Georgia, Tbilisi: Excursion to the central city

Bell tower Ancheshati. It is from her that we started today’s walk around the city.

Bell tower Ancheshati. It is from her that we started today’s walk around the city.

The city is full of fountains with drinking water, you can’t die from thirst.

The tower with the clock not only from afar looks interesting, but at the closest consideration is also very difficult.

Cocks of the old town.

Aki in Syria. There is something to see.

Freedom Square, dividing the old and "new" town.

Elegant lilac bouquets are sold everywhere on the street. To feel the smell, spell a photo.

Old Town in all its glory.

So, they found out who this woman in the background. Name is her mother kartli. In one hand she has a sword, in another – a bowl of wine. First for enemies second for friends. In the interpretation of local – "Pey, and then wage".

Who does not know what the Georgian flag looks like.

Climbed to the fortress. The entrance is free if you break through the beggars.

The fortress is a wall and temple in the middle.

From here there is a magnificent view of the city.

And this is a great view of us))

Not far from the fortress is the area of ​​Abanotubani or Banner. He is famous for his sulfur baths. Cost of an hour for men – 3 Lari, for women – 2. Customized rooms can be rented two types – for 35 and 70 lari. Work time from 7:00 to 22:00.

Baths are drowning in the ground, only the dome sticks on top. Standard construction for all Eastern baths.

In these baths there were even Pushkin.

Quote Alexander Sergeevich this confirmation.

Metekh Temple and Monument to Vakhtaga Gorgasali. Inside, I did not seek.

Between the city and the fortress there is a cable car. For travel, you can use a universal card (the same in the subway) or purchase it on the spot. Fare – 1 Lari. Module running time from 11:00 to 23:00.

Residence Saakashvili. At least to the closest elections.

"Our" The restaurant was closed, went to the next to seek how God sent. Today he sent two mushroom soups for 4 lari and a bottle "Borjomi".

Further, our road took place along Rustaveli Street, very popular among tourists.

The government has some picket who took a bunch of journalists. Apparently, protested against widespread video surveillance.

Casveti, she is the church of St. George.

Academic Theater named after Shota Rustaveli.

Surprises Street Rustaveli.

Georgian Opera and Ballet Theater.

The Khareba brand store passed wine tasting. Did not resist, tried and followed the cellar. Found that in branded stores wine costs 5-20% cheaper than in other. In addition, here we bought draft wine that no more than 2-3 days can be stored due to the lack of preservatives. It costs it 2 times cheaper than the bottle, namely: 7 Lari per liter of Kindzazrauli and 3.5 – some kind of dry white. Among other things, a pretty saleswoman lectured on the nuances of the production of Georgian wine. In the cellar it is impossible to photograph, so only the entrance to the store. Andrey invites passersby on tasting))

Churches are found at every step as mosques in Muslim countries.

Rolled up with Rustaveli and headed for Mtatsminda Mountain, where Pantheon of Writers and Public Workers of Georgia is located. Even Griboedov with his wife here, although they are not Georgians.

Here it is, modesty in the design! Pay attention to the door to the church on the left.

Here are the prominent figures of the arts of Georgia.

Discovered a path leading to the mountain and decided to walk. Walked, went uphill. walked, went, and came to the park on the ridge itself. Apparently, the normal people here on the funicular get.

Some kind of huge plate for communication with extraterrestrial civilizations, not otherwise.

There are in the park and various entertainment for children. We could not pass by this cute poupping))

Main Antenna Tbilisi. Huge design. Here in the park, though fenced separately.

Georgia, Tbilisi Excursion to the central part of the city

Cute place that reminded us of Moscow Parks.

Tbilisi, we follow you!

From the mountains we decided to go down the same expensive, photographing different little things on the road. For example, these white Pushsiki and some more similar, which smelled something very pleasant, but elusive.

Like the track from the mountain. Because of a very big tilt wishing to walk a little.

In many homes, old gaps have been preserved for correspondence.

And finally, they saw this interpretation of the Soviet influence in Georgia, called the occupation. Although we are badly presenting the events of those times, but still see such somewhat unpleasant. Probably, in Georgia, the same anti-Russian flushing of the brain is carried out, as in Russia, antgruzinskaya. Fortunately, it does not yet affect our relations with Georgians. We feel here at home and be happy to communicate with the local population, which meets us.

Our adhere on the map

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Theresa 08.06.2013

We are glad that you liked our city. We have several comments: KH – in English is read as "NS" Consequently, the store is called Hareba, which is translated into Russian as joy. And second, wife a.Griboedov – Nina Chavchavadze Georgian, she is the daughter of the famous Georgian poet and public figure Prince Alexander Chavchavadze. Itself.Chavchavadze was the grandson of Heracli II (king of Georgia). So, if you made conclusions about Nina’s nationality with epitaph in Russian: "Mind and your deeds are immortal in the memory of Russian, but for what I experienced my love!" You are mistaken. When you will visit the region of Georgia-Kakheti in Georgia next time, and specifically the estate of Cinanandali, where the future spouse of Griboyedov held his childhood. In this estate came to buy.WITH.Pushkin, his younger brother Lion, Alexander Duma, Mikhail Lermontov.

We almost fell in love with your city! Hareba – joy, it means? Tags!

I hope we still go to Georgia and can not only drive around Kakhetiet, but everything, and everything can be reached. You are very good, soulful.

Theresa 17.01.2014

If you get in Tbilisi again, I recommend to take a guide, but it’s better not just a new guide, but a good storytellor out of the city, if you need to recommend one, with him you will discover a completely different Tbilisi for myself. Write

Vados 09.02.2014

Sorry, but you can more about Gid?:)

Theresa 02.03.2014

specifically what you want to learn about the guide?

Oksana 22.04.2015

There may be coordinates of a specific wonderful guide? I was born in Tbilisi. Already 20 years I live in Russia. So I decided to go to Georgia with a child. Would be glad a good guide.

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