Germany – Country with rich history, interesting traditions and excellent cuisine (what is the real German sausages and beer. )). About the Germans there are many opposite opinions. From the side, the Germans seem right and pedantic. Well, on the other hand, we present them having fun siping beer in the company of adorable blond girlfriends at Oktoberfest. Germany, really, country of contrast. It is connected with its age-old history, which lasts several millennia, because the first people appeared here in the era of Paleolithic.

The capital of Germany is Berlin, however, tourist routes lie to the Alps and Munich, and in Hamburg, and in Frankfurt am Main, and in many other cities. Thanks to the rich history of the Middle Ages, as well as the tightened feudal fragmentation, many locks have been preserved in the country. The most beautiful, business card not only Germany, but also Studios Walt Disney, is Neuschwanstein Castle, built by order of Louis II in the Alps. Here you can even settle on the territory of one of the old structures, since many of them are converted under hotels and hostels.

In Germany, also one of the best roads, and the length of the autobahn is more than twelve thousand kilometers. And the world’s largest concern Volkswagen rightfully gave the country the right to be called the best car power. During the visit to Munich, it is necessary to visit the BMW Museum, which tells about the history of the German Auto industry.

  • language: German
  • population: 81.7 million
  • telephone code: +49
  • currency: Euro
  • visa:Visa entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: DE
  • voltage: 230V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Forks and sockets type C, plugs and sockets type F
  • time: 15:10 (UTC + 0200)

Top cities and resorts in Germany











The best regions, cities and resorts of Germany

As soon as we hear the word «Germany» Many associations arise in the head: Vintage castles, cars, resorts. In fact, in this country there are extensive options for absolutely different types of rest. Soft climate reigns in the German Baltic States, which is famous for beautiful species and picturesque embankment.

Local resort zones arise about 200 years ago. Landscapes are rich in aristocratic villas, where the hotel rooms are now located. Here often come with children due to the presence of a comfortable sandy shore. Resorts, in particular, Vardemunde, became famous for the whole world with therapeutic procedures, hot, thermal sources.

At the largest resort, Cuulungsborn tourist will meet the architectural property of the past centuries. Mansions of the 19th century can be seen in Binz. It has long been entails resting Bavaria, modestly located in the southern part of Germany. The land is famous for numerous ski centers, some of which allow you to conquer the snow tops all year round. Main landmark area – Mountain reservoirs, dilapidated palaces and empty castles, hills and dark coniferous forest.

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One of the most sought-after ski resorts – Garmisch-Partenkirchen. There is a recreation area at the highest point in the country. Trails stretch to more than 100 kilometers.

Oberstdorf will offer the perfect vacation option for snowboard lovers. Germany is famous for the whole world with medicinal sanatoriums. The most famous of them – Baden-Baden, where the famous our compatriots often rested.

What is interesting to see in Germany?

Top sights Germany


Cologne Cathedral

Berlin Wall and Museum

Brandenburg Gate

Park Miniature in Hamburg

Neuschwanstein Castle

Dresden Picture Gallery

Heidelberg Castle

Berlin Zoo

Historic Center Rothenburg-Ob der Tauber

Video from Germany

How to get to Germany?

Germany for many years was and remains one of the most popular destinations for tourist and business travel for citizens of Russia. Due to this, you can get here on all popular types of transport: on water, on land and by air.

Faster and more convenient to use air carriers services. The choice here is huge, the aircraft fly regularly, there are both direct flights and docking, and the cost of the ticket, on average, is about 10,000 rubles in one direction, and during the sale can be flown there – back for 7000 – 8 000 rubles. Moscow can fly from all major cities such as Berlin, Hannover, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. Flights are performed by companies «Aeroflot», «Russia», «Siberia», «Ural Airlines», «Lufthansa» other. From major regional centers, such as Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Novosibirsk and other regular flights are also performed.

You can get to Germany and by train. Twice a week he leaves from Moscow. The time on the way is 25 hours, and the cost of one side of about 150 euros. Trains depart to Berlin also from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Popular and bus tours to Germany. Most often they are departed from Moscow, Kaliningrad or Grozny. This is one of the most popular ways due to the low cost of the ticket, which is about 100 euros. But lovers of travel on water can be used by the ferry services, which leaves from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, and from there to Germany.

How comfortable move in Germany?

Of course, first of all, Germany is famous for its high-quality cars and no less high-quality roads. Here, more than twelve thousand kilometers of autobahins and almost fifty thousand kilometers of federal roads. For traveling around the country, you can rent a car, however, this way of movement is not the most economical. The reason for this is expensive gasoline and paid roads. However, it is convenient, in most large rentals you can take a car for a trip to one side without returning to the rental location.

Railway transport is well developed in Germany. For movement between major cities, it is best to use high-speed ICE (Intercity Express), capable of developing speeds up to 330 kilometers per hour. Little cheaper, but no less comfortable, traveling on ordinary intercity trains. For trips to suburbs in Germany, transport, similar to our electricians, are used, which are called «Regional trains» or «Regional expressions». Their convenience is that they are doing the stops often, and the announcements are made about each arrival point, which reduces the risk of lifting.

Where better to stop, traveling in Germany?

Top hotels Germany

Climate in Germany

Thanks to a variety of relief, there are several climatic zones in Germany. In the north of the country, thanks to the influence of the Atlantic, the climate is close to the sea. It is characterized by higher temperatures and winter and summer. In the mountains and in the east climate moderately continental, however, temperatures can differ significantly. So, in the mountains is always colder, and the temperature can be lowered to -10, the maximum number of precipitation falls here. In the same plans, on the contrary, the summer is always roast, the sediments also fall out often, but, nevertheless, less often than in other regions.

Extreme weather phenomena, such as earthquakes, typhoon or hurricanes, are infrequently observed. In recent years, Germany has been exposed to large-scale floods that many are associated with global climates.

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