance.

The fact that grandfather decided to go to Thailand and marry there on a young secret secretly, he pushed his relatives to the idea that he was completely crazy, and that because of his incapacity, he could not dispose of his property. Without a doubt, the well-planned actions of psychotherapists acting under the cover of "travel agencies" provoked the "client" obstruction; He was pushed to the decision to sell real estate and investment in "Travel", to the detriment of the interests of the family. Attempts to contact a company directly with a complaint did not lead to anything: the relatives of the "victims" were "sent", "saying that they help people not just" leave ", but to leave" beautifully ", after following his dream, having acquired peace not in hospice , and in a beautiful place, among mountain peaks, sandy vehicles, ice blocks, on the islands, lost in the ocean, and t.D., But it all has nothing to do with euthanasia, and the fact that people change their immovable property to the dream before turning into real estate themselves, then these are their purely personal matter, and the relationship of fathers and children is not a company; if there are questions, then this is to the writer Turgenev well and t.NS. In a word, humiliated and offended victims of funerals, nothing remained, how to appeal to the experts of jurisprudence ..

And the young lion began to prepare for the jump. It was clear that the frontal attack would not lead. On the surface there is only the most tip of the iceberg: what is hidden the thickness of water, it is still unknown to anyone. The only way to withdraw the attackers (if they really are such) on clean water – grab them by hand. But this will require this special operation … Lev was ready to take a chance and play the role of a private detective, especially since a simple representation of the interests of customers in court ceased to satisfy his vanity: the case could have a public resonance, and through it the advertisement would hit the ricochet across it. Fore.

Vanity! The great thing, the engine of progress … a thousand times the wrongs are those who attribute you to the mortal sins of humanity. Yes, wherever it was, humanity, if it were not for the vanity of individual personalities who dreamed of becoming great and the most famous, the very first, the most! And if not the most themselves, then at least a little bit, at least a little bit from the shadow, or to be in someone’s shadows … and all in order to notice that not the gone so, the gap, wasted, anonymously. And who knows may be that twenty years ago rejected you as a nonsense, today I will remember you, look at my current loser of my husband, and regret, Oh, how to regret, Gadda!

But vanity – from the word "vanity". The momentary and fleeting glory are eager for those who could not, did not have time … And the "man of business" is needed for advertising to make his job. Then it is not a vanity, then it is something else. Then this is the phenomenon of the highest pragmatic order.

Leva was a pragmatist to the brain of bones and it was from pragmatism that he was started in the adventure.


As "bait" Lev decided to use himself. The likelihood that he was recognized in the face was extremely small: it is still rarely where "glowing". True, it really liked the face of a person who fizzly with the life of a person, but it was possible to try another role, relying on a wide range of proposals of the company, which was supposed to play the role of "victim".

… Lyova stood in the square from the Stalin’s high rise. The fountain has not worked yet, but it was supposed to be included from day to day, with the final arrival of spring. Leva smiled: In this house, he lived a writer Korobeinikov, who bit the Fima Fima from "Caps" Vladimir Wortenovich. There was a leva on the spot of Fima, and whether someone would have to bite for a finger or for something – the events will be shown, which are about to turn around. Perhaps levy immediately, they will immediately share and send the ravis, and it can, on the contrary, it will be possible to "implement", and then the plot will be very swirling.

"Stirlitz" pulled himself a heavy door and found himself in the lobby, in which nothing has changed over the past sixty years. Columns, capitals, marble cladding, crystal chandelier and grandmother-watch at the entrance left from that legendary era when bearded and glasses of physicists who have just returned from the camps, put on backpacks, took the tarpaulin tents, guitars and went to nature again, but already Good will.

– I am in the "geography", – leaving Lev Watchchers, but she responded to this replica so indifference that he didn’t even suggest sign up in the book of visitors. Rising on the elevator to the seventeenth floor, he found himself in a spacious corridor, which went out several doors. Leva stepped on the carpet and felt the feeling of light envy … He grew up on the outskirts of Moscow, in its worst part – in the south-east, in Zhdanovskaya. "Zhdan" – a huge proletarian ghetto, in which a thoughtful Jewish boy was scared to show his clearly not autochthonous nose on the next street because of the fear of being broken not so much because of his defiantly intelligent appearance, how much because not from this Quarter. Levo has always surprised why people living in the same city in one country, whose grandfathers fought together with the Germans in war, can not share any wretched playground, on which PVVEIN is going to drink in the evenings. And Levo instinctively pulled into another, real Moscow, where in the windows of Arbatye lanes were visible with books with books, where the bukinists led their pedigree from Fedorov’s primitive, and among the jangers it was possible to meet a writer, poet or artist. Stalinsky Ampir is another Moscow, brilliant, in Soviet, glamorous, in Olympic Divine, in which people lived in apartments with high ceilings in houses with columns and semi-columns, for they themselves had to replace everyone ******* * Heaven and on Earth. Leva dreamed of living in such a house, but he spent his childhood in the Khrushchev "Two" in Vykhino.

In the corridor stood a pillar: Cardboard Indiana Jones in full growth pointed a finger somewhere on the left side. Leva noted to himself clearly illegal use of someone else’s artistic image for commercial purposes. Going to a massive oak door, it pressed the call button. A minute later I clicked the castle, and Lev stepped into a spacious hallway. She was forced by some drawers, as if from under the shells. One of them was deliberately carelessly, and some shards were visible in the womb.

The guest nobody went out to meet, although a muted female voice came from the depths of the apartment; obviously spoke on the phone. The hallway was separated from the main premises of heavy green velvet cord. Behind her, a corridor was located, resembling a rave of the old woman. Road leather chests, a pair of old patephones, a rusted flint rifle and a hard drive, a spear and shields, the skin of the crocodile in the whole wall, the skin of anaconds, the African tames in half of human growth – these are subjects that were the first to fall on the eye on the eyes, but there were still others smaller, laid out in small shop windows along the walls. There were minerals, shells, arrow tips, ceramics shards with intricate patterns. Leva noted to himself that the owners approached the arrangement of his office very creatively and clearly did not regret funds for the purchase of antique entourage. The firm’s business was not bad; Obviously, the special discharge specialists on the "divorce" of gullible tourists worked in her.

The corridor ended with the doorway, also with the wounded porters, and Lev intuitively guessed that there was "Holy Saints". He cautiously spread the halves of the archaic curtains and found himself in a spacious office, the setting of which pushed him to even deeper reflections.

There was no one in the office. Right and wide table under the green cloth were located rightly opposite the entrance, on which the lamp was under the green lamp, massive bronze on an eagle, who saw the types of globe and a black phone that was used, obviously, another first home owners. At the table stood the high outdoor hours, in both sides of them – racks with books, many of them – with gilded roots. To the left in the wall was built-in a wide fireplace, on which various curious items were arranged: shells, African bronze figurines and American ceramic vessels with the image of people and animals. The wall on one side of the fireplace was hung by barometers of all kinds and forms, and on the other – weapons of all times and peoples. The rest of the space was reserved by the old cards in the frames, collections of exotic butterflies and herbaries.

The right wall had an inlaid secreter, sofa and some kind of buffet. The seats were as vintage as the sofa with a buffet, or at least skillfully aged. Smelled skin and coffee.

Leva briefly succumbed to the charm of comfort, but Pragmatian in his soul quickly gave way to romance. He perfectly understood that all this "entourage" was created actually at the expense of the "sects" of tourists involved. Surely all these books in gold bindings were a simple doubling, and the "old" secreter was compressed by some craftsmen a couple of years ago, the globe was changed on a bottle of vodka from any drunk, and the shards were acquired by Sadeshevo from black archaeologists. Leva approached the rack with books and pulled one of them for the root. It was Jules Verne, "School of Robinsons", French edition of the early 1900s. Leva quickly scroll through the book, even sniffed him: she was the most real, no doubling and not even reprint. It is impossible to exchange old paper, font depth and colored lithography. The era of Modern was breathed on the leawa of the indescribable book charm. At that moment the smell of coffee unexpectedly intensified, the clock was loudly punched by noon, and someone sharply coughed at Levoy behind his back.


– You prefer coffee: ground, soluble, with milk, sugar or without? Coffee in middle way or in men’s?

Leva turned around. The man of the years of forty, shaved hedgehog, a dense physique, who does not resemble Indiana Jones, nor Allana Kvatermene, and rather look at the good-natured Ivan Ilyich Oblomov. His glance was calm, speech is slow and rampant, but in the eyes there was some kind of mischievous and slightly mocking light.

– I, with your permission, I prefer coffee in a male family … – answered Lev, smiling with all the courtesy that was able to smile.

– I thought so! Immediately it is clear that you are an intelligent person … People of our circle should not have to have the principles. Remember how at one time Nina Andreeva said to the whole country: "I can’t get the principles!"

Lyova hardly remembered who Nina Andreeva and which in her time were principles. "Teeth speaks with the go" – flashed at Levoy in the head purely professional.

– I suggest you try Abyssinian coffee, right from the prats of coffee and all mankind! – continued man and immediately continued: – If you want something else for coffee, be it liqueur, brandy, then we have a big choice for the pleasure of our guests. All drinks – original production and bottling.

– And you have no champagne? – asked Lev.
– Champagne is, but it is for later, upon completion, so to speak, – a man answered seriously.
– Upon completion of? – Equally seriously asked Lev.
– Well, you know what, not in vain and they came to us ..
– And I may not know. I might come to you! – Lyuva relocated, trying to give a voice emphasized by causing notes.
– Well what are you! – a man smiled, – rarely rarely. Here you got a book from the shelves, and not just like that. Could take another one, but no, they took this! And why? Because it was so necessary, because someone wants to indicate something for something, and we sometimes do not listen to ..
– I do not read in French! – shrugged Wulfson.
– … and very vain. I’m, for example, read in five languages. Very convenient, you know: come to the bookstore, and you do not care, in what language the book you need. Although, I admit honestly, I like Lenin: I know a lot of languages, but purely utilitarian, in the framework of the required minimum, only to make the revolution ..
– But you are not Lenin, – Lyuva grinned.
– Yes, and you are not bronchtein, I suppose – the owner of the institution laughed Domanno and the gesture invited to sit down.

Leva sat down in a leather chair, and the "owner" meanwhile got from somewhere from under the bronze bird a business card and stretched out the guest. It met:

In addition to the usual contact information, the business card has no longer reported. Meanwhile, some kind of maiden and silently poured into the cabinet because of the curtains and silently poured some girl and put an elegant tray with a silver coffee pot and two cups. Leva did not have time to really see the girl, so quickly and silently she sailed back.

Coffee was just wonderful. While Wulfson drank, Balandinsky sat thoughtfully, phlegmatically laying his leg behind the leg and a little interested in the divine drink. This pause was very hand. He tried to think about the tactics of further behavior. It was possible how many years to compete for a long time in wit, but it was time to move from foreplay.

Leva put an empty cup on the tray and leaned back on the back of the chair, showing all his appearance that he is ready for further dialogue. To his surprise, Balandínsky continued to read the Loeva to the extension somewhere, at all interested in his visa. So passed a minute three. Finally, Lev decided to take the initiative in his hands.

– Nikolai! I have a lot of heard about your company … And friends recently traveled through you, I really liked it (about my friends flashed in vain; immediately regretted, but it was already too late), and now I want to go to the present adventure journey to not only rest, but also to experience myself!..

Balandinsky nodded silently, somehow sighed sadly, and said very seriously:
-About rest is not to us. We have the word "rest" is considered abusive. The one who counts on vacation does not fall into his plate, and in someone else’s later it happens to watch. Recently visited Bolivian Altiplano: height, cold, but beautiful … So here in the group one Moscow financier Andryus was recorded, the young such. We thought he had worms because he was all the time he wanted. Even the excursions did not go, I was afraid to miss the meal … I will rise in the morning, so in front of breakfast asks, and what for lunch and dinner. Walked all the time with a concerned face. There is such a type of tourist: from the first to the last day, all the time is something concerned, waiting for a trick, full of suspicion that it is deceived, they save it and make up. And it is impossible to fix them already, because without living up to thirty these people already in the shower deep old men, obese and annoying. They can only be tolerated, you know, … to the end. And where to give something to order? You can’t sleep ashore, not on the ship, after all … I sat on the shore of the lake in the dining room, so he walked along the strangers, looked that foreigners eat. Decided that they are better feeding than him. They are for breakfast toast with the Maslitsa, and we make pasta with scrambled eggs and salads, but everything is not enough, he decided not to be deceived, and they save it, do not report food. Fortunately, of course, such, with gloves in the head, not so much ..

But in principle, of course, we can offer a client holidays. Wonderful places are. For example, recently began to master the new direction – Anjo Island. Island Henrietta, Jegesta Island. Remember how Mironov sang in the "straw hat"?

– I remember I remember, – Lyova smiled. – And go to far? It is in oceania somewhere?
– Well, yes, in Oceania … But in a slightly different. On the other side of a bit ..
– True, I do not like to be laid out and for a long time to frighten into the sun, – I went to the opponent leva.
– Yes, they don’t really fumble there, although at this time of the sun of the sun there at least debugs that the day that at night, – reassured Balandinsky and unexpectedly switched to the Pathetics: – I’m really southing out of the southern latitudes, I want something native, northern, where few people want. But native people do not need! As they say, "what we do not store". Хочешь показать им красоту земли русской, или там, скажем, чувашской или татарской, а тебе говорят: «Нет, дядя Коль, поехали лучше в Африку, в тупым, жадным, грязным и вонючим ниггерам!"

Wulfson disturbed from such a causing and clearly provocative expression of racism; Balandinsky it remarked and immediately gave the face as a good-natured expression.

– Yes, very many after our joint travel becomes racists. But maybe the mission of "geography" and is to emphasize the role of a white man in the history of great geographic discoveries and in general in creating a global civilization? People themselves make the necessary conclusions ..

Lev thought that the case takes quite an interesting turnover. It remains only to wait when with blacks ******************** switches to the Jews.

– And about the "Union of Ethiopian Fascists" heard? – The Balandian asked, and looking at the shiny brow’s thick lavs, got up and walked around the room, clearly entering the rage:

– On all the ancient maps, first of all the cards of Eratosthene and Herodota, Plina and Ptolemyev, Africa south of the Sahara was designated as Ethiopia. Today’s Ethiopia is the only country that retained independence throughout the Epoch, when Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy Deli Africa. Even Egypt turned into a semi-colony of the British! And the ether were kept! They created the oldest state in Africa after Egypt. The son of the Tsaritsa Sava and King Solomon Menelik took out from Jerusalem "Ark Testament". The ancient esters adopted from their Arabian neighbors the Visor Writing, subsequently completely disappeared. Ethiopia even externally remind of their current African Negro neighbors. These are seven with thin features of the face and with skin of cocoa color … So why etthios do not take the place in history, what they deserve more than anyone in Africa? Muamar Gaddafi claims the role of the All-African Messiah, but he is Arab, and the Arabs have always been oppressors of African peoples. Ethiopia can bring Africa light! Great Ethiopia, from Indian to the Atlantic Ocean.

Wulfson was amazed to the depths of the soul. He did not expect such a performance. It is clearly satisfied with the effect produced, Balandinsky bent over Levoy and said to the conspiratorial tone, looking levea straight in the eye:
– Note, no one will never decide to resist this idea. Nobody and never! And why? Yes, because, firstly, this megaproekt can be an excellent counterweight of the Islamization of Africa, in second, the ether – seven, and no one wants to carry the label of anti-Semit ..

Wulfson felt as if he was standing on stage, and "Butcher-Focuscript" molds in it Knives. Neatly so molded, smoothly, but still somehow not. Here is a knife stuck directly into the nose, but no, it flies straight through the intended trajectory. If all this was a planned psychological processing of "Novice", then he should have played out. If he is "disavowed" as the "Salad Cossack", then voluntary participation in the "Show of Balandinsky" was already meaningless. But Leva decided not to rush and engage in the game.

– But let’s talk about Ethiopia just, – started a business leva. – I am very interested in this country, especially since I heard about you as a main specialist in this country …
– Well, I am indifferent to a flattery, but I will only note that we were really the first to establish a set and sending groups to Ethiopia on an ongoing basis. There must be someone to be the first! True, Ethiopia breaks physically and morally (first of all morally), but from there they are returned by real traveler heroes, and not grief travelers, and often fall in love with Africa for many years … Roads there are bad, hotels are even worse, the people are inhabfore But we immediately warn you: "Guys, you will be so bad, as it was not yet!". Tourists are smiling; think that you are joking … but we do not joke, but we are talking to the truth, and because what then there may be a claim, though?

"Claims" is already a lavin of the path, and this word was for him alarm. Someone else’s claims could not be, but Tokmo is not Lyova! And no preliminary psychastic care here would have helped, Loovino justice would be inexorable and merciless.

-… in general, – continued the theme of the head of "Geography", – I heard from colleagues the opinion that we need to learn: we pay money for what they are submitted to the court. Look, the courts are littered with complaints about "ordinary" travel agencies from "ordinary" tourists, while all of them are so colorful as "ordinary" washing powder. Enlightened colleagues … in tourism, as in show business – everyone smiles you, but everyone is hated together. Brains do not have enough! Although it may be easier: pick up the idea on the road and turn it into money? But it’s long and troublesome. It is much easier and cheaper to wait, when it will pick up and will do someone else, and then put on the side or in the tail and collect fifts from the finite. And the "pioneer" will roll, also good: the other will be the science that you do not need to go there. But be a pioneer is still better than epigor!

"Mhe," – thought Wulfson, – "He is all right with self-esteem. Very self-confident comrade … However, perhaps the right has … Well, let’s see who whom ".

– Tell me, – Loeva moved to the offensive, – and what the service you have so interesting is – "Die beautifully"?
– Do not "die", and "leave"! – straightened the Master, mentoring the index finger. – Instead of lying in bed, moan, torment your relatives, forcing them to carry them out of themselves, whether it is not better to charthen a different vessel and go on it, say, in the world swimming, and when it breaks the hour, omit your brand remains the bottom of the ocean, on the bed of corals? Or climb to the translated snowy vertices and there find your peace, not tormenting and not suffering, but just falling off on some glacier?

– All this is certainly great, but somehow smacks … – I tried to arouse a lawyer, but a creative geographer interrupted him right away:

– … suicide, want to say? No no and one more time no! This is not an interference in the divine fishery: if God decided to call someone to himself, he will do it regardless of someone’s effort and desire. Imagine: a person knows that his close time. He has a chance (the last chance) to lose the whole cargo of earth concerns from himself, to fulfill the dream, from which all his life shoved, to understand that his whole life is worth these last months, weeks, and maybe days. He wants to live pronounced them and go worthy, beautifully, and without grumbling in the hospital in her own urine under the views of his grateful kids who are just waiting for when you die soon and they will be able to finally enter your apartment, and throw everything on the garbage What you lived and that nowhere is no longer needed ..

– And you yourself have children? – asked Wulfson?
– There is, – Balandinsky smiled, – but they are still too small in order to share the property of their insanely loving daddy ..
– Here you see! When they grow up, too, from them in the mountains of Tibet will be hidden?
– Wait – see, – the theorist of "beautiful care" was firmly pronounced, showed that the draft project was completed.

– Let us turn to the consideration of my question, "Lyova said Delivito. – It is too early for us, but I would like to go with you to Ethiopia, which you, as I see, love. What advise for seed?
– I strongly recommend going to the south of the country, to the Kushytsky tribes of the Omo Valley. Leaving, disappearing, you know. Very soon we will not see such anywhere. Everything is truly adult. No theatrical production, no Potemkin villages! Little comfort but the sea of ​​impressions. Photos are just super. All your friends will be visible, although something will be horrified. But there is no need to pay attention to the timid spirit; For most you will return the hero. Girls will go to you to walk!
– Well, you have already managed to bring so much tourists there, you can surprise little, – Leva was sad.
– And we …, you know what? We will make a special program specifically under you! Quest Tour on Ethiopia! In the final – prize. What a surprise…

Balandinsky looked at Wulfson such a cunning look that was not for a moment. The moment came when it was necessary to make a decision, to go a beta bank, risk and even more than one – own money. But Leva immediately inspired himself that he did not risk anything: if there was some kind of trick here, then he as a lawyer will quickly bring out "maestro geography" on clean water. If there is no trick, then it just reaches abroad, although at his own expense.

– Quest is interesting, – Having gathered the Spirit, Lyuva blurted out. – I would like to get acquainted with the conditions.
– Conditions are simple and democratic. Cost – three thousand three hundred thirty three dollars and thirty three cents plus air tickets. Visa is put at the airport for another twentieth. A ticket – no more than five hundred, you can even more cheaper to search. The quest begins right in Moscow, get the first stage task by email. Further – in real space. Prefer cashless payment from a personal or branded account. With foreign accounts we can receive transfer to the currency account. Can get a contract with details at the secretary.

The audience was over. "********" took from the table Tomik Jules Verne, laid on the green cloth at the beginning of the conversation and put it in the book row on a rightful place. At the same time, he somehow strangely and thoughtfully grinned and patted the book on the root, but the next moment turned around and smiled Level the brightest and joyful smile, on which, apparently, he was capable. He opened his arms so widely that it seemed as if he was about to rush to Wolfson on the neck and wanders him, shook his kisses, but it was limited to just strong handshake.

… when Lev came out of the highlight, he noticed that the fountain in the square earned. Unexpected sounds forced Levo shudder – in the zoo, he hippos and knocked an elephant. African student with a poster advertising an artificial tanning studio. But Lev was going to get a bronze tan with a natural way, and in the very near future.


For a few days, no one bothered. It seemed even that I had maliciously forgotten about it. Despite the maintenance-made money transfer, but somehow closer to the night in Levin, the electronic box fell a letter containing funny instructions for further action. It was required to appear for a kind of "scroll" in the agreed place, which should be found, guided by the description, full of poetic comparisons:

"Where the beginning of all the roads where the defeated Dragon is spread, where Tsarubyz was overturned, where the ball is in the hands of the sort of … Put the path of the underground move leading to the city of Iron Battle …" and t.NS.

"Creative, but not difficult," Vulfson decided. It is clear that the quest was designed for people who knew their city and the history of their country at the required minimum level. "The beginning of all roads" – zero kilometer at the Iversky chapel. "Dragon Dragon" lay under the hooves of Kony Marshal Zhukov, which looked at the Manege Square. How the Lyov saw the "Tsarubytsy" leva on his own eyes: in 1991, Jacob Sverdlova was torn from the pedestal. Under the "underground stroke", Balandinsky had no doubt due to the subway. The city with which iron and battle could be associated, could be Kursk. To "Kursk" from the "defeated dragon" could be reached by the "Revolution Square". It remains only to identify "Schrookovitsa". Obviously, it was with her that the "Transfer" of the cherished scroll itself could be connected. It is unlikely that he was hidden in the grazing of the dragon under the horse of Marshal Zhukov. But in the head of Wolfson, nothing has come. It was necessary to go to the subway and there find a prompt.

Loeva passed along the rows of bronze sculptures, past the polished revolvers and dog muffins. Remembering that the description appeared in the description, he went to the platform, from which the trains go to the side of Kursk, and decided to go to the end to the head carriage. And then Lev grabbed the pleasure and satisfaction with his own smartness: two bronze girls were standing in the niche and carefully studied the globe. This composition rarely pay attention to all the more attract border guards and sailors. It is quite logical that Balandinsky’s prone to theatrical effects decided to use monumental schoolgirls in their affairs and divids.

In such a late hour, there was almost no one on the platform. Lev looked around, and began to carefully study the sculpture. Crazy guess shot his head, and despusting caution and cameras of outdoor observation, Lyova launched the hand of both schoolgirls lower back. The fingers immediately felt the "foreign body", and the next moment under the noise of the approaching train, they removed from there the rolled paper package and tied with a ribbon. Quickly stuck it for the sinus, Lev chemled into the car. He was waiting for the chase, since the transfer of "materials" with such a helicastic way could attract the attention of those who follow public security, and stories about the quest and about the tribes of South Ethiopia could not immediately convince them.

Having done three transplants for "noticeing traces", Leva finally decided to deploy the package. In the envelope from the dark dense and coarse paper lay the electronic air ticket printed on the soft textured rice paper to Addis Ababa on the day after tomorrow. The insurance policy was printed on ordinary paper: it is unlikely that in the insurance company would be to indulge the "geographical" fad. More in the envelope was nothing. Obviously, further actions were to be determined on the spot, and Wolfson decided not to ask any questions to make the most reliably burn out the implementation of the "Great Conflection". … Flight to Addis Ababu through Cairo passed the planned, without delay and incidents. Arriving to Chief International Ethiopian Airport Bole, Wulfson issued a visa on arrival, exchanged dollars to Ethiopian ogrery with small bills (on this score it was instructed in detail during the design of "Quest-Tura"). On the lawn in front of his airport, he was waiting for a man in the middle of the years with chocolate leather and a person who graduated from at least a university in Addis Ababa and Technical School in Voronezh. In his hands, there was a sign with Russian words "Geography. Moscow". Undoubtedly, it was someone from the connected "geography", which was supposed to convey the main and sole participant of the quest-round the next task. However, a man just smiled, greeted in Russian, took Levin Ryubzak and the gesture invited to the car. It was a decent view of the Toyota ladbook, on which all Africa drives and in general, all those continents who could not boast the quality of their roads.

Solomon, as the name of the meeting, was tolerable spoke Russian. He promised tomorrow morning to call behind Levoy to the hotel and show him Addis Ababa in all its glory, but as long as he suggested sleep, because the time was later, or rather, early, because it was already started to break the dawn.

Leva was extremely surprised when he was not sent anywhere, but to the hotel "Sheraton". Such "waste" was not characteristic of "geography", who studied its customers to the standards of a very middle category. Lyuva was even more surprised when he stated that he had lunch with some very important people for tomorrow, almost from the ministries of tourism, transport, aviation, and t.NS. Due to its extremely sleepy state, Lev did not object; If, according to a great and secret plan, he needed to dare with these people, he was ready for this.

The next morning, Solomon drove behind Levoy and spent a fairly standard tour of the city for him, showing me Meallica second on Mount Entoto, a museum with the remains of Lucy Australian and starting with several antique shops. Leva refused to buy a leopard skin and statuettes from ivory, as he was a responsible traveler and sincerely loved nature. He limited himself only to a woolen cape "Shamma", because in Addis Ababa was pretty zyabko, and on the road warm things could be consolidated.

Wulfson decided, as they say, do not resist, but relax and enjoy. When Solomon (nicknamed Levoy gentle mona) took it outside the city, he did not ask why for a sought and without a doubt of a solemn lunch was taken through the slum backyards of the Ethiopian capital. In the end, sometimes very decent restaurants are located on the outskirts of the cities, and the Hotel Sheraton himself is not surrounded by no villa nouveau. However, Lev was somewhat embarrassed when their jeep drove up to a certain likeness of the airfield, and far from the barbed wire, people in military uniforms were fencing along the fence from barbed wire – the lucky rustic poor people who managed to stand in. Monya slowed down at the motley tent, in which summer cafes on Moscow beaches are usually arranged. Inside our friends found sorry men sitting at a round table in suits and ties; Only one of them was in an officer form. When Levoy and Mona appear, they got up and shook both hands.

The table was tired of round trays with appetizing pancakes injectors, on which the slides of the sharp seasoning. Usually, the injectors take off the pieces with their hands, take into them juicy meat or vegetable sauces, sometimes pieces of meat, chicken, stewed eggs, and send in mouth. Ethipians themselves prefer ingredients in fain. Wash the beer or tedzhem – a variety of rather strong honeycomb, which is served in round glass bottles. Ends the meal of strong Abyssinian coffee, with whom Loeva already had the honor to meet a few days ago.

The new familiar Levovs were, according to them, truly representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, Transport, was among them a professor at the University of Addis Ababa, and the general turned out to be a veteran of the Ethiopian Somali War of 1978. Both latter spoke well in Russian. Loeva was all ruling to understand why he was here why they are here, and what they need from him, but in the end he decided that the Balandinsky from Moscow is still more inflicted than he in Addis Ababa. Toast followed the toast. They drank for friendship between Ethiopia and the USSR, for friendship between Russia and Ethiopia, for Pushkin, for Bob Marley, for Heily Selussie and for Menelia, for the Queen Sava, and for the king Solomon, for the Jews in Ethiopia, and for Ethiopians in Israel. They drank for Levo, for his courage to come to Ethiopia, for his fearlessness and determination to fulfill the great mission entrusted to him, for the fact that Russia and Ethiopia will be grateful to him, and both countries can even be awarded, finally drank it for " Geography "and Balandan. Wolfson gave way to the hands of Kalashnikov, they pounced the general cuitel and put on the general cap, which slaughtered it, because the size of the general head was more. At the end, Levo fell on his knees and endowed the Ethiopian flag, and after that, and all his new Ethiopian friends, a girl, who, whoarlying Tedzh and Trays with Ingero, and the day, who was interested in General, who had been conceded by General, having threw her face with his finger – " And whispers – frost! Whispering is not good!". Abyssinian coffee leva poured himself in a throat straight from the coffee pot, but it could no longer help him. Tedzh turned out to be unusually strong, obviously, special excerpts. Remembering the Mega-project to create the Union of Ethiopian Fascists, Wulfson threw the palm to the sky and shouted "Haile Seliassy!", And immediately fell into the chair ..


It is said that in Africa amazing dreams. As a generally accepted Pranodina of mankind, Africa returns to long-forgotten images and has never experienced sensations. Wulfson dreamed that he wanders in the endless savannah, overgrown with high elephant grass. Savannah golden rays of the setting sun. Next to him, Brevel baby-Australian; She looked at Levu with tender eyes from under primitive convex abrasion arcs, her chubby lips framed by wavy wool were called to kisses. "Lucy, Lyusya. "- whispered Wulfson and his hand as it were, herself lay down on her left buttock. Suddenly both lovers covered the shadow – making some sinister rokat over savannah gigantic pterodactyl. Lucy plaintively overwhelmed, and the same moment a terrible bird grabbed Levu and rushed him to heaven … He flew over the ground, and the wind whistles whistled in his ears. Claws laid the brave lawyer’s body. Pterodactyl went to a high rock. There, without any doubt, was his nest, in which he wanted to rain Wulfson his chicks. Leve was bad, his mud, I wanted to blame, he desperately twisted, trying to break out of the claws of the fossil monster. Suddenly, unexpectedly, the pterodactyl began to rapidly decline, cut circles. After a few moments, Lev turned out to be abandoned to the ground, and the pterodactyl began to quickly rise again, byping the leawa of air flows in the afternoon with dust and sand. Leva began to choke and woke up in our world ..

He was lying on the scorched rigid grass. Up strictly vertically raised helicopter. There was no one around. On the branches of acacia, the wind bought in the Addis Ababa Shamma. Even further from the ground was shaking a gray phallus fool. The helicopter was rapidly removed. Wulfson failed pockets. No money, no documents were. There was nothing, even further instructions from Balandinsky.

Wulfson closed his eyes again to watch sleep until the end and then wake up. But it did not help. Awakening was accomplished by fact. The body of Wulfson was spread in the middle of African savanna, it lay, crushed by the cargo of irrefutable evidence, which, however, was impossible to use. At the very least, it was necessary to return to a normal state, and for this – to get to the nearest human housing and from there call. Phone of the Russian consulate Wulfson did not know, but it was possible to contact the local police, and there would be exactly what.

The head of Gudella, nevertheless, Lev took over his effort and straightened in full growth. Landscape Circle did not suland anything good. A wavy savanna and umbrella acats and umbrella acats were spread around. There are some low mountains in a short. Above the head of the blue sky with huge cumulative clouds. The air was refreshing the wind of the middle intensity, which broke the bright edge of high herbs. Despite all the abominations, which reigned in the soul of Wulfson, he could not not note to himself that the picture that appeared before him was truly charming.

Meanwhile, it was necessary to move. Where exactly, he could not figure out. Loeva’s geography knew badly, the prospect of the abandonment to Ethiopia emerged so spontaneously that there was no time enough to prepare. Yes, and Ethiopia is it? Maybe Levu "delivered" in Kenya, Uganda or, not bring Lord, in Sudan or Congo, but about these countries did not have anything good to hear.

Lev decided to argue logically. What landmarks he has? Nic. What means of communication? No … From the clothes: shirt, jeans, shoes, which were intended for a walk through Addis Ababa, but in the savannah no longer extended. Plus, the cape-shamma, which could warm and occasionally protect against rain. Food? No, and it, perhaps, scarecrow most. Lyuva did not know how to hunt; in Moscow hunting skills. Yes, and so far it was not clear to whom to hunt, and will not hunt him. And yet some ray of hope for Wulfson was ..

Comparing the initial data, Lev came in the conclusion that he is still in Ethiopia. If the helicopter flew out of Addis Ababa, he could hardly fly too far to another country. On the other hand, if all this was part of the "Quest of Balandinsky", it would hardly have been abandoned in some Tmutarakan, which means that sooner or later either the leva will stumble upon people, the road, the village, or will be found "by chance". But this is if "this" is really a quest. If not, it could mean the worst thing: Lion Wolfson was smashed immediately, in Moscow by the fireplace, and now they decided to mock it brutally. And now I only had to count on yourself.

It was necessary to go. But to walk in any direction – madness, as you can start to describe the circles, which happened to many grief travelers. Wulfson decided to go to the side of the "Blue Mountains", as he died them. Perhaps they lay in the heart of Africa, but in any case they guaranteed at least some landmark. And Lev went ..

Short subequatorial twilights found Levu in thickets of young acacia. While he did not meet any traces of the road or at least a car rhe. Places appeared wild. I was pleased that there were no traces of predatory animals, although the lion was unlikely to distinguish the trace of real lion from the donkey. Wind graded verse. The temperature was pretty comfortable; There was no stuff that is usually expected from these latitudes. It was necessary to be located for the night. Vulfson dinner mentally gave the Balandinsky, but the thirst made himself felt. Another post-alcoholic Sushnyak has affected. After choosing a place without cunning barns of acacia, Leva laid out the shamma directly on the ground and settled on her, curling away by the village. Mosquitoes, beetles, ants, hazelnogs have already worried enough. He experienced brutal fatigue. The feeling of malice was replaced by a sense of hopelessness, which turned into indifference. If it is destined to pick up malaria, then the first attack will overtake only in a few days, and during this time someone will pick it up and deliver it to the nearest hospital. And if not … then there is no court! The lawyer with this thought grinned, yawned and fell asleep. He did not dream.

… african morning met cool. Leva got up and wrapped in shamma. Hot coffee or tea did not intend to the tour of the tour at this stage, and Lev decided to move on. He walked about noon. Mountains gradually approach. At least it seemed to him. A couple of times the spikes of the fallen branches of acacias, insidiously slapped in a seal grass, almost pierced his erased feet. White yesterday shoes lost their color. From the beams of Lev’s buns, Svet himself a certain likeness of Panama, looking from ridiculous and scary, but in this situation a person is little worried such things. Half the heat of Lyuva decided to wait under the spreading tree. Pouring a couple of hours, he continued his way of grief. In the stomach rocked, in the throat – burning.

Lev noticed that gradually the frequency of trees increased: there was a real forest in front. It was disturbed by him: one thing to cross the almost open area, the other – to wade through the forest, in which you can run into anything. On the other hand, where the forest, there is water, maybe even the river, and the river always dismiss.

The day clone to my logical conclusion. The forest is approaching. Enter it on the eve of the night would be extremely imprudent. Lev began to look for a place for his second overtime. He thought it was safer than to sit on some tree. Leva began to inspect the trees, and suddenly noticed something that did not have to be: on the branches of one of the acacias hung some oblong "cigars", similar to the nests of birds, or on the hives. Leva went closer and cried out of joy and surprise: the platform around the tree was drowning, the fraction of the rope was lying on Earth, and moreover, "cigars" were the creations of human hands! These were "borty" made of hollow logs of dry trees. So people are close! It is not clear, of course, how soon they will come here. It is possible that now simply is not a season for collecting wild honey. But in any case, the village could be somewhere nearby. To climb himself in the womb of wild bees Level did not allow self-preservation feeling, despite the fact that the feeling of hunger appeared to another.

In the morning, Wolfson, whose stomach, it seemed already adhering to the spine, began to describe the spiral around the Bortnikov tree. On the fifth circle, he stumbled upon a gloomy goat litter and a kind of trail, leading the painter to the forest. It was a victory, or at least a direct path to her. He went along the path where the intuition suggested him, should have been a village.

He passed near a kilometer. Nadezhda began to leave him, but unexpectedly he worried the smell of fire. There was no doubt no longer. Leva inspired, gathered his strength and went on the smell. This is true! Round huts seemed in the grass, reminding the overturned baskets. They were very low and as if woven from straw and leaves. Their number there were six or seven pieces or seven and they stood on a wide drowning platform, on which Wulfson noticed three guys. Seeing a lawyer, they screamed in one of the huts. A minute later, strange creatures were watched on Lev, not deprived of grace. Apparently, at this time of the day, only women and children remained in the village. Women were in green checkered skirts or in the "tunica", defeated through the shoulder; Someone kept in the hands of babies. All women, both young, and old, had broad cuts on the bottom lip, because of what she hung below the chin. Two African hetero leva noted clay or wooden discs inserted into the lower lip. Women looked at the guest with curiosity. If they looked at him with lust, it would not have delighted him. The old women looked at all as if they came out of nightmares. But Leve has not had to choose. He was little interested in ethnography, and few interested the consequences of close contacts with the local population: he gestured showed that he wants to drink and eat. He was understood and brought at first Calabas with some braga, then Calebas smaller with a kozdyathic and tubers. Leva is nicely Ohmelel, and the feeling of satiety led him to the final dying state of the spirit. He was ready to kiss with that young girl who brought him the second Calebas with Braga, but it was slowed down by the technical complexity of kissing with a girl who actually absent the lower lip. He noticed that this item helps women skillfully and precisely. Loeva did not work.

Meanwhile, the loud and restless cow was heard. The first person of the male appeared in the village. It was a young man, absolutely naked, with the gun Kalashnikov on his shoulder, with a face and a member painted by longitudinal white stripes. Following him, a older guy appeared, also with a painted member, and Wulfson thought that on their background he looks unconvincing, and that such types should enjoy great success in women travelers from Europe and America. The whole herd of cows-zeba was kicked out on the clearing. Women welcomed the appearance of cattle enthusiastic ullyukan. Pastukhov detachment headed older guy, in a half-day khaki color, put on a bare torso, and skirt tied around the hips like Burmese Sarong. On his head, it was conquered for a long time that lost the original color of the baseball cap, the ears pulled massive earrings made from cut canned cans. On the shoulder he has a machine gun. He welcomed Wulfson to the impudent wave of his hands and the unchanged "Hallo!". Leva thought that this drain certainly understands English and addressed him with a classic question about this.

– Yes, ah do! – Following an encouraging answer. – A little!..
– Well, thank God! – Levo sighed with relief. – Where is the nearest city?
– Far, Mr. Three hundred kilometers.
– Do you have a car?
– No, Mr. … Give me money! I am a student. I am hungry. I have no father nor mother ..

Such a turn in the conversation is unpleasant by Wulfson. He did not have money not only for students, but also on his own needs that could arise. The poor and hungry student probably worked on the vacation machine gunchik. The presence of rapid weapons could serve as an additional help to collect funds for continued study. The guest from Moscow, in turn, there was no counterproof. But if they are not, they should be urgent to fool them.

– I have a lot of money in Addis Ababa, – I began to express my legend Lev. – If you help me back there, I will give you three hundred dollars … Even five hundred.

The guy with a machine gun laughed and began to discuss something with his comrades who gathered around at least a dozen.

– Five thousand, – he said, wrapped around. – Five thousand dollars ..

For Wulfson, it was still how to promise: he had no money anyway. The main thing in his situation was to get to the gate of the Russian consulate. But nevertheless, in order to comply with the rules of the game, he "fell out".

– Three thousand dollars!… I do not have more, sorry ..
– Well, three thousand dollars, – not thinking, nodded the boy nodded.

Wulfson, as they say, Mountain slept off his shoulders. It seems that his misadventures of the last two days ended.

– Three thousand dollars, – said the boyfriend affirmative once again and looked at Levo.
– Well, of course, Okay, – he smiled.
– Three thousand, – repeated the young arrows.

It seemed that the boy’s bad wanted money immediately and now. Wulfson began to explain again that he had no money for him that he had to stay at the Sheraton Hotel. This name said nothing to the newly newly to the Savior and could not serve as an indicator of the client’s solidity in the face of Lev, who was ready to make a guy with his jeans, shoes and shirt, although a person with a gun could get everything in a gift.

Wulfson decided to play international friendship. He showed a machine gun, then hit himself in his chest and said: "Kalashnikov, Russia, friendship!"But this passage did not impress the audience. Moreover, tensions increased. Two women came to Wulfson with plates in the lips and somehow confused: "Yu, Yu-Yu! TU BERRR! Wang photos – TU BERRR!"Levo did not have a camera with his cameras and he could not make it challenging their beauties with two Ethiopian graters in exchange for the photo. He became sad. What to do? Get out of the village? And they let go? Of course, it was possible to go to some trail and get to the next village, where the lonely moneyless traveler will believe more, but where guarantees, which will believe and help?

Wulfson decided to discontinue negotiations and sat down on the foam of the fire. Selina began to discuss something loud and emotionally discuss. The meeting lasted about twenty minutes and was interrupted by a man of middle-aged years, dressed in a tunic of dark blue. He explained something, and everyone listened silently. When he finished, women were displeasted and reluctantly went through the huts, and men sat down in a semicircle in the distant ends of the "Square".

The man approached Wulfson and turned to him in good English:
– I apologize us. White people rarely appear with us. You are our guest and we will help you. Tomorrow you spend on a big road, there will be some transportation. Today you are our guest. Where are you from?
– From Russia, – said Wulfson Poulo.
– Very good. Our countries are friends.
– Oh sure. And who are you and who these people?
– This is Mursi. I myself am amhatic, but I understand the language well. Mursi cattle breeders, they distill cattle on the steppe. Every year live in a new place.

The new acquaintance was called Borok, he came from the city of Arba-Sochch, and in these places, according to him, often visited trade. Not far from here, they laid the road, and Borok marked for himself future "sales points". Patrons for "Kalash" used the greatest demand. According to him, Mursi has not the best reputation among their no less exotic neighbors, because someone else’s cattle is often hijacked. So this time, most likely, they dressed somewhere in other people’s zebu. Mursi love to drink, and this Wulfson has already managed to notice: the village was already in pinch, both men and women.

Wulfson told briefly the story of his appearance in this village. Borok shrugged in surprise and advised to contact the nearest police station or military part. Then talked about something with the old woman, resembling a walking death from drug overdose.

– I have to retire, but you can spend the night in the hut of this family. Tomorrow you are spent, nothing worried about. Everything will be fine.

Lyova hoped very much. He overwhelmed dislike and shoved himself into a low round hut, smelled smoke, manure and goats. Trying not to pay attention to smells and insects, he spread the shamma on the floor. It was not in itself from the thought of the neighborhood of the ugly old woman with a chick lip, but he consoled himself because all this – for one night.

Grandma turned out to be a wonderh, which is often found among old alcoholics. She smiled at Wulfson to a toothless mouth, pulled the lower lip and sniffed her for a bald head. Levo Stroshlo. He was afraid that the hostess of the house would still show something to demonstrate. Meanwhile, the hut was filled with chumazamas and snot children – the grandchildren of the Murzhi woman Yaga. The night promised to be memorable ..

But Leve was not destined to wait. Immediately after sunset, hearing restless cries, grew up in howl; rose bustle and running. Wulfson looked out and saw that people really droop. Suddenly the space of the central "square" crossed the highways of the bullets: the long automatic line was killed; Someone fell, describing in the air feet intricate pirouette. Wulfson as if the plug flew out of a hut, pushed by saving households. People disaggregated who. Warriors Mursi shot somewhere in the darkness; Darkness answered them short queues. One of them crashed into a hut, and the plane from her reed cover was sprinkled on the lavin chapel. The next moment, Leva has grown where the eyes look. Spiny shrub turned his clothes into a rag and left long scratches on his pale skin. Like the athlete, the vested Moscow intellectual jumped over obstacles. The bottomless African sky shone myriads of stars. In her pectic nests, bunches of hanging on the trees, restlessly fluttered by wings of fabric reels. Pisch lion covered in a distant foggy Bush young lioness. In the muddy waters of the river OMO Slissed chaotic movement of schistosomes. According to the savannah, vulfon rushed to death.

His almost Bulgakov jogging stopped so unexpectedly, how much began. Wulfson stopped as inspected above a high disconnection. At the bottom of the glistener soft bending of a wide river, on which melancholy sailed sickle of a young moon.

– Omo, – thought "Stirlitz", and not mistaken.


Omo flows from north to south in southwestern Ethiopia, towards Kenya, and flows into Lake Rudolph or, as it is also called, Turkana. On both shores of this river, the Kushitsky tribes live, at the very end of the XIX century forcibly attached to Abyssinia (Ethiopia). Unlike Northern and Central Ethiopia, inhabited by Christians, the monofisitis, who accepted faith in the IV century, the southern part of Ethiopia, or, as sometimes they call it, Equatorial Ethiopia, largely retained its "primitive" way and pagan beliefs, although cultural and economic The penetration of Orthodox Amharians and Protestant missionaries is becoming more noticeable. Hamere, Surma, Mursi, Erbore, Tsamai, Benne and from a dozen other nations still live here just like their ancestors hundred, two hundred and a thousand years ago. This last corner of ethnic endemism in Africa will disappear over time under the onslaught of modern "civilization" penetrating here on the veins of highways. Tourists, photographers, film operators and documentary officers from around the world seek the Omo Valley in search of disappearing nature, bright images, unusual sensations in contact with the world, which is beautiful even at the time of his inevitable dying.

Fate touched Wulfson here, but he didn’t regret anything about anything, he could not regret the man who had just escaped death. He just stood and looked at the flickering of the river below under the break. If a week ago, someone could describe a picture of what had to happen, he would not believe. How would not believe in the perspective that one day suddenly in Moscow will turn off electricity, communication, gas, water supply. There was nothing more than anything. And all the attributes of "civilization" at Levo took the intruders who perform the will of the contractor. And now he did not have anything, how to build a bed of her grass, because there was no woolen shamma.

His woke up bright light and heat, penetrating the skin. The sun was already high and warmed by Lev Nesterpimo. He approached the edge of the cliff. Omot quickly carried its waters in the "Emerald Lake" (so Lake Rudolf is often called due to the color of its waters). Leva decided to go down to the river. Return back he was afraid, and the river could bring to one of the coastal fishing villages. As far as he understood, yesterday’s attack on the village was carried out by the tribe, from which Mursi had born cattle. The inter-bar war could continue, and he did not want to fall under the distribution of angry cattle breeders.

Leva walked along the coast and noticed more or less gentle descent in the river. Going to the river, he did not see anything that could be useful to him, but decided to continue the search for what he himself did not know. Meaningless wandering brought him into the clearance in the reeds. And there he saw something that forced him to smile: he remembered the quest. Really he continued? Maybe last night and the cartridges were idle?

Dolblachka boat lying in the reeds with oars. Wulfson rushed to her in the hope of finding a chest with canned foods, cards, tools, how received parcels from the "well-wishers" Heroes of the Romanov of Jules Verne or the participants of the show "The Last Hero" . Maybe, taking into account the realities of the era, in the magic chest will be waiting for Levo satellite telephone, JPS and other accessories "Adventure" of the XXI century, but alas, nothing but a pair of rotting and stinking fry on the bottom of the pies our hero did not find. Thank God, there was at least heel, and Lev decided to the desperate step, namely, on the hijacking of the board and the descent on an unfamiliar river.

Leva Ugreb in the middle of Omo and she suffered it pretty quickly, with an average speed of the city pedestrian. Leva held a boat in the middle, not giving her too much to approach the shores, on which there was no revival. So passed, or rather, sailed the day until the evening. The boat now served for Levoy; He only slept her to the shore, putting in a parking lot.

Meanwhile, the wind intensified. By evening, he began to bend the reeds of almost parallel to the water. Wulfson’s boat rocked restlessly, and it seemed that she was about to choke water. Suddenly, a loud grunt was heard from somewhere, and I saw the leva with horror, as the hippopotamus family floats from the wash. He did not expect such a neighborhood at all, especially since the Ethiopian Africa *********** of his lovely large forms. Hippopotama floated on the middle of the river and floated the painter to the opposite shore.

Sky chapel black clouds. Wind passed to hurricane. If a tropical shower begins, Wulfon’s boat floods to the edges, and the squall wind will make it uncontrollable. It was difficult to get through to the "solid land", and the Wolfson did not want to get to it, because it was unknown, which creatures live in water. While he is *********, together with a boat, whiskers of heaven opened over him, and rushed over the Omo valley. Wulfson traded the water from the bangling dolblagy through his wonderful tuples in the nearby past. It accounted for everything intensively, and our hero understood that he was not enough for a long time. The task was to keep the boat afloat at least in a half-hearted state, and if it should be, then staying for it, already floundering in water waiting for the crocodile. Parasites of shistosomes capable of destroying the urinary system, worried Wulfson already in second place. In extreme cases, doctors can then seize the missing body if the appropriate donor is found.

But to keep the boat in place was more difficult than afloat. After a couple of hours, the water rose, and the flow began to take dumplings from the reed. In the heat of the struggle of arriving water, Lev forgot about the paddle, and obviously, the OMO River treated him already far. Finally, the boat left the reasons, and swam in the flow with the speed that the OMO River was capable of "high water". In the dark, Lev could not navigate, at what distance from the coast he is. Only sharp flashes of lightning lit a stroll to the valley. Boat swung and spit. Leva held by both hands overboard. Rain over the river itself weakened, moved all his tropical cruelty into other edges. River Oblache. On the left in her with noise poured the banging influx, carrying torn trees and bushes.

How much did this night lasted, the leva did not remember. Morning under dark gray clouds were a little bit of night. On the soul of Loeva was at least cloudy. Swimming some kind of village on a high shore, he shouted "Help! Halp! Help!". Devora screamed something in response and waved with handles; Someone even fled along the shore parallel to the boat, extending the palm and asking Baksis. Near the boat a couple of times cobbled cobblestones. On this, the second contact Levo with Aboriginal was completed.

Gradually, the boat poured into the zone of the forests who hung over the shores on both sides. Lyova noticed a small herd of elephants who came on the water. The picture in the spirit of Nikolai Gumileva turned in front of Levoy, and he noted with a sense of deep satisfaction to himself that a romantic in it was not yet died. Tropical shower washed off a lawyer from him, exposing an adventurer. Leva admired beautiful animals; The leader of the herd retreated, raised the trunk and knocked twice.

The sky is lightly, but the OMO River continued to stubbornly push Lyowin the boat forward. He crossed out the water from the shirt to the end and overwhelmed the clothes for drying. He leaned back on his stern, putting his hands on the sides, sitting in the boat, as in the chair. Where the river "will deliver" him, he was already indifferent. Of course, I would like to eat something, but he has already humbled with the thought that in Ethiopia regular food (that is, at least once a day) Nobody is guaranteed. He heard many times about hunger in Ethiopia, about how children are blurted and dying. But now the most hungry man in Ethiopia was Lion Wulfson.

The night caught him in this position and in such a relaxed pose. He did not dream. He slept a baby, like Ostap before he was stabbed by a razor of Ippolit Matveevich. In the morning, waking up and stretched out in a boat, he discovered that he didn’t swim anywhere: the boat calmly swayed on the muddy green waves of the lake, whose state stretched somewhere outside the horizon. Fortunately, the boat took place near the shore. It was visible about two miles from Wulfson, a short and rocky. On the left darkness the mountains, the very, which Lyuva dubbed the "blue". He once again examined the shore and lake in a circle, and suddenly noticed that he was not here alone – another boat was visible away. Wulfson got up to his whole height and shut down around his head shirt. The saving boat was encouraged by Wulfson in that he changed Goles and headed for him: she was with a motor with the indescribable joy of Wolfson. Joy nevertheless gradually replaced with surprise: the boat of the rules is not Ethiop, but a white man. The wind waved his gray beard; Tel-dwarf pulled by familiar pain white-blue stripes. The mysterious stranger silently swam to Wulfson and virtuoso slowed down his motorboards on board with archaic floating lawyer adventurist.

– Hello! – said the old man calmly and in Russian. In his appearance, there was some kind of icon ********************. It was strange to see him here in Africa, on a lake, quite one. Wulfson thought it should be Nikolay myself. He himself was not baptized, moreover, he was indifferent even to the Jewish faith, but now he thought that for all his burden and trials God decided to take it under his guardianship, sending the most reliable feed, whom he can only imagine.

– As reached? – asked the old man lay as if he met an old friend. Grandfather looked at him with blond blue eyes; Its long Nordic skull fell on a sack of gray long hair tied behind in a spit.

Geoproktology. (Adventure semi)., Ethiopia Blogs and travel notes of tourists on tourist

– Well, thanks, it was very interesting, and not even tedious, – answered Lev. – And you have here, as I look, fishing … like cool today? – Leva nodded to the rods lying from the old man in the boat.

– Today is bad; Yesterday morning it was better. A couple of Nile Okunkov caught. And you are sluggish, you do not want an hour?

An hour Leva wished the fish, and in general, that one could see. The old man extended Level a piece of dried fillets, and Levy devoured him rapidly, not paying attention to small bones, and washed by vodka from the flask, which the avatar of Nicholas.

– I was called me by Nikolai Stepanovich, – Starbed began, smiling good-natured, – and I clich in Lvom, as far as I understand.
– Yes, of course, it is very nice, – Lion replied, leaning. It seems that the quest approached the logical conclusion; In any case, Lev decided to finish it by anything. It was enough with him, and he did not want to continue adventure until the cape.

– Hope is dying the latter, "said Lev. – I really hoped that everything was soon to end.

The grandfather became the last link, the cherished key of all the doors, even if he himself had not yet guessed.

– I think dear Nikolai Stepanovich, that you already know about everything, much more than me. I don’t know how long you wait for me on the boat here, but the game came to the end, and you will have to finish it here and now, even if you don’t really want it. And you can convey from me from Moscow from me that I am delighted with his fantasy, and I will not slow down to shoot my admiration in any form convenient for it.

Nikolai Stepanovich neither in the word nor a fairytale did not respond to a person’s speech in dolblin. He silently threw him the end of the rope and started the engine:
– However, you, the lion, plucked enough on the water. It’s time to go ashore.

The gray-haired feed led a mini-squadron to the stony shore; A little bit, a tent was visible and the fucked bonfire, over which the wind shake the old-fashioned bowler.

– Welcome to my modest Starikovskoye dwelling!

Nikolay Stepanovich threw dry curved firewood into the fire and something else that Lyova failed to see. From the fire poured a thick smoke, which, however, quickly brightened. Nikolai Stepanovich gesture showed on a tourist mat, inviting Levo to sit down.

Located by the fire, Nikolai Stepanovich pulled a graceful tube from an elephant bone and a black tree tutor. The smell of expensive tobacco was added to the smell of fire. Closing his eyes, Nikolai Stepanovich made a deep tighten, and then turned to Level:

– Let’s immediately agree: You are here in your case, I – in my own way. Our meeting could well and not take place, and I, I confess, did not care at all about this. And in general, I just rest here and fish catching ..

– Yes, I, too, first wanted to relax, but it turned out to be in the "ass of the world" ..

– It is called "geoproktology," the old man grinned. – Climb into the rear pass Mother-Earth; and himself, and the other – hemorrhoids, but it seems like, who expressing the youth, "on joke". You, leva, also hemorrhoids?

Leva nodded. Nikolai Stepanovich pretty laughed and continued artistic comparisons:
– Previously, hemorrhoids in man were treated, planting on count. The main hemorrhoids he, leva, not in the pop. He sits in heads. Now treats science science "Geoproktology"! – It is important to say Nikolai Stepanovich, raising my finger to the sky.

– This place you know what is called, Lev? Vaskin Cape! There was such a brave hussar Alexander Bulatovich, who together with the king of Ethiopian these lands won. Mountains in honor of the emperor Nicholas called. And this challenge is in honor of his friend, Negritena Vaska, who saved. It was a hundred more years ago. And now I am Bulatovich, and you – Vaska.

Lyova thought that Nikolai Stepanovich was surely agreed with Nikolai Balandinsky on love for metaphors and historical parallels. However, Lev was considered a comparison of himself with the Negro Vaska slightly inappropriate: – All this, of course, is great, and I’m even flattened, but what would happen if I drowned, or I was shot by nonsense? Good "quest", good game when the prize is self-life! It is unacceptable, it’s simply criminally! It’s even worse than the old men send to Tibet to die.

"… Here young people send to die in Africa," Nikolai Stepanovich continued to himself, but said out loud:

– Nobody sent me to dying … Rather, sent, but not those who thought. People sent, whom I considered the most expensive, and they considered dear only my living space. And why everyone needs a living space in Moscow? Not a city, and Cloaca, the gathering of losers, who consider themselves lucky … but all there Pruth and Prut, and the old Muscovites move away somewhere near Tarusu. They consider them for fools – who changes the capital to the province? But people are not good, that in big cities there are those who are forced, and those who are voluntarily in nature will move, he can afford it ..

– Sounds too radical, Nikolai Stepanovich! – answered Wulfson. – Can not turn into landlords, there must be someone else and work!
– … and do you really think Leva, something about what they are there in Moscow or New York work, really need and useful people? It is indeed vital?

Leva tried to imagine what exactly people work in Moscow, but the visual row, passing through the neurons of his brain, could not stop anything else, except on the bulk of shopping centers, on the salons of communication and stalls with vegetables and consumer goods "Madeinchina". Undoubtedly, somewhere someone worked over anything, but I didn’t know about it. Manic widespread construction, dictated by "concern about Muscovites" of the kindest.M.Luzhkov, was somewhat distant and inaccessible even for a successful lawyer. Somewhere, someone drone oil and drove through the gas-eyed and begging gas to Europe, but the stupid suction of the subsoil of the earth could not be considered a great achievement. Lev decided not to continue the worldview discussion with an economic bias for the lack of significant counterproofs, but simply take a bull for the horns and find out those questions that led him to the Lake Turkana.

– Nikolai Stepanovich! You know who I am and from where, I, in turn, guessed, who are you and who you are here, with the permission to say, "scored" … Well, I am ready to listen to you, and if your task was to convince me something, then I am ready to change my opinion if I hear or see any convincing arguments and evidence. In this case, I will be ready to forget about your "precedent" and bring bonds with a person equally well known to us, only on the basis of personal claims for it.

– If you are pleased … But my story will be brief, and probably not so interesting and exciting as you expect.

"When I found out about my diagnosis, then buried. Optimists advise not to panic and fight, then optimists have long been on the cemetery. And I realist. I had a sorry for pain my life. When you know that it comes to an end, then not so much scary as it is a pity and insulting … It sounds trite, but immediately you start noticing and appreciate those things for which I have not paid attention before.
Here, for example, people always seek to penetrate the secret of other people’s worlds, whether in space or somewhere nearby, in parallel dimension. And after the doctor I sat down in the park on a shop and looked around around. Grass green, insects around crawl and fly. And what for grass, what insects? Hard to say; I do not know the answer! It turns out that lives seventy years on Earth, I was indifferent in millions of living beings that lived around me, with me. And now I’m leaving for turning into the same blade or flower, for which the bug will crawl, but I don’t know anything about them. I do not know the properties of plants: maybe among them there is such that might and other people heal once and forever … but I am blind and deaf. I lost seven decades by reading tons of newspapers, but I do not remember the content and hundredth of the part of the read. That according to the old "rubbing" that the same news show on the flat screen: about how the Arabs in Palestine are lurpping the Jews, and Jews are Arabs, and everything is from for a handful of old stones, which and others consider it only because that this is stated in their sacred books, they themselves and written. Scarlet, that’s what I say!"

Wulfson thought. What the old man said was fairly in something even touching. He was not like someone else’s influence. All his actions to which his deprived relatives complained were most likely well thought out to them. Nikolai Stepanovich, meanwhile, continued:

"Your ************* kids I myself am very ***************. First, for the joy that all the children give their parents while they are still kids, and secondly, for decided me to send the ravoisi. Tibet, Altai, Andes – is not all equal? Not in Tibet case; anyway is not our religion, no matter how cool. Case in the mountains, in their beauty, which depends on the religion of those peoples who live from their foot. Mountains, their beauty give rise to religion in the human heart, and then the religion begins to deify them. But the mountains don’t care what they think about them. They themselves, they do not care. And the beauty of our land is inexhaustible. Even a man will not be able to exhaust it to the end, as he does not try!
… I spent there for almost two months, having exhausted the time that doctors took me. I saw pilgrims, I just saw tourists. I was no one or another. I was between. Between heaven and earth. Once almost frozen, but survived just a nightmarish night, I decided to go down, in warm valleys. What it was bliss! I forgot why I came here. I’m bought in mountain rivers, ate fruit grieving! When I returned home and the doctors were inappreciating with their hands, I firmly decided why you need to live. Let ten years old, or only a year, it is still: you need to know this world, consider and bug, and an elephant. And giant sequoil, and little blades. Feel how and what they live. And the Moscow real estate is always in price … for those who have nothing more to appreciate ".

Further reflections of Nikolai Stepanovich interrupted a sharp beep – a military boat was approaching the shore with an Ethiopian flag on the stern. Obviously, these were border guards. There was nothing to informulate Wulfson, but the problem was allowed by himself: on board, he noticed his old fleeting friend, only this time he was not in the green "Toga", but in green.

– Well, as I understand it, you are time, – Nikolai Stepanovich sighed lightweight. – I’m here for a couple of days to fucking, I’ll see crocodiles (here they are in the Lake Pond Pond), and then I will continue on the way, to ************ … And you, Lev, hold on with well. From such a grill came out that now the hero will look at yourself! But the main thing – for everything that was, thanks the life, fate, God … who you like more, thanks. Everything that happens to us is called youth "Ekspiriiz". Another "Ekspiriiz" is more expensive than gold, and the more such "Expires" in your life will, the easier it will be through the last and most important "ECPIRIES" to go ..

Nikolai Stepanovich planted Levo to his boat and brought to the border catering. Borok smiled friendly and helped him climb on board.

– Yes, Mr. Leo, you forced me to run. I already thought that I could not "catch" you – a signal from the beacon that was in the boat, constantly disappeared, probably when she was tone. All the same equipment – a great thing. I use such equipment for the first time. I hope your company will allow you to leave us at yourself, as you think?

At the mention of "our company", under which there was no doubt "Geography", Wulfon’s face flashed.
– I have no documents and money, the camera disappeared. I ask you to contact our consulate immediately ..

Borok laughed loudly, not allowing the leve. Friendly Pope Wulfson on the shoulder, he handed him a transparent package of thick plastic, in which Lev saw a passport with a Russian eagle, dollars, a form of insurance form, a camera and a discount coupon from "Geography" by 333 dollars when buying the next round.

– About photos do not worry, "said Boruk, – I tried to take pictures as far as possible. True, in most cases you were far away, so for the quality of the photo I ask me not to blame. But in many pictures you turned out very well.

Wulfson was amazed. He was a victim of a cruel draw, to participate in which he himself signed. But there was one "hook" that did not fit into the script.

– Listen, "Wulfson crushed," but the bullets were real! Shooting in the village … I remember exactly. This is not a quest!
– Yes, it is not a quest, – Byrok replied, pokraven, – but this is life! There is no ethnographic park. Here people are struggling for food, for water, for life. A tourist can pay two or three ridges for a photograph of an African with a machine gun, but the cartridges in the machine are real, combat. And the machine can shoot. I almost got almost fell into me … but this is normal. This is Africa, my friend!

"Well, yes, and the cost of the insurance includes body exports" – I grinned to myself Wulfson.


The boat with difficulty rose up the river, to the crossing, which was waiting for an army jeep. A few hours later, Lev was delivered to a small police station consisting of two barracks and a torching barrier through a country ground road. Here, leveva offered to wait for the next transport, which was supposed to bring him to Arba-Mintcha, and from there he flew to Addis Ababa and Moscow. Tickets were paid and confirmed: someone’s thoughtful hand held Levo for the throat tight, but rather careful, so as not to give it to him.

At that time, when Lev was sitting in a barrack and drank coffee with a local police (he prudently refused him from Tedga), some kind of unclear noise and nerve women were heard from the road. The amazed look of our extreme traveler appeared painting rapidly carrying down the mountain of the jeep. Sitting in it clearly experienced some difficulties, because in the cabin was noticeable a vanity inherent in the ship, here is about to get ready to go for the bottom. From the car heard the writhing cry "Tormezo. "In a pure Russian, accompanied by concomitant expressions that are not customary to consume society in a regular, less extreme environment. Jeep jumped on the Bugre, described the arc in the air and crashed into a barrier, swaying it into a small chip, mixed with the safe windshield fragments. Leva regretted that he ran out of the barrack without a camera, which he could use now without restrictions. The jeep drove on the inertia of another two hundred meters and got up, stuck through young acaciami. From the jeep did not come out, and did not even crawl, but rather a blonde with disastrous hair, traces of the buoy and red-ferral road dust on the face, clearly reflecting the composition of the soils of the southern part of Ethiopia, for which she had a chance to drive during his Indicators, difficult journey. Her fellow travelers left the shock in the cabin, while she sat down on the head of the jeep, clasping his head with his hands, his whole poverty expressing complete despair.

Running ether began to immediately demand compensation for a broken barrier, which, actually, is incomprehensible to what and from whom. Wulfson went to a woman and asked if he could not help.

A cute stranger, which introduced himself to Leles, said they could not help them. From their jeep left completely brake fluid, their main caravan stuck somewhere on the road, which was removed after the rains. All these poor people who have become a feet of dirt on Ethiopian settlers now, were participants in the experimental tour on Ethiopia. Who organized him, Wulfson had already guessed; The next "victims of the Balandinsky" made their way off the road for two weeks already, crossing the rains across the River Omo before the rains and now stuck here for some kind of idle, or rather, professor-ethnographer, who had to pick up and take to Arba-Sochk. Lev immediately admitted that "asshole" obviously, he himself, "Professor" – this is his nickname from school, and he took up his ethnography with geoproquatology due to circumstances.

Wulfson entered noble: he gave most of the police returned to him for bringing him to him and his compatriots in Arba-Sochch. Their jeep was no better and no newer that stood now in the bushes, but at least he was with brakes and mainly the whole windshield. The driver of a broken car lifelinely demanded to leave him tips, but our compatriots remain deaf to his plea.

Travel to Arba-Mintcha, a long and tedious, was brought around with conversations about Ethiopia, "geography" and the massacre that is waiting for Balandinsky on the return of "adventure" to Moscow. New potential allies appeared at Levy, but for their surprise, already reached the lunch in the plane, Leva suddenly felt that his fervor would fuss. He tried to drive this insidious feeling from himself, as he believed that she had weakness in those issues that were demanding professional hardness. The case of "Son against Father" or "The Case of Nikolai Stepanovich" he considered as a low-prospective and uninteresting. Moreover, with a properly built defense, he would have received the support of public opinion: a touching story about the Son and Snow, who tried to get rid of the elderly father, would be an excellent plot for some sentimental TV show, although, by and large, Nikolai Stepanovich like a one-piece nature and strong, less suitable in order to regret it.

… by entering the apartment, Wulfson first went to the table and picked up a folder with the inscription "Geography". He wanted to once again read a party to participation in the quest. He already didn’t mark on it opposite those places that seemed to him dubious. However, the opening folder, he found that all five sheets are nothing but these marks and signatures Wulfson l.V. did not have. He looked at the sheets on clearance, but the result was the same … The text of the contract disappeared forever, and a respected court would be quite obvious that he was never. However, before the court, it would not have come true: Wulfson would be sent to a psychiatric hospital (or at least they would advise you to turn there).

Enjoyed lion roared. He ripped a false "contract" in shreds with rage, with which the leader of the Lion Pride is attacked on his young rival. Without losing a minute, Wulfson ran out of the apartment, and in five minutes he was already in the subway.

… The heavy door of the Stalinist house was open with an incredible force; It seemed that she would fly off the loops, for the first time in sixty years of their ministry to Fatherland. Wolfson Road Blocked Watch.

– I am in the "geography" … the seventeenth floor …, – with difficulty translating the breath was blown away Wulfson.
– What other geography? What apartment are you?

Other Wolfson and did not expect. Yes, it should be! Classic genre: Self-defense ink, self-describing firm … as they say, "Was there a boy?". But the "boy" was: Vulfson’s professional memory retained the apartment number, and he blurted it out.

Watchman asked for a passport.
– So last time you did not ask anything! – Recovered Wulfson. In the pocket of the jacket lay a passport, but it was in principle.
– Be this can not, – a stone voice said Vakhtirha. – I sit here twenty years old, and no one does without a document passes.
-Okay, we will assume that I was not here last time, "Wulfson replied and handed the passport.

… the corridor was the same, but the cardboard Indiana Jones was no longer. Wulfson called the door, but now it opened not herself: she broke off with a taste of a dressed young man of pleasant outfacities.
– How can I help you?
– I’m to Balandinsky.
– Sorry, and you are sure about that?
– Oh, I’m sure this is more than anyone! And who are you? Secretary of the Geographical Society?
– Imdimion, – a young man introduced himself, not paying attention to the church of Wolfson. – Not secretary.
– Listen, Andy …, how are you there … I don’t care, the secretary or honorary chairman, but I need Mr. Balandinsky, for a while, for a couple of words ..
– … to look into the eyes or hold the throat? – Enzydimion revived.
– Both! – Vulfson trembled enthusiastically, and hedzing Edimion, rushed into the corridor, and then in the reception. From his picky view did not slip out of the changes, although the essence of them he could not catch and explain. From the main hall, showcases with shards and shells were removed; They were replaced by quite modern racks with more modern and practical products. In the office of "Chairman" almost everything remained in their places.
– You tell you something? – came from behind the voice of endimion. – What exactly are interested?

And here Vulfson as if painted: everyone or on all subjects had labels with a price, even on the fireplace.

– Listen, "he turned to the endimion – here it was a man here, the secretary was sitting there, there were a shards and a different rubony, and there ..
– And there was nothing there, – interdimion interrupted him. – We are simply clouded. Listen: There was always a store of souvenirs and gifts, these are demonstration halls. Fireplace is also sold, from our partners. You can order a fireplace, and furniture under the antique catalog. Some gifts – hundreds of items. What else can you know?

Wulfson silently stood, overlooking the unreasonable look in Edyimion. Everything he needed, he already found out. He turned around, and slowly walked in exit.

Outside the street, Wulfson got into an embrace of a wonderful evening. Cumulus clouds were painted in purple color. Light breeze rustled in foliage in summer. Flying unknown from where the rhymes held in the center of Moscow. Wulfson knew nothing about his life. But now he knew a lot about his.

He knew the main thing: that he was now a brother to all blades and bugs, he is a plant, and his name is burdock. Levo covered hysterics: he was shaking from laughter and sprinkled himself from time to time on the hips and knees. Defilating Muscovites and the prevailing in the city guests of the capital frightened aside.

The continuation of the struggle was meaningless: the enemy was much on tricks and his fantasy was most likely inexhaustible. But Levo had no anger, even sports. He was as if the cold shower was arranged – he cheered up, shook and deeply buried the mighty breast of fresh air for a new life.

Before SHO, Wulfson decided to familiarize himself with the contents of the camera’s memory card. Photos could not boast of their high art; It was immediately seen that the photographer was an amateur with extremely small experience. Nevertheless, Wulfson managed to learn themselves in some pictures. Here he is drinking with the "ministers" (I wonder how much byrrrrotes cost the Balandian hiring of these chariots), here it leads to hands … no, carry in the helicopter. So he lies in the grass, curled up. How sweet and serene it sleeps! Here is his figure looming away: he ponuro wanders savanna. So he enters the village … Here he is with the warriors of Mursi, here the old woman is calling him to his house. Wow! He is already in the boat, and for this picture you can forgive everything – the boat with Wulfson sails past the herd of elephants! And this is the last shot of the Ethiopian Super Agent: Nikolai Stepanovich is lucky to the category of border guards. What is still a wonderful old man … bright personality!

The memory card contained another nested folder. Leva clicked on her mouse computer. Only one photo was lying in her.

It was a black and white photo in retro style, apparently, the beginning of the twentieth century. Men’s middle-aged man in a modest officer coin, bald, with a liquid beard and glasses, posed in the studio along with black boy. There was no signature, but it was clear that this is the very St. Petersburg corruption, which in the African Savannah savanna from the death of another boy and called him Vaska.

– Yeah, this happens "Eckspiriins," said Wulfson himself, unable to keep the sowing. His eyes sticked out.

On this night, Africa sent him his last hi. He dreamed of a mountain ************, a snowy hat glittered in the sun dazzling, and a gray-haired old man rose to the top to the top. He climbed the invisible staircase, right on the clouds. He turned to Level, smiled as an old friend and a gesture called for himself. Leva winds his head, not deciding to climb. He still could not exchange Vykhino on ************ ..

Georges PomeranianFFF, 2010, Paris-Kudymkar.

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