Georgiupolis – Quiet and cozy resort town, located on the north coast of Crete Island. Despite the well-developed tourist infrastructure, the city retained his unique flavor in the beauty of the original nature. On the east of the resort, one of the largest sandy beaches of the island stretches, with a length of about 10 kilometers, and there are many cool keys at the resort itself, and tourists are happy to rest. In the resort city, Georgiupalis there are traditional Greek taverns and restaurants, hospitable hotels and numerous shops, and at the entrance to the city there is a traditional bakery where you can taste the most delicious bread on the whole island.

Georgiupolis – This is also a fishing village with its small port, which was named after the Cretan Prince George Greek – the Supreme Governor on the island in the period of Turkish occupation. Resort Georgiupolis is located at the mouth of the Almiros River, which still serves as a bay for small fishing and tourist vessels. In 4 kilometers from the resort, Georgiupolis is the only freshwater lake Kursnas, which has become a favorite place to rest.

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What is interesting to see in Georgiupolis?

Top attractions Georgiupalis

Lake and Cave Kursnas

Archaeological excavations Georgiupalis

Church of St. Nikolaos

Old embankment

Georgiupalis: excursions and events

The main excursion in Georgiupolis is an excursion to freshwater lake Kursnas. Kursnas – Lake of natural volcanic origin, it is located near the village of the same name. The lake is the largest freshwater lake on the island of Crete, on both sides it is surrounded by white mountains, descending directly into the water, the water is clean and fresh. In his shore, important geese of different colors walks, there are herons and big cormorants. Excursion to Lake Kurneas includes a review walk throughout the resort Georgiupalis.

Unlike other cities of the island of Crete, the excursions in Georgiupolis are not so long, therefore, inspected the sights of this amazing village, you can go to the nearby cities and villages on their own or accompanied by a guide. Zoraida’s riding school organizes tour of Georgiupolis and in its surroundings on horseback.

For example, one of the routes of this excursion leads to the village of Argyrups, where natural sources with waterfalls are located. Another popular place in the port of Currort Georgiupolis is the chapel of St. Nicholas Wonderworker, which is right in water on artificial rocks.

History Georgiupalis

Climate in Georgiupolis

Climate in Georgiupolis Mediterranean. The hottest months – July and August, however, the heat here is moved easier because of the proximity of the sea. In general, the Climate of Georgiupalis is very favorable.

Georgiupalis, Greece Recreation, reviews, hotels Georgiupalis TourProma Guide

Beach season at the resort begins in May and lasts until mid-October. The average temperature of July +32 degrees, January – +10 degrees. In July, the arrow of the thermometer often reach the mark of +40 degrees, but thanks to the strong northern winds, the air temperature in Georgiupolis remains pleasant to relax. At any time of the year, Georgiupalis meets tourists with warm weather, but examine the detailed weather in Georgiupolis by months.

Georgiupalis: Entertainment and Active Rest

Lovers of outdoor activities and sports in Georgiupolis can do windsurfing, diving or rent a catamaran and canoe and perform walks on the river.

Also in the resort there is a zoraida riding school’S. Equestrian walk can be made along the sea or to freshwater lake Kurnas, also walks are organized in neighboring villages.

Transport features Georgiupalis

Taxi in Georgiupolis is the main type of transport, here they are numerous and are quite affordable by price, payment is made in the counter, but from midnight to 5:00 there is a double rate. The cost of landing is 1 EUR, 1 km — 25 euro scents.

And you can use the service of car rental, motorcycles, bicycles, or move around the resort and beyond the flight bus. However, the most convenient vehicle is a rented car, t.To. With the help of it, you can independently move around Georgiupolis, as well as attend nearby villages and villages.

Motorcycles and bicycles are convenient for traveling in the resort and allow not only to get from one place to another, but also enjoy the amazing beauties of the beautiful Georgiupalis. However, it is necessary to be neat – this is a very attendant way of movement.

Georgiupalis, Greece Recreation, reviews, hotels Georgiupalis TourProma Guide

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