Georgian culture. Without a toast will not be a feast

Georgian culture. Without a toast will not be a feast

Georgia &# 8211; Small country on Caucasus, In the western part of the coastal connecting Asia with Europe. Politicians and geographers are still arguing how the continent should belong to this country, because the natural environment Eurasia very similar, but the history of the continents is very different.
Geographers spent an abstract border between Asia and Europe, according to which Georgia formally lies within Asia. However, Georgians, whose Court of Centuries was formed by Christian civilization, consider themselves Europeans. Topography Georgia very diverse, and, in addition, individual regions of the country differ in their historical experience, economy, dialect and traditions, so it was formed here Many regionalism.
But many features of this people are common to them, definitely include: Unusual hospitality, Pride for your nationality, love for feasts and stay on the lap of nature.


Probably all the stories about trips to Georgia Start with the topic Georgian hospitality. It shocks even your compatriots worldwide "Russian hospitality". Georgians, Although they live poorly and often feel deprived of, consider it a great honor to receive guests, to warm them in their home, generously cover the table. Do it spontaneously, from the soul, not counting on the guest’s response gesture. Tourists visiting little-known routes are often invited to a feast and overnight stay. This happens throughout Georgia. Sometimes the tourists planning to minimize are abused by this tradition traveling expenses. Nevertheless worth having with you Small gifts for owners.

Supra, or feast

Supra &# 8211; Center for Public Life Georgia. For centuries, the tradition of joint meals has enriched A lot of rituals. During the feast behind a richly covered table, conversations are underway On joys and problems, politics, family, religion, life and death. The feast is considered to be a great time to strengthen links between family members and friends. In spite of Frequent feast, Men flying on the street in Georgia There are extremely rare. During the feast, people drink through Large intervals and Eating a lot, a Drinking socially unacceptable.


V Georgia without toast No feast, but toasts &# 8211; without Master. "Tamada" &# 8211; Some Table guide &# 8211; he follows the order during the feast and says Oratoric toasts. Usually this Mature man, which are respecting friends, he is democratically selected from their number. Exactly Tamada Chooses the moment when everyone gets into the hands of the bowl and listen to the toast, then say the word "Gaumarjos", And all guests will drink wine. As a rule, a complete cup climbs to the tox, but Boldomman, That is, to the bottom, you do not need to drink (except for some toasts). Then the walks are talking, sing and tell the jokes &# 8211; in no case Cannot drink. These habits worth knowing not to get caught in trap owners.


W Georgian There are a lot of a lot Important toast, for example, per His dead ancestors (in this case, drink standing), for their parents, friends, homeland and love. There is also a special procedure for hosts in accordance with their rank, which is protected Tamado. First toast always refers to the case for which everyone gathered. Toasts &# 8211; It is always oratory and Beautiful timbre, sometimes poetry, Praise nature, country or love, flex. Poetic performances sometimes take a few minutes. If a foreigner pronounces one of Traditional toast, He immediately attracts Georgian satellites. Toasts can only be voiced with wine, Vodka and Cognac, in no case with Beer. Beer was known in highland areas Georgia over the centuries, but its consumption was not distributed throughout the country. When in Tbilisi appeared Russian garrisons, The consumption of this cheap alcohol has increased, but its quality It was Doubtful, so the toasts with him would be unworthy. Currently taste Georgian beer Not inferior European, But traditions remained unchanged. The newest customs allow to pronounce Special toasts over beer, Addressed mainly enemies: politicians, police and unpleasant neighbors.
Besides, wine occurs out Georgia, as evidence Archaeological finds Shwwalery on East Georgia, where the remnants of this wonderful drink were found in the clay vessels of more 8000 years.


Each large Georgian city It has its own Local holiday. For example, all Tbilisi having fun at the annual festival Tbilisoba Last Sunday October. People feat and rejoice in life, thank for Abundant yield, because it is at that time the earth brings him. V October The weather is pleasant: summer heat has already gone, and the land is covered with multi-colored foliage.
People from all Georgia Come on B Tbilisobu, to Submit their regions and sell Agricultural products. There is Folk choirs And modern music bands, And at fairs and markets you can buy products at discounted prices.

Pearls of Georgia

Tbilisi known as Pearl of Caucasus. This charming Megapolis with original monuments, picturesque location and eastern atmosphere on the border Asia and Europe. He was Capital Georgia more 1500 years and the centuries collected the cultural and economic life of the country. V 2003 On the streets of the capital there wasRevolution Rose", Putting the beginning of changes across the country.
Batumi &# 8211; Beautifully renovated city with pebble beaches, shot in songs Philippintsev. It is located in the southwest Georgia, on the shore Black Sea, and is not only the third largest city in the country, but also an exceptionally popular resort.
Kazbegi &# 8211; The city located in the mountains Caucasus, on the route Military Georgian Road.
&# 8211; Main Center Georgian mountaineering. It is here that the most beautiful and highest peaks are located. Ushba, Schith, Dzhangitau. Climbing Mecca &# 8211; This is a wall Unionless, which consists of several five thousandths, including the highest Mount Georgia &# 8211; Schharu, which is at the height 5068 meters above sea level. Ushba especially lights feelings.

When come here?

People, thirsty of the Sun and Sea Baths on the Black Sea, It is worth planning your trips for the period From July to September &# 8211; Then the tropical weather is dominated with air temperature 30 ° C and water temperature around 25 ° C. Storms, Which bring rain and short-term respite from heat, almost everyday.
Also in the summer, the trip is best suited for those who plan mountaineering and Alpine hike. Then snow cover reaches Minimum level, And there is an opportunity to move around the ridges of mountains and passes.
V summer season held Many holidays and festivals, in which they can participate All tourists, for example, Katoba v Tusheti and Laszaroda and Mariamoba v Meskhetia or Pshavi.
Autumn is characterized by lower temperatures (up to + eighteen ° C) Therefore, this is the best time to visit Georgian cities and monuments. The most interesting of them are located in Central and eastern part of the country, where Hot Summer. Autumn also collect fruit harvests: Grenades, tangerines and omnipresent grapes, And the season of cooking new wine begins.


No restrictions on the country no. Railway network between cities B Georgia It is poorly developed, but there are many private carriers offering cheap intercity and local routes to Minibuses.
You will be delighted with people and landscapes filling this wonderful country.

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