Georgia: Kobuleti. Sun, sea, pine and chestnut honey

In the pandemic period to visit Georgia, you need to perform the following conditions. 1. Rent a PCR test and get a printe result in English. 2. Fill out the questionnaire on the website of the Georgian Embassy, ​​send, literally for a minute to receive a letter of permission to enter and print it. In Minsk Airport, when registering tickets for flights to Batumi and Tbilisi, ask for a test and letter. Georgian border guards do the same. And then: "Welcome to Georgia!"

On the third day of staying in the country a new PCR test. Tourists, resting through travel agencies, the test of the test organizes the receiving party. All others help to pass the PCR test owners or administration of hotels and guest houses. On the appointed day and the time a doctor comes to you, makes the analysis, and the next day you will be brought by a printed result. The cost of the service ranges between 30-40.E. in Lari at the rate. When flying from Georgia, the border guards ask to show the test, and if it is not, a fine is relied, equivalent to 500 euros.

Kobuleti. Healing embankment and wind from the south

Kobuleti as a balneological and climatic resort began to develop since 1904. Then the first Sanatorium for railway workers opened in this fishing village. Since 1911, Russian geniodes with families reached here, and daches and villas began to be built for them. Gradually, the village acquired the fame of the resort, where the diseases of the heart and nervous system are fully cured, anemia and overwork disappear. This status of Kobuleti, since 1944 already the city is still preserved. Taking care of the health of your citizens and wanting to attract a large number of foreign guests to the resort, the Georgian government issued the law "On the support of the development of free tourist zones in Kobuleti and Anacaly". The law declares the acquisition of land plots for the hotel for the symbolic price of 1 Lari. For 15 years, if the investor continues to engage in hotel business, he is exempt from taxes on income and property, and the state takes on the creation of infrastructure.

Calm Kobuleti with a pacifying psychological atmosphere is in the Mountains Valley Mountains.

A total of 21 kilometers and a half-day trip on a minibus are separated from the noisy and part of the bathhouse. But in a week of rest I had no desire to leave this cozy corner and go to Batumi with his high-tech architecture. The main place of recovery in the resort is the embankment, stretching for 9 kilometers. Walk along the embankment in the southern direction passes through the old shady pine alley.

In the central and northern part of the embankment- municipal and hotel parks.

The inhabitants of Kobuleti are pleased to tell how people who have moved the heart attack and ordered by doctors to the life of the drugs, came to the resort for several years in a row, made jogging along the embankment or went on it a quick step and as a result he restored the heart and refused drugs. Another hero of the stories about full heart cure is a special wind blowing from the south. It is in Kobuleti that he gains powerful healing power. Therefore, patients with heavy heart diseases and in sanatoriums, and in the cardiology center, doctors tried to settle in the chamber where this wind blows. And the miraculous wind raised patients on his feet in a short time.

Of course, in the city, located in the subtropics, not only pines are planted on the embankment. Palms, chicory and other southern plants please the eye and create a wonderful mood.

Positive add and samples of architecture in style "who is what is much, but it is beautiful,

and sometimes authentic".

In general, the embankment looks stylish, largely due to the benches, lamppost, light stone urns and pastel colors tiles.

And this is the hotel building "Orange" Although not quite on the waterfront, but causes the most pleasant emotions with their orange.

In Kobuleti is a very beautiful sea.

Going along the steps from the embankment, you get on the plot of small pebbles, which sometimes take over the black sand.

Then there is a strip of pebbles more larger, and large cobblestones are found right near the sea.

Beach in Kobuleti Municipal, and he is constantly removed. Hotels give our guests umbrellas and sun beds. But in my arrival, from 14 to 20 June, it was not very hot, + 22-23 degrees, and umbrellas were not claimed, like sun beds. During the time of the USSR, the doctors sent their patients to Kobuleti precisely that those warmed on the famous Kobulet pebbles, lying on beach towels. Their recommendations are useful and now: pebbles very warm and warms the whole body.

Walking along the embankment in the south you see no hotels, but private houses.

Pine alley ends, and the wasteland and wild beach begins.

Judging by the remains of fire, here is a favorite picnic area.

GB Hotel 4 * and "therapy" Chestnut Mid

Hotel in Kobuleti I chose three parameters: proximity to the sea, it is among the pines, adequate reviews. The choice fell on the surrounded pines GB Hotel. Distance to the sea – a couple of dozen meters.

Georgia Kobuleti. Sun, sea, pine and chestnut honey

Description and photos of the number Fund and Infrastructure, prices for the seasons are on Bukin. Room windows overlook both the sea, so on the mountains and the city. But it should be borne in mind that in front of the hotel building there is a municipal sports field, from where the exclamations of playing in basketball or mini-football. Such dosses in Kobuleti a lot.

Therefore, fans of silence when choosing a room, it is advisable to think that they are more valuable – the sea landscape outside the window or the lack of loud sounds. However, when the window is closed, noise from the site is not heard.

I lived in the room, the huge window of which went to the sea and the embankment.

The sunset painting was the same beautiful, but more solemn.

This is how the Sunset describes an ancient Aldjar tradition. "The sun falls at night in the sea. The sea is floating to the east, and in the morning rises to the sky. In the evening, dropping into the sea, the sun scatters around gold. At that hour, only the Cute can withstand the blow of the solar beam. If in this moment a man will lower the skin of the curtain in the sea, then the skin will cover gold".

Accommodation in GB Hotel includes breakfast. Approximately those were my daily breakfasts, however, without a homemade wine glass, which the hotel gives guests to departure.

For breakfast relying porridge on milk and croissant. I did not take them, because I did not plan trekking and campaigns. Hotel Breakfast Breakfasts – Mountain Chestnut Honey, a little mixed with a lake floral. Guests of the hotel every morning are heated with honey, which some doctors are called non-food, but a healing agent for the heart, blood vessels, nervous system, a powerful stimulant of the immune system. (Contraindications – diabetes and allergies). By itself, the chestnut honey is very tart, with a sharp taste, and a small amount of flower honey his taste "Flags". For the past five years, the owner of GB Hotel David purchases it for an apiary in the mountains, towering over the Churches.

Gray mountain bees that collect such honey, very long tongues, and they capture nectar from the very depth of flowers, which is not available to the bees of other species. Adjara beekeepers keep the following thousand-year tradition of the workpiece of honey. In the spring and autumn, they climb on special stairs to a high tree or on the rock and put a hive there, swept out of the linden stems. Wild bees take a hive for the real empty tree, there will be settled, form wax cells and fill them with honey. Sweet harvest is collected only once a year, cutting off the curved blade of honeycombs from the roof of the hive.

Accommodation in hotels and guest houses by me is estimated primarily on two criteria: I was a guest or guest. In GB Hotel, thanks to his owner, David and the help of Lii, I felt a welcome guest from the first to last minute.

However, as in general in Kobuleti.

Residents of the city are warm and kindly refer to tourists from Belarus and Russia. The only one "Drop Fun" – Drivers of minibuses and payment collectors when landing in a minibus, highly overestimizing prices. However, often local passengers, having heard where the tourist goes, immediately inform him to tell him the present amount of payment for travel.

Holidays in Kobuleti turned out to be beach, except for visiting the Spain National Park within the city, the Byzantine Fortress of Peter 7 kilometers from Kobuleti and the Batumi Botanical Garden of 9 kilometers from Batumi. But about it – in the following reports. Group excursions in the resort are beginning to be held from June 15, when the tourist season officially opens. The hotels have their guides-drivers who organize both individual excursions and travel in mini-groups in Adjara, to Svanetia and even two-day in Tbilisi. But for seven days I glad my soul, the Sun, the Sea and Pines, as she wanted.

Georgia Kobuleti. Sun, sea, pine and chestnut honey

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