Georgia for three days

In Tbilisi, we arrived in the evening, I do not think this day, because almost all the time passed on the road (the flight was to Vladikavkaz, from there Taxi to Tbilisi). The study of Georgia was three full days, the fifth – the day of departure. For a day and a half in Tbilisi, we managed to view all the main sights at a slow pace, while it was dark enough early. Half a day allocated on Mtzhetu and one day at Kazbegi. Of course, there are many other interesting places in Georgia, but for a small trip, this route is perfect.

Day 1

The morning began with a climb on the cable car to the fortress. The station is at the Park Rica and Bridge of the World – Modern Constructions, organically inscribed in the Old Town. The Park is the presidential palace. It’s worth come here in the evening when all this is beautifully highlighted.

One of the cable car cabins with a transparent floor, you can try to get on it. From the fortress there is a beautiful view of the city, there are several viewing sites.

Went down on foot, on the other side of the mountain Botanical garden begins, the entrance to it costs 1 LARI. We were before the flowering period, so nothing special was seen, but in general the garden is beautiful and cozy, it will be especially pleasant to walk in the heat. Through the garden came straight to the Abanotubani district, where the famous sulfur baths are located, and from there reached the gorge with a 20-meter waterfall. The initial appearance of this historical part of the city was returned during the reconstruction only in 2012.

Immediately visited one of the baths to book places for the evening. Sulfur baths are font or pools with thermal water, inside there are cheap common halls, separate for men and women, and individual numbers. The cost of the room depends on the size, plus in some there is a sauna, the visit lasts 1 hour. We chose a small number for 30 lari, it was quite enough. Water temperature is 42 degrees, after it in the sauna is hardly wanting.

Further, our route lay to the funicular, went on the old town, admiring carved balconies. The funicular raises to the amusement park of Mtazminda, there are several attractions and many viewing sites. Here is a television bash, her height is 277 m, in the dark, it is highlighted, so it is perfectly visible from anywhere in the city.

Walking down on foot, admiring the panorama. Approximately half of the way there is the church of Saint Davil and Pantheon, where the outstanding figures of Georgia are buried. It is here in the grotto there is a grave of Alexander Griboyedov and his wife.

Going down, we went to the theater of puppets Rubo Gabyadze. Unusual, as if a puppet building is adjacent to many cute cafes, and although the prices in them are above average, the place itself is very cozy and has a small rest. Literally a few steps are the oldest Church of Tbilisi – Ancholhati. It was built in the VI century and still acts.

By this time it was already dark, so the excursion program had to be interrupted until the next day, but we went to the winecard, dinner and in the bath. On the way managed to enjoy the views of the night Tbilisi. After water procedures, they went to the store for Borjomi, where we were unobtrusively sold homemade wine – the trip was in March, and I still remember him as the most delicious from ever tried.

Day 2

On the first half of the day we had a scheduled trip to Mtskhetu – the first capital of Georgia. This is a very small city, 20 km from Tbilisi, to inspect all the attractions we have left three hours. The city has a rich history, he is listed by UNESCO World Heritage.

The famous fusion of the Aragvi rivers and chickens opens from the hill, where Jvari Monastery is. From the description of this place begins the poem Lermontov "MTSIRY":

A few years ago,
Where, merging, noisy,
Hugging like two sisters,
Jets of Arags and Chickens,
There was a monastery. From behind the mountain
And now sees a pedestrian
Pillars of the collapsed gate,
And towers, and church arch ..

It was cool, on top blended a strong wind, but it did not prevent us from making a lot of photos and enjoy opening beauties. After Jvari inspected other monasteries Mtskheta and went back to Tbilisi back.

We took the second half of the day to study those parts of Tbilisi, where they did not have time to visit. Started from the district of the meterer located on the rock over the river. Main landmark – Temple of Metech, built in the XIII century. From here there is a picturesque view of the opposite coast and the fortress of the Narikala. Strolled on Rustaveli Avenue – the main street of the city – where every few steps are funny figures.

Georgia for three days

Tbilisi is an interesting city, here is old and new architecture, cozy cafes, beautiful views, but there are also cons. In the city, lively movement, the roads are enough dust, few walking transitions, because of which it was sometimes overwhelmed in the wrong places. In tourist areas, quite a lot of beggars.

Throughout the city drive patrol cars, everyone who we communicated with, argued that there is almost no crime, walk safely. In Tbilisi, there are many homeless animals, almost all dogs with special marks, they are registered for cats so much.

Day 3

Passed by the Gudauri ski resort, you can see how riding. At the beginning of the road there was a real spring, on top – snow, strong wind, lavin traces. In Kazbehi, something average is colder than in Tbilisi, but weakly and clear.

The village is at the foot of Mount Kazbek, and the main attraction, which everyone saw, not even once in Georgia, – Church of the Holy Trinity. It was there that we immediately went, barely settled. You need to go up for about 400 m, the road begins in the village, then goes through the forest up a rather steep slope. There is also serpentine, in summer, you can take a taxi, in the spring, this road is considered an avalanche. The most interesting thing is that Taxi was still seen, but they were not up to the top, because there was a lot of snow. In summer you can also reach the waterfall.

All the way to the church took two hours, despite the fact that we were not enough, at every step taking a changing landscape. I worried a little because of the snow, I did not know what to expect, and whether he would prevent us. As a result, everything went fine, even the road was almost dry. The snow was only at the very top, deep and slippery, but the tropal paths helped go.

Reaching up, we have not risen anywhere, so they just looked at the majestic Kazbek, sometimes disappearing behind the clouds, and on the church on the background of the mountains, because it was one of the main goals of our trip. Down we went down in just an hour, the sun had already disappeared and everything that remained to us is delicious to dine for goodbye.

It is impossible to breathe in this transparent air and diplomat on these majestic mountains, listen to silence and absorb bright sun to. These moments will forever remain in mind, they will be the first thing that I will remember, speaking of Georgia.

Georgia for three days

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