Georgia is love!

Was it scared? Madly! First, I first’s one in someone else’s country. Secondly, a country, no matter how cool, Caucasian, and therefore, male, and how much about it in Russia there are horns, stories, gossip and rumors, you yourself know. The thoughts that they will steal me will take away, surrender to slavery, periodically slipped in my head (especially, I am a blonde;)), but only the first day two.

It was crazy two weeks for which I wanted to catch everything! Truth. We only managed to walk on the old Tbilisi, burn under the south sun and immediately get to the rain in Batumi, accidentally get to the real Georgian feast in the homeland of Kakheti winemaking, visit the city of lovers in lovers, spend the day travel to Kutaisi and admire the Heritage of UNESCO in the ancient capital of Georgia Mtskhete. I had to remove your own fear: to ask the road to learn if this minibus will surely take you from point A to point B, search for hostels and guesthouses, wrapped from persistent Georgian cavaliers. But it was worth it!

And again in Georgia

So exactly a year later, I stood on the balcony of my beloved Like Hostel Tbilisi (all links and contacts would definitely indicate!) And I thought that, finally, everything and everything in our places, and more specifically, I’m in my beloved Tbilisi, and this time almost two months.

And yes, I do not want to write detailed guidebooks and list all the required visits, because everything can be found on the Internet. In this article only my personal opinion.

And if we talk about Tbilisi, then this is:
1. Pantheon on Mount Mtatsminda. As for me, so from this point opens the best view of Tbilisi – the city as on the palm. Immediately the grave of Griboedov and his spouse Nino Chavchavadze. It is on her grave those famous words from which goosebumps flew on the skin: "Your mind and your deeds are immortal in the memory of Russian, but for what I experienced my love?"

2. Tsminda Sameba or Holy Trinity Cathedral. The biggest cathedral in Tbilisi. Some incredible place of power. Majestic, but at the same time such a quiet and calm. Georgian temples are generally some kind, especially, magical places.

3. Park Vake. The place is not so popular in the tourist routes, but this is no less beautiful and worthwhile. By the way, not far from the park and the Lake Turtle.

4. Tiflis Veranda Restaurant. I will immediately say that the price tag here is overestimated and does not quite correspond to the service and level of kitchen, but the view of the old city from the terrace is just awesome! Come better hours at 7-8 to admire the way the sun sits.

5. And finally, I don’t know how to accurately describe this place, but if you have to go left from the bath, climb the steep street, and then climb a slide (which, in fact, for tourists is not intended, and therefore take care of comfortable shoes) – you will get more one gorgeous view of the Old Town, the fortress of Narikal, and no crowd of tourists.

About Georgian life

My trip for the second time was distinguished by the fact that I was temporarily in the status of a resident of Tbilisi. With a girl from Russia, we shot an apartment, which means that I managed to face the realities of Georgian life.

Of the interesting things: in most high-rise buildings a paid elevator. In some houses, 5 Tetri (approximately one and a half rubles for our money) for the rise and as much as the descent, only the rise was paid – 10 Tetri. And what was the disappointment when you are tired of returning home, but there is no coin – and you have to go up on the ninth floor.

Or, for example, the house in which we lived for some reason had three different addresses. The strangest thing is that all three plates with different addresses were hanged in different parts of the house. And, no matter how people love here, Ukrainians, and tourists in general, often there were situations when Georgians, seeing that you are not local, tried to deceive, overcome, overeat the price tag. Therefore, be careful in pricing issues, especially in the market (once I tried to sell 2 peach for 2.5 Lari, when a kilogram cost 1 LARI), well, a taxi in Tbilisi is exactly 20 lari, on average 3-4 lari. From here one of the main rules – bargain!

In general, all the existing cons associated with the service, some living difficulties, are at times overlapped by local hospitality, country color, its rich history, a variety of landscapes and attractions and kitchen.

About the kitchen

Georgia is love!

I wanted to miss the item about the local cuisine, because I think everyone knows everything without me that everything in Georgian cuisine is tasty everything, but still my personal list:

1. Cheese (Suluguni / Imereti) + Tomatoes (they are here, like cheese, especially delicious).
2. Bakery. Do not be afraid to buy food outdoors. From personal experience and preferences: Pattosses with potatoes in a small stall on Levelidze and chocolate chocolate chocolate and polished chocolate near the subway "Technical University".
3. Famous chain of Machachla restaurants. Budget, good menu, but in the restaurant on Rustaveli taste. Checked twice.
4. The most delicious chinki in their homeland – in Pasanauri.
5. And if wine, then. Alexandrolev or Sapelli Roses or Hwwankar … Although here only one faithful advice – flagella! (within a reasonable, of course).

About excursions

In general, I am convinced that the best way to learn Georgia is to travel on your own country. But in cases where time is not so much, you do not have our own vehicles, or you are tied to location (for example, you, without thinking, paid for the hotel in Tbilisi for the entire vacation period), it is better to use organized excursions. So everyone will tell you, show the most interesting, and save your time, and sometimes more money.

In my case, it was a fantastic day tour: Borjomi – Green Monastery – Rabat Fortress – Vardzia – Fortress of Cementing. And if not my girlfriends who organize tours and excursions in Georgia (and do it very well and with all the soul!), I would still have not knew about these places. I think, to do everything yourself to look extremely difficult to see everything, and some of the places are not so popular in all tourist directories and forums (I, for example, about everything, except Borjomi, heard the first time, and this is considering that in Georgia I’m not the first time in Georgia ). So sincerely advise you to trust all your tours and excursions to kokopelli girls and sure you like.

About the most important

But the most important and sign event for all stay in Georgia has become climbing to Gergeneti. Long and places a difficult path to the top is forgotten immediately as soon as you see this chic look. You see Gregty, but no longer on top of the mountain, and here, very close, in some hundred meters from you, you see Kazbek (and if you’re lucky with the weather, then and its vertex).

And you understand that absolutely happy and free. It is standing on top, I wanted to divide this delight only with the most close. And then, then I realized that Georgia is the place that you do not need to share with random people. You need to come here either with those who truly important to you, close and roads, with those who are comfortable even to be silent, with those who truly sincerely divide your happiness, sadness, joy and sorrow. Or come alone. To find yourself, stay alone with your dreams and thoughts … well, and to find these most real people. Those who can live, rejoice every day and be happy today and always.

I finish this text and understand how I want to tell about this amazing country and at the same time how you don’t want to share it with anyone, just because I don’t want to share love with her with it. Well, tell me how easily you can leave your heart in the country?

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