Culture of Georgia: Personal experience

Food. With the street here is bad. If you do not have a wife or mother of Georgian, then you will have to press the mediocre street hacapuri and chinkalem, consoleted only with wine and borzhomi. For those opposing – I heard the same opinion from several foreigners, and more – the first restaurant in Tbilisi on the tripadwasor – Uzbek Aizhn Town, managed by Tashkent from Sergeli.

In Georgia, there are terribly few cafes and restaurants. Compared to Tashkent or Peter – just a scorched desert.

After Uzbek and Russian prohibitions, it turns out to be a pleasant and unexpected surprise – here everywhere and at any time you can buy alcohol!

Cafe in Batumi

The only place where you can eat something authentic on Lenin Street and in a pleasant setting, this is a cafe on the corner of Lenin and Gorgasali:

Strange, but throughout its length, and this is about one and a half kilometers, there are practically no Georgian institutions. Full of Turkish, all sorts of these kebabboy and shammer, there is a deliberately European cafe with pizza and pasta, always full of tourists, apparently tired of sazivi and chakhokhbili. And Georgian – that’s just that, on the corner.

The name of it is quite difficult to determine. On the menu is written "Menu", On umbrellas – "Borjomi", On chairs – "Coca Cola", on signboard – "Nathantara" (Local beer brand, rather mediocre). Aggressive Merchandising Alas gives any authenticity.

The most delicious kebabs in Batumi

And the most delicious kebabs in Batumi – definitely in the Besthouse Nino in the village of Makhinjauri (near the sea and the railway station). The owner of this guesthouse somehow knows how to fry awakely delicious kebabs! If you are there, be sure to ask him about it 🙂

Well, we bought a little wine to kebabs. Next to the guesthouse there is a kiosk in which the tasty bread bake.

In Georgian restaurants all the halls smokers

Coffee in Georgian restaurants

Georgian culture Personal experience

About Georgian hospitality

I can not resist not to tell you about Georgian hospitality. Such hospitable people as there, I have not yet met in any country, although Georgia is already sixteenth! 🙂

History 1. We just arrived in Tbilisi and traveling from the airport to the city. We want to get to the train station and get a hotel there. We are sitting at us quite an adult couple. Talled with them.
– Eee, – Husband stretches, – near the station Bad hotels, why go there?
– And where good? – We ask, – and so as not expensive?
And they advise us to get a hotel not in the center, but next to the subway. Explain where to leave the bus and where to go. We go out and go. And suddenly behind:
– Rabyat, wait! We decided to spend you, suddenly get lost.

And they accompany us to the hotel itself, say the receptionist that we are their friends, and so that we have arranged in the best room. But we just got acquainted with them.

History 2. In the evening we walk in Tbilisi. Tired, left somewhere in the Unknown district, to the subway far. Suddenly we see the road to the group of people.
– It is probably a stop, – I say, – Let’s ask, maybe something comes from here to the subway?
We ask.
– Yes, the minibus goes, – everyone tells us in one voice.
– And you – guests of our city? – Interested in one of the men.
– Yes, – I am responsible.
– It’s very good, "he says. And suddenly silently catches a taxi, pays taxi driver and explains to him where to take us!
We are impressed!

History 3. In the Tbilisi Metro, all the inscriptions are made on Georgian – snapshots. We do not understand anything. And you need to get to the train station. I come to my grandmother, old, years old at 80, and ask how many stops go there?
– Three stops, – Grandma says. – And where are you?
We answer her.
– For the first time in Tbilisi? – She asks.
– Yes.
– I spend you to the station, – suddenly decides grandmother. – Now it’s too late, suddenly offended who!
We are just shocked. Grandmother old, with sick legs, on the street Late evening, she goes home and then decides!
We protest, but it goes with us on the right station and confidently goes to the escalator. And only he, promising her that we will only look at the train schedule and will not wander around the dark catches, which immediately after that we will go to the hotel, we persuade the grandmother do not accompany us.

There are many of these stories from Georgia now. And no one will repulse me anymore – this is the most hospitable edge! 🙂

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