Germany. What to see a tourist first of all by visiting the city of Aachen

Aachen, Western city Germany, today is known primarily as an important scientific Centre and resort town. Once Aachen was one of The most important cities in Europe.

Attractions Aachen

And why city is important in the history of Europe? Karl Great, ruler Carolinskaya Empire, Chose Aachen as his headquarters, which made the city center of the First Real Empire since Roman Empire.

In times Karl Great Caroline Palace was built with the famous octagonal chapel in modern Cathedral. It was the cathedral and an adjacent treasury are the biggest attraction of the city &# 8211; The cathedral was included in UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the first 12 items. The interior of the cathedral can not be described in words, the view from the inside captures the spirit, if there is an opportunity, you can spend there for a long time.

During 595 years old (936-1531) rulers Sacred Roman Empire Crowded in Aachen Cathedral. 30 kings and 12 queens were crowned here.

Cathedral has a flood construction, and on the top floor you can find Throne Carla Great. Unfortunately, to see it, you need to take part in Organized Tour, which is held several times a day. On weekdays: in 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:30 and at 16:30 (in summer B 17:30). Weekend hours: 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00 (in the summer in addition 17:00).

It is necessary to approach K Information Stand a few minutes earlier, opposite the entrance to the repository. Tour takes about 45 minutes. Ticket price is 4.00 EUR.

If enough time and there is an interest in the early Middle Ages, Treasury Department Also must meet expectations. Inside you can find many historical and religious relics and Exhibits.

The biggest attraction after the cathedral is market Square along with impressive town hall, Built in 1350 on the place of an earlier fortress. You can visit the townole yourself on the site you can take Audio guide on native language. You can enter The second floor of a huge hall (where holidays were held after coronation and other important events) and visit Historical halls on ground floor. The town hall was partially demolished during the war, but did not lose his character after reconstruction.

Sweet city

Walking in Aachen, You can hugging on the shops with chocolate products and other sweets, which are always full of buyers, despite the relatively high prices. Why such interest? Aachen Constantly proud of their own chocolate products, here, in 1857 One of the Italian confectioners has released First chocolate tile in Germany.

If you like sweets, you can try some products, products here must satisfy all gourmets.

Germany. What to see a tourist first of all by visiting the city of Aachen

City gate

Reminder of the medieval strength and size of the city are two other entrances Gate in town, Ponttor and Marschiertor . The first of which is within walking distance of Market Square and preserved S Sliced ​​wall, Today it serves as a passage for residents.

Other is on The other side of the city, It is necessary to approach it a little from the center or drive, but if there is an interest in medieval buildings, it is definitely worth spending time to see.

How much time needs to visit the city?

Aachen For most, you can visit for one day, Laying Two or three days You can visit All attractions, including Main museums of the city. A good idea will translate Aachen in Long journey.

Already in Roman times today’s Aachen was known as resort because of his Hot sources. Today, also in the city and its surroundings can be found locations where relax and Minimize Health, although Prices, undoubtedly, high.

Germany. What to see a tourist first of all by visiting the city of Aachen

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