Georgia, Batumi: Attractions or Sunday Walk with a bang

Finally the weather has improved! Satisfied We left the hotel to dedicate a whole day more close to get acquainted with the city of Batumi. Practically classic plot of Batumi streets – Lingerie, which will dry over the heads of passersby.

Finally the weather has improved! Satisfied We left the hotel to dedicate a whole day more close to get acquainted with the city of Batumi. Practically classic plot of Batumi streets – Lingerie, which will dry over the heads of passersby.

Around full of all sorts of buildings, buildings and inscriptions in style "Hello from the 90s".

The boulevard, which originates from the Black Sea gate, was unudensed: whether the people are Sundays the Sunday morning devoting to an active holiday on the sofa, whether he is not popular at all.

Some picturesque pond on the embankment. In the background in the form of an inverted bottle – the Batumi House of Justice, so!

The sea today was blue and calm. Dolphins again respired, then here it was possible to observe their shiny fins on the sun. And the coastal line in the meantime is actively built up with hotels and other huge buildings.

Build scale. Half of the central part of the city is quenched by construction. If you believe stretching with examples of end results – it will be very nice and modern.

Here is such an interesting idea of ​​the restaurant "turn upside down" embodied in White Restaurant. The idea, maybe not new, but this is no less interesting.

One of the large streets – Rustaveli Street, running along the embankment.

All the same street Rustaveli. Left – Primorsky Park – one of the main entertainment of the city.

Here too spring and also blooms everything))

Unknown wooden structure. We minimally five passed by him in the week, but did not understand what it and why.

The colonnade of the seaside boulevard is adjacent to the modern drawing in the style of 3D.

Again some photo in the style of Salvador Dali "Andrei, drinking water and a dog sitting on his neck" ))) In general, I wanted to say that the fountains with drinking water still remained in the city.

In Batumi, you can see slides and mountains with snow caps.

Decided to ride on the ferris wheel. Ticket price – 2 lari. In the background slides, mountains and seaports.

From the height of the ferris wheel the city looks like this.

And so. The tower with the ball is Alphabetic Tower, there are restaurant, observatory and tele-studio. The building with a peak is a hotel, though not yet working.

Abashidze street turned out to be very cozy and cute, however, like most streets of the central city of Batumi. Potted roads, wrapped balconies and friendly people create a special atmosphere of heat and friendliness.

Palm trees here, as in any respected resort town, at every turn))

Another building of unexplained destination. It looks very monumental.

Square with clock, copper sculpture and Georgians.

In some shops, as if frozen in the Soviet era, you can buy records of a sound recording studio "MELODY".

Another cute house.

Local lemonade "Cream soda" – very tasty!

Sometimes beautiful and terrible entrances are hidden behind the beautiful twisted doors.

Church of the Holy Church of the NSD.

It seems that the princess has just escaped from this window)))

Church of St. Nicholas.

Another hello from the Soviet Union))

Today in Georgia, too, the Palm Resurrection (perhaps they have this holiday somehow called). Along with verbal twigs in the go, some green branches with bushes. All this good here is made to burn in a fire, divorced directly on the territory of the church. In the biggest church there were a lot of people.

Georgia, Batumi Attractions or Sunday Walk

And here is the largest church – the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In general, there are churches in Batumi and for Orthodox Christians, and for Catholics, there is a mosque for Muslims and even a synagogue.

Palms in Batumi bloom like this.

How romantic it looks like – Sale of notes through the announcement on the wall. Although, noted that local real boys are driving in machines at full volume nothing but classic operas. Even with us at the hotel who is the day someone intensively happens to someone from the classics.

Advertising lively driver "Borjomi". Hi Mr. Onishchenko!

Cathedral – Rear view.

Synagogue in all its glory.

Everything, the walk is over, thanks to all! This is a balcony next to our hotel – the spectacle, at first glance, gloomy, but actually very and very beautiful.

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Alex Batumi 12.02.2014

09:57 – this is an alley of heroes, (former Alya Sheikh Koikhoto) She is not crowded in the summer. Located in not very thickly populated area.

12:33 – This is a twisted building Summer Theater, in his place was once very popular among the locals and guests Batumi Summer Theater, which burned down (or burned) in the insane 90s.

Verbal Resurrection is also called in Georgia, instead of Willow, it is customary to sanctify the sprigs of the Samshat, these twigs are stored for a year, and when new, old are consecrated, the old burns. the origin of the rite, as it was not going into details why so.

How long will you find out like this, after some time after the trip. Thank you for sharing with us! Next time, how to go to Georgia, we will be more accommodated in a number of questions.

Marina 28.12.2014

And why Samshet? Because it was from the samshet and a noev ark was built.

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