Germany: view from the river

Last summer, our correspondent and lover of delights Sergey Nikolayevich went to the rain cruise. He traveled with taste, and he liked on the Rhine, imagine, even in bad weather. We, in turn, are pleased to introduce you to another non-banking alternative to beach rest, very suitable for the season.

The ship was already standing on the pier. "What is it small", – I flashed in my head, at the sight of a short-lived river sudine, on which the name was concerned "Deutschland". He who expected to see a snow-white liner with high-rise decks, pools, casino and restaurants, would be disappointed. Next to the ocean ships, the river ship – a modest small car compared to the presidential limousine. Other dimensions, other spaces, another level of comfort. But gradually get used to the cramped cabins, and to the lack of familiar entertainment of the sea tour, and to the strict German pedanotism in the schedule of breakfast, lunch and dinners. Moreover, you begin to find in all this some special charm. Yes, cabins are small, but they all shine perfect cleanliness, with beautiful comfortable beds. Restaurant just one, but the kitchen and service are excellent, there are no particularly chic entertainment, but there is an atmosphere of sympathy, unobtrusive friendliness and non-immoral, spiritual heat. There is not a floating Grand Hotel, but a cozy house, where it is not accepted especially to stand out: to change toilets, loudly make music, talking on elevated colors. Everything is very democratic, although a respectable look is even very welcome, which modestly resemble the appeal on the bulletin board: "Today we have a blue-white evening, please adhere to the corresponding tones in our clothes" or "For dinner with captain, please ask for festive outfits" and T. D. Someone is in a hurry to fulfill all the prescriptions, someone mockingly ignores them, declare to the captain’s dinner in jeans and stretched sweater. Sin in this special no, but also valor too.

About german romance

Germany, Burgers Okrug, with merry houses and kindergartens, and the game, despite their Saturday beer bounces. From the river we saw a completely different country. It was the country of mountains and forests, the country of low lead clouds and the dazzling sun, in the rays of which Raine becomes like a silver ingot, over which the ancient castles will come. And it doesn’t matter that most of them are adapted by maternity Germans under a casino and hotels. From the Rhine of this imperceptibly, and the names sound like medieval saga: Shenburg, Rainfels, Lubentein. These locks swim by some strange, mysterious visions, causing associations and with Wagner, and Andersen’s fairy tales. It is necessary to try not to sleep the phenomenon of the famous Lorelei, that very, which, according to legend, has neglected the death of innocent fishermen with his sweet-haired singing. In fact, everything was much prosaic: the shed is narrow, the depth of the Rhine reaches 25 meters here, many reefs (they were removed relatively recently). Here and drowned here ships with unlucky fishermen. But the romantic Germans preferred a heartbreaking story, voiced by the poems of Heine and the music of Shuman, which then entered the repertoire of all children’s choirs called "Laureley’s song". Under the cheerful singing of one of these choirs, you will proceed by the legendary rock, on which the bronze maiden with loose hair resets. A special item of the program is a visit to Heidelberg, an old university city, maybe one of the most beautiful in all Germany. It makes sense to not deviate from the programmed excursion route. You will have to hear the guide first, which tells about museums and fires, but the award for long-suffering will be a trip to the stunning ruins of the Royal Castle, similar to the opera scenery of Gonzago. The castle is located high on the mountain, and it will be necessary to get there. But it is worth it, at least for the sake of the rapid promenade under the triumphal arch. According to legend, this baroque design, overloaded with stone angels, horns of abundance and bunches of grapes was built in just one night in 1615 by order of Friedrich V in honor of the twentieth of his beloved wife Elizabeth Stewart. It is believed that if you go under the arch at the same time who you love, you will never break up with him.

– Maybe let’s go? – suggested an elderly gentleman from our "Doychland" his gray-haired frau.

– And I will not think! – She answered proudly. And immediately, holding hands, they moved to the triumphal arch, where eternal love was waiting for them.

Gold and Silver Life

It is here, on the ship, I first understood the meaning of the German word wanderer. Not just a tourist, a wanderer or traveler, and the one who goes with a definite goal – to take such a mountain, cross such a terrain and the end of the day or summer, spiritualized and enriched, return home. Many of my travelers on the Rhine have already overcome their main mountain in life. These were mostly married couples, decided to celebrate the round anniversary of their marriages on board "Doychland", Conducting time in unhurried contemplation of legendary beauty. German patriotism and German thrift worked. After all, it is known that shipping company provides a 25 percent discount not only to newlyweds, but also to everyone who celebrates silver, gold and even diamond anniversaries of their own weddings. Moreover, the discount applies to citizens of the world, and not just Germany. The main thing is to have a marriage certificate. However, with him, as with jeans: no one with a urrotic look will be, if you and your companion before the anniversary are still very far. And what kind of touching spectacle is a deck "Doychland" in a premiered hour! Most steam wrapped in plaid blankets, stand up in lounge chairs and under hot mulled wine or Baibys on the Rocks enjoys swimming species. Probably, this is happiness, to which you need to get a long time for a long time to get this deck in the reward, this twee, this grog and a friend’s smile in addition. ("We have a web of a Scottish old blanket. You will cover me with them, as the war flag when I die. ")

Germany View from the river

About the route "Doychland"

While traveling to "Doychland" There is something to see. The main part of the path runs through Germany, but the cruise begins in the glorious city of Amsterdam, and ends in Basel — "watch capital" Switzerland. Over the years, this route has been worked out by the main German shipping company to the impossible perfection. Not a minute of desemination, nor moments of chandeliers or even most innocent. The car of German punctuality is launched and works trouble-free. If the schedule is affixed that in Cologne arrive at 10.30 in the morning, be sure that no wave, bad weather and other elements will prevent "Doychland" march. In turn, if you, admitting tourist beauties, lose a sense of reality and leaves out of the ship, you don’t need to praise. Just need to find out where the nearest mooring "Doychland", and boldly go there on a taxi, bus or train, this is how you have to. With one of our fellow worker it happened. Walked he walked on Heidelberg, clicked "soapy", until I discovered that he not only ended the film, but all his companions went somewhere. The guy was not confused, took the car and went to the nearby Speaker, where overnight stays. Not good morality: Going for a walk, you will definitely ask not only how long the ship is like that, but where is his next stop. And a few more tips. When you are in Dusseldorf, be sure to taste the local dark alt bier. Among the experts it is believed that it is the best in Germany. Yes, and then, if fate brought to be in the city, famous for the whole world with his longest beer rack, then stupid there do not drink beer. In Cologne, with his famous cathedral, a black proof over the local train station, after a quick inspection of this main urban attraction, I recommend doing shopping. Endless boutiques, department stores and salons on the Hohestrasse and Schildergasse, located two minutes walk from the cathedral, are famous for their prices – the lowest in Germany, and maybe in all of Europe. Miss such a chance would be a shame, especially since the further journey of the shopping does not imply anywhere. Unlike sea cruises, schedule "Doychland" designed so that in the afternoon you are mostly in the way, and sleep at night with a blissful sleep in the parking lot. Of course, you can not go to bed, but it is possible to expect that this time will be able to spend with benefit for home and family, also not. After 8 pm in small provincial cities, only a few beer and danceings work. All shops are closed, shutters too, the streets are deserted and clean, as the floors in the local cherche. None fire in any window. In general, the time is not only not only for shopping, but also for detailed sightseeing. So those who do not like to walk in the crowd of sightseers, it is better to armared the guide from the very beginning and act independently (although "Doychland" It is not very accepted). As a rule, all excursion groups are divided into local German, English and French-war. No Russian guides, but in almost every major German city there are quite intelligent Russian-speaking guidebooks. They will not disappear with them. However, no need for rushing. In this major beauty travel. After all, sailing on the Rhine anyway that sit on a very spectacular lesson history. And when rainy days have fallen out to our share, this lesson has become only convincing. All Germany was here, overturned by the islandic spiers of the Kirch and the ruins of medieval castles directly in brown stormy water. Grub, filled with terrible prophecies and romantic pathos, stored under the respectable tiles of its roofs a lot of secrets and legends.

However, no need for rushing. This is the main charm of traveling along the river. After all, sailing on the Rhine I don’t care what to sit in the lesson on history. And when at our share fell rainy rainy days, these lessons became only convincing. All Germany was here, overturned by the islandic spiers of the Kirch and the ruins of medieval castles directly in brown stormy water. Grub, filled with terrible prophecies and romantic pathos, stored under the respectable tiles of its roofs a lot of secrets and legends. However, no need for rushing. This is the main charm of traveling along the river.

The season of European river cruises continues from late April to October. In addition to the Rhine cruise, among the most famous – travel on the aircraft by Elbe, Danube and Main. The cost of a five-day cruise on "Doychland" Without air tickets – about $ 660 (with double placement in the cabin).

Germany View from the river

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