Georgia (cargo. საქართველო, Sakartvelo) — State in the Transcaucasus on the Black Sea coast. Borders with Armenia and Turkey in the south, with Azerbaijan in the south-east, with Russia and South Ossetia in the north, and with Abkhazia in the West. After aggravating relations with Russia, Russian tourists have almost ceased to visit this country.

  • language: Georgian
  • population: 4.3 million
  • telephone code: +995
  • currency: Georgian lari
  • visa:A visa-free entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: GE
  • voltage: 220V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Forks and sockets type C
  • time: 18:03 (UTC + 0400)

Top cities and resorts of Georgia






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The best regions, cities and resorts of Georgia

What is interesting to see in Georgia?

Top attractions of Georgia

Video from Georgia

How to get to Georgia?

You can currently get from the Russian Federation to the Georgian Republic on the plane only transit through third countries. The most convenient docks are offered by the airline "Aerosvit" Through Ukraine, you can via Riga with Air Baltic Airlines and through Baku. From "Domodedovo" Tbilisi has daily flights Georgian Airways and S7. S7 S7 flew from Moscow to Kutaisi. There are direct flights to Batumi. "Ural Airlines" Fly from Yekaterinburg to Tbilisi.

How comfortable move in Georgia?

Road traffic: car rental: Car movement – right-hand.

Taxi: About the price for travel is better to argue in advance with a taxi driver.

Buses: Bus service is the only transport links between cities. True, a more convenient type of transport – route taxis, but they really go irregularly.

hitch-hiking: Airports: Batumi Airport airport;
Kutaisi Kopitnari Airport Airport (Kutaisi Kopitnari Airport);

Airlines: Georgian Airways International Airlines from Georgia;
Air Batumi – regular and charter flights from Batumi;
Georgian International Airlines – international flights from Tbilisi;
Sky Georgia – Flights from Tbilisi to Ukraine and Kazakhstan;
Tam Air – Charter Flights to Georgia.

Railway: Almost all the railways of Georgia have electrified. Length of the main lines – 1324 km.

Where better to stop, traveling in Georgia?

Top hotels in Georgia

Climate in Georgia

Subtropical climate. The average temperature in the mountains in the winter can descend to -16-20 s. Summer roast and long-term – the average temperature of August is from +23 s to +26 s.




National Kitchen of Georgia

Georgian cuisine – original and peculiar, which has won great popularity not only in our country, but also abroad. Many of Georgian dishes, such as kebabs, Harcho soup, saziva became truly international.
In eastern Georgia — Kakheti and cartels — We use more fats, wheat bread is common, which baked in huge cylindrical jugs.
In another part of Eastern freight, mainly in the northern regions, they are preparing­Miscellaneous dumplings, so-called chinkali, stuffed with abundant and armed lambovine spices. Unlike dumplings, Hinkali is always eating without broth.
Corn bread is popular in Western Georgia — msidi. Instead of garbish bread, Mingrelia and Abkhazia prefer — dense cornpall. Greater dishes are most common in the seaside strip of Georgia. Here eat less meat, preferring a bird. However, in Georgia there are quite a few nationwide eats.
Everywhere prepare meat on the verte——le (kebab). In Georgia, it is called myivadi. Both Western and Eastern Georgia is famous for the manufacture of acute sauce with nuts and spices — Satzivi, which in cold form pour chickens and turkeys. Among the most popular dishes from birds should also be called a chichirt — Broth made of chicken or turkey, flavored with a flour, shaken in a vinegar with egg and onions, charchiba sauce, which is preparing with a lot of passioned bow. Speaking of specific Georgian dishes, it is impossible not to remember the popular bean dish (Lobio), for the preparation of which there are dozens of different recipes.

Everywhere in Georgia from cheeses, special pies bake — Wathers Khachapuri, who are also jav­A traditional national dish. By the way, cheeses are also an integral part of national cuisine.
Suluguni is usually used in Western Georgia — Largened cheese in the form of round cakes and similar to it – Imereti, cheese in eastern Georgia spreads more sharp cheeses: Tushinsky, Kobi. Many different evaches are prepared from cheeses.
Especially popular uses everywhere firmly arched garlic broth. Traditionally uses many spices. Khmeli-Sunnels are used in Harcho, Satziva and other Georgian dishes.

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