German Kitchen: Personal Experience

You can always eat in a cafe on the upper floors of the same department stores and again – the food you will enjoy there more than say in the cafe of the old city (for example, in the same popular place under the brave tailor). Finally, my personal favorites:

394373_3902177785922_334337491_n1. HEINEMANN MARTIN-LUTHER-PLATZ 32. Log in can be through Königsallet or Blomstraße. On the first floor of the store, on the second – cafe. How to get – the first deepening from Königsallee inside to the boutique of Chanel. If you reached Prada – you missed, come back. In the store you can buy souvenir sweets and in general a bunch of delicious things. There are two candy boxes – well, just an ideal for souvenir friends. Truffles very much recommend with the taste of champagne. Cafe on the second floor is very good with a very German assortment. Here you can specifically eat.

In this cafe, as well as everywhere in Germany, a lot of older people. Let it do not confuse you – HEINEMANN is a very worthy place. It is not easy to sit here, especially in lunch clock.

2. LEYSIEFFER at Königsallee 44. Here is a chic confectionery. In addition, she has a summer veranda right in the middle of the elegant street. My one hundred percent yes – go there without fail. Lost in Heineman, and here choose desserts. In addition, inside the store the most amazing chocolates with incredible fillings, all sorts of truffles and German cupcakes and cakes.

By the way, both of these stores have websites and you can order yourself sweets in the hotel or home – where you stop there. It is also a very comfortable thing to order gifts to your friends in Dusseldorf. Website Heinemann generally gives the opportunity to specify the date, the delivery time, attach a postcard with your inscription at least even in Russian, and make sure that the person does not recognize about the check (in the lesifer is worse with this).

3. Grand Caffe Leonardo. The same street, house 56. This cafe-ice cream. Nothing outstanding in it, but the place is pleasant, ice cream too. The view of Königsalle is always excellent.

In addition, in Dusseldorf everywhere bakery. Try not to forget to be purchased in them before weekends. You may be surprised, but on Sunday really nothing works. At all. Even Starbax. And pizza hut too.

Dath-Schneider Restaurant in Frankfurt

It is said that in Frankfurt is a delicious cabbage. I think that for the sake of it you can look into the city for several hours.

In general, this is one of the best places in Frankfurt. Called a DAUTH-Schneider and is located at Neuer Wall 5-7 / Klappergasse 39. You can confuse it with other places – there are several doors in a row and several restaurants. If you want to try something special Frankfurt – you need in this. In 2000 he was 150 years old. Home Their chip is apple wine in jugs. It is very black, so you are more inactive when tasting:

Lommerzheim in Cologne

One Food Recommendation in Cologne. This is Lommerzheim at Siegesstraße 18. There is no site at the site, so you will have to go at random. The restaurant in this place has existed since 1959 and he was opened by Gans Lomreszheim. They say, in 1999, Bill Clinton wanted here – but for this it was necessary to close the restaurant for visitors. Hans Lomreszheim Felt. In 2005, he died and until 2008 the restaurant did not work. Monument to the first owner is in the beer garden.

So – there is an excellent Cool and here you will definitely replace if you drank it. If you do not want more – cover the glass of Birdekel. The menu is traditional Cologne dishes, such as Halver Hahn (cheese bun) and magnificent sausages. Mustard here is gorgeous – I would order myself a kesky home.

Currywurst Museum in Berlin

About how the laws are made, you will be colorfully told in Reichstag, but about the sausage, in the year who opened in 2009 "German museum sausage kary". It is located 100 meters from the famous checkpoint "Charlie", Connected once eastern and western part of Berlin. On the Plan Museum seemed like a stomach. If this is true, then the museum sausages sell somewhere near the exit to the intestine.

As a result, a strange mixture of thematic furniture, bright multicolored plastics and anonymous smell of a cheap dining room. Welcome to Fastfud Futuristic Restaurant!

Step-by-step instructions for the museum passing to get to the next level need to be pretty hard. German sausage-oriented pop music, audio guide (there is also in Russian), are also made in the form of a ketch bottle, creative in full. In the museum cinema. Twisted laudatory documentary "Best of the Wurst", boring sight. Standing in closeness of the snack bar on wheels turned into a children’s simulator for frying plastic sausages and plasmatic potatoes fries. For consistent penetration into the seller’s image, you press and you click and listen to how the potatoes prepared in deep fryer. Not god news what effect for spoiled children of the 21st century.

In the Far Department, his quiz, after Fiasco, did not decide to test his knowledge. Did not deepen in the details of paper production with some kind of environmental trouble. I note only that in the museum shop everyone can buy "Paper" Plate for sausages in porcelain form.

Hall of Spices. Strange, some tubes for Nyukhan are quite high, obviously did not think about children. Hmm, or vice versa, made the children pepper nuhal?

Folio: "Share eating sausages". Polystal, all experience has become reported: "We love CurryWurst".

The museum offers 2 types of tickets, standard for 11 euros, which includes "Sausages in a cup" And for 14 euros with a triple kari menu. I chose a ticket from the menu. Understandable thing, in the museum diner you can go and not visiting the museum.

Curious fact, in the compilation of the menu Museum helped one famous Berlin "Michelinovsky" Cook. What exactly consisted of his help to say hard, 3 types of sausages are presented: "West Berlin with film", "East Berlin without film" and "Piquant". Sours are very pleasant (according to unverified data they are supplied by the cult Berlin diner "Curry-36") But the sausage itself pumped up. Outrageous, they do not even grill it, but just warmer. No, of course you can, but those who want to try the real Berlin currywurst better go to at least the same "Curry-36".

Cologne Chocolate Museum

On the Embankment of the Rhine, we will pass to the building that cannot be missed. Either because the unusual architecture rushes into the eyes, or because because the long queue of those who want to get inside is difficult not to notice.

Immediately from the threshold, a pleasant surprise: along with the ticket, each visitor gets a small chocolate chocolate, which was made here. To make sure of this, you just need to suffer a little 🙂

German kitchen personal experience

If there is a place telling about chocolate AB OVO, then this is exactly the Cologne Museum. Look at old postcards, look at a special room, where in comfortable for yourself (but hard for you :)) conditions grow cocoa beans, coffee tree.. In this mini-botanical garden, perhaps the most base, what the sweet tiles will turn out.

Go a little more and now the wet tropical air remained behind. But how smells spices! All of them are placed in special containers. Going to each and clicking on the lever, you can inhale marvelous aromas as if you want, passing their history. Remember that chocolate that we got at the entrance. Now we will see how she was done!

Cafe old Magdeburg

A cafe "Alt Magdeburg"/ Old Magdeburg – Of course, place atmospheric. Tableware from silver. Antique furniture, paintings, napkins – cozy and warm interior. Here drinking coffee well, skip the boilers of wine, but I do not advise dining. The menu turned out to be quite scanty – salads, soups, pasta and pancakes, that’s the whole choice. Portions are huge, but sauce in paste should be more.

I had a paste Rigatoni with forest mushrooms. Of course, I ate everything, because it was hungry 🙂 But the next time, I will definitely come back, sit by the window with a cup of coffee, impressive and proathmospheric.

Hofbroyhaus – Best Beer in Munich!

Arriving once in Munich, you will discover an amazing world in which you do not consider a perishable beer for breakfast.

It was in Munich that first felt that ordering a cup of tea during lunch, you will be not understood at best, and the waiter will feel offended by asking the question and whether you are not.

It is here, people used to drinking beer from liter mugs of a pleasant form, and as a digestive (after 5 liters), drinking a German schnapp, adding it to the beer in the day.

The central place of Munich, from the point of view of beer lovers, is the famous beer, or as the Germans call it "Court Brewery" Hofbrohaus. This place is truly unique. Just imagine today the capacity of all the halls of this beer is about 4,000 seats.

Not surprisingly, at one time, Adolf Hitler chose Hofbrohauz his political tribune. For example, in 1920, in one of the halls of this beer, about 2,000 people gathered on his performance.

In Hofbrojuz is very cozy. Here is the unity of visitors. The only disadvantage of this institution is its popularity. Despite the huge number of seats, at times here it is simply impossible to find a free, so many people come here from all over the world.

But if you still be able to break here, then you will surely feel this atmosphere impregnated with history, and you will have a desire to return here again to order a circle "M&# 252; NCHNER WEI&# 223; E", And to take a snack "Schweine Haxe", Enjoying pleasant live music performed by this Munich musical ensemble.

German kitchen personal experience

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