Gestures in different countries of the world that do not use

Big mistake! Each country has gestures and actions that can be perceived as an insult.
The mentality and the habits of the population in various countries are different, and, if we consider absolutely all the morals of the locals, a foreigner will be difficult, then at least the knowledge of the most dangerous gestures that should not be shown abroad, will be able to help out and avoid trouble.

Gesture ; ok ; and its meaning in different countries

In Russia, it is customary to express its full satisfaction with what is happening, rounding two fingers on the right hand in the sign – OK. However, beware of shifting it ; ring ;, in such countries as:

  • In Brazil and other states of Latin America. This gesture is perceived by approximately the case if you, being driving in Russia, show the Likham, which cut you, the middle finger, hinting at their non-traditional sexuality. For this, hot brazilian guys can go into all serious;
  • In European countries &# 8211; This is a hint of belonging to representatives of sexual minorities;
  • In Turkey &# 8211; Vulgar offer to enter sex.

Of course, a foreigner can forgive audacity due to ignorance, but will you have time to explain with the enraged local population?

Gesture ; Raised hand ; in Greece

Greece Many tourists perceive almost like our resort area. Already because there many speak Russian. However, there is one thing that fuses and tolerant Greeks. In a restaurant or cafe, or at a party, even if you started the dump, in no case, do not refuse the next dish with the palm, turned towards a person who makes food.

In Greece, for the millennium, there was a language of gestures. And this is such an open palm, directed to the owner or hostess, means the action is very indecent: every next piece will not fit into me, and if you insist, we will take it into the toilet. However, the Greeks are tolerant people.

Gesture ; class ; &# 8211; Value in different countries of the world

Gestures in different countries of the world that do not use

In some exotic countries with habitual gestures, it is worth being more neat. For example, express the delight of the raising up the thumb: well done, they say. Such a well done in the Middle East or in South America can immediately take action, which in Russia call small hooliganism – will try to damage your appearance. What does the gesture mean ; class ;?

  • In Latin America, West Africa, Iraq &# 8211; teaser, like children showing the language in Russia;
  • In eastern countries &# 8211; Sending interlocutor, literally invitation ; sit on it ;.

Often, the raised thumb indicates sexual claims towards the interlocutor. And regardless of the floor. For the hitchhiking, other gestures should be searched to not offend anyone.

Dangerous gestures in India and the Middle East

In Saudi Arabia worth being especially cautious women. There is not accepted to make conversations with men themselves. Especially alone. Greeted, smiled, and it is possible to be in the police station for inappropriate behavior.

About some African countries, the Middle East, even some provinces of India should say especially. If you are left-hand, change the habit time. Not accepted there is left. This hand is considered unclean due to the fact that in ancient times, when there was no toilet paper … further let everyone condemns himself.

Well, finally, if you gather in China and are going to make a gift to a familiar businessman, you can choose anything. In addition to one: hours. Chinese will insult to death, because in the subway, such a gift means that his time is nearing an end to an end. Do not hurt by the Chinese – they are so often offended in our time.

Other gestures in different countries of the world

List all gestures that do not use on vacation and travel, not easy. The most dangerous of them includes:

  • ; horns ;, That is, index and middle finger raised up. In order not to offend the British and Irish, showing this gesture, you should turn your hand with my palm from yourself. In Latin America ; horns ; indicate a non-traditional personality personality;
  • ; goat ; or raised index finger and a little finger. The gesture means that a person is called a cuckold. Do not use it in the Caucasus, in Italy, Spain;
  • ; Kukish ; &# 8211; The usual Russians, although a very offensive gesture, symbolizing the refusal, has a completely different meaning abroad. So, showing it in Japan or Thailand, you invite other men to have sex with you for money;
  • Play index finger To yourself it is impossible in the Philippines &# 8211; Here only dogs are called on, and the gesture is considered offensive, a foreigner can send even behind the bars;
  • ; facer ; or raised up middle finger. In most countries of the world, as in Russia, the gesture is offensive, in Germany there is a fine for him. In Thailand and Vietnam, this way is offered sexual services.

Going on a journey, be sure to study not only dangerous gestures of the world and their meaning, but also the cultural traditions of the country of stay. This will help to avoid troubles and unforeseen situations, in which a foreigner is very easy, especially who does not speak.

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