Georgia, Mtskheta: Svetitskhoveli, Samtavro and Jvari

Decided to go to Mtskhetu. Get there completely simple and not far away, and the place is very praised. So, in order to get to Mtskhetu, famous three monasteries, you need to get to Metro Didube station. Coming out of the subway to the underground transition and proceed to the market. Passing through the pan, we get to the parking lot. On the left of the box office, the ticket is worth 1 lari, you need to pay exactly here, the driver money on the way does not take. Go for about 20 minutes.

So the streets of Mtskheta look like.

One of the first attractions is the Cathedral of Svetitzhoveli.

Around slide, beauty!

The courtyard of the temple reminded the fortress in which they visited recently.

The building is very impressive sizes, this temple is the largest of three.

The main part of visitors – tourists, although local enough.

Christian Dress Code. Observe how it turned out not necessarily. Women in pants can be photographed without flash too.

Interior of the cathedral. Despite the abundance of windows and large sizes, inside dark, as in all churches. There is no artificial lighting at all, only candles and sun rays.

By the way, today is Easter Sunday.

Most of the frescoes are considered, apparently, representatives of other religions that are not admisting images of people visited here. Where it was impossible to reach, all the frescoes in preservation.

Sometimes I regret that we do not understand the church nuances, it would be interesting to know what all sorts of thing.

On the mountain, a javar monastery is visible, the second landmark of Mtskheta. Initially, we wanted to walk there on foot, for which it was necessary to find a bridge, move through the river and climb the mountain. However, yesterday Kindzazrauli did not allow to fulfill even the first part of the plan, and even fierce today for climbing. Could be reached by taxi (20 lari), but we did not want.

The river opens a picturesque view of the settlement.

Police building looks almost like a landmark.

Purplified Churchhel 2 lari, which and reinforced on the road. Delicious!

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral from. Picturesque landscapes.

And what, too, quite a landmark))

And here is the third monastery – Samtavro. At the entrance to each monastery or temple certainly costs from 1 to 10 beggars. Places even lying.

Architecture is not very different from the first, and indeed almost all temples on one person as cotton wool in Thailand.

If there were lighter, with such ceilings there would be a feeling of airiness.

Apparently, the monastery is female.

I wonder whose head is top? Quite unexpectedly to see such among traditional icons.

Patio. Mountains, clean air and feeling of huge spaces around.

These are minibuses run between Tbilisi and Mtsketa.

Returned to Tbilisi on the same minibus. Went to the market behind the fruit and the next portion of Churchhel.

In the subway they saw an interesting flag and went to take pictures. Some grandfather stopped and said: "There is no exit. Wanted to do but. (long pause) . changed". With these words turned around and went to the only way out.

Today was closed not only "our" Restaurant, but all others in the district. Apparently, in honor of Easter. I had to go there this garbage in Texas Chicken, which deeply spit on Easter.

Our adhere on the map

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Elizabeth 16.eleven.2013

This "Head at the top" John the Baptist, and this is one of "Traditional icons". Condition of Head of John the Forerunner.

Thank you, Elizabeth, now we will know. Especially since it has met it since.

comments thirty.03.2014

Family travelers 29.03.2015

We in Tbilisi on the subway reached the Didube station, thought on the minibus, asked the taxi driver where the ticket office.He explained in detail in detail and offered his services in just 30 Lari (to Mtskheta, to each temple of them 3rd, back, it is waiting everywhere).Decide the minibus itself to Mtskheta 1Lore + 1-year +15 to the Jvari temple it is slightly cheaper, but less comfort, back the minibus can be waited long.If anyone will be interested in the phone Merab (adult man) +995 557 57 73 35.Were at the end of March 2015. Recommend

Sofia 13.04.2015

Very interesting site: Cathedrals Point Rou. On the forum you can read on the links of Mr. Zagravsky. A little more understanding in the architectural canons of the church, and how the fashion of different time periods will give the site: Travelgergia Point Ru (I don’t know if direct links are allowed). Thank you very much for the blog!

Sheboldasik 15.04.2015

Sofia, and thank you for more information!

Svetlana 05.09.2015

What ignorance! Head at the top?!

Head of John Forerunner!

Svetitskhovseli a kind of Mecca for Georgians, a life-giving pillar – translated. And a pillar, by the way, in the temple, or rather his part. And, I assure you, Georgians in the temple no less than tourists. It is not clear why attend Georgia without the slightest idea of ​​her shrines.

Extremely ignorant post!

Georgia, Mtskheta Svetitzhoveli, Samtavro and Jvari

True, Svetlana, we ourselves recognized in the post that we are poorly understood in church nuances, and therefore so many issues. You excuse our ignorance.

In Georgia, we actually came across randomly, there was no time to prepare. Of course, to know the shrines well, but I am sure that there are many different countries for guests than you can admire. Despite the fact that we are absolutely not religious people, we really liked you in Georgia and we felt there like at home.

Andrews, it is extremely pleasant to hear your calm and peaceful voice in response to irritability. True Orthodox Christianity is manifested in peace.

And you good evening;) I think it’s not at all in Orthodoxy and Christianity, there is a more universal concept – respect for someone else’s point of view, even if you do not share it.

Olya 17.12.2015

I, in turn, also would like to recommend a taxi driver with whom we met this summer during a trip to Mtzhetu. Suddenly who come in handy

Call his Zurab. A wonderful person, I didn’t mind you at all in any way, I told very interesting, looked with him and Mtzhetu, and Jvari, and all the surroundings, took only 30 lari for three. I regretted that on the same day they moved to Batumi, since it was very tempting his proposal to bring us the next day in Kakheti. But we will definitely come to Georgia yet!

In general, I am very advised! (Its coordinates: 995 593 17-05-83 and 995 568 81-51-91), you will not regret.

Sheboldasik 17.12.2015

Thanks Olga! Maybe someone will come in handy))

Irina twenty.ten.2016

I want to recommend this: http: // taximaxim.GE / RU / . It fell on the end of the travels: the cheapest, always clearly until the minute comes, SMS informing, if he did not have time as in SMS, the taxi driver called and warned. I would like to have such a service at home!

Doctor 06.01.2016

Good stuff, thanks learned something new. I love Georgia and the people of Caucasus. People there are good-natured and hospitable. We traveled by a hitchhiker with a tent in those edges, if you want, here is our report on the semi-annual travel: Hramputi.EN of course slept not always in a tent, often invited strangers to visit, we even managed to work as waiters and Georgia. Nature there is unique and as if created for camping. Grass greener and softer ours 🙂

Vitaly 09.06.2016

Very ignorant and superficial story is not a carrier of any information. Write better about fast food. ))

Sheboldasik 09.06.2016

Vitaly, information articles are in another section: http: // / notes

Vitaly 09.06.2016

And your link. ,,It is possible that at this address once the requested page was located, but now it does not exist. Apparently also durable as your advice . )) good luck. bloggers))

Vitaly 09.06.2016

Sheboldasik. and your articles are not information? Then who needs them? )) Write that this is just a description of the day you spent. got up . cleaned his teeth. and T.D.

Vitaly, it’s not an article, this is our online diary, you really guess. It is necessary for us by ourselves "for memory" and those who follow our travels.

Georgia, Mtskheta Svetitzhoveli, Samtavro and Jvari

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