Marry the star: Russian wives of great people

Lily Brick’s younger sister, Ella, once rashly acquainted his sister with her Lyukovsky himself, was also not deprived of men’s attention. She suffered, for example, Victor Shklovsky: "I love you unthinkable," he wrote, "right at least lie and eat". But Elya chose a French officer and, having gained a new name – Elsa Tole, in 1918 he left the horrors of the revolution to France. Marriage lasted for a short time. But the material was typing for the first book Elsa. Triol managed to work in the London architectural workshop, Berlin Publishing, enter the circle of Paris Bohemia.

Louis is the only person who can appear at a meeting of the Communist Party in Pink Frace

Montparnasse then the whole color was going to: Modigliani, Cockt, Picasso, Legeway, Elur, Apolliner. But even among them a poet, a romantic handsome, Buntar Louis Aragon, which seemed incompatible. Women loved him, he was not alien to homosexual jellies, sympathized with the Communists. Friends said that Louis is the only person who can appear at the meeting of the Communist Party in Pink Frace. Aragon was already interested in Russia, Mayakovsky impressed him, with whom Elsa introduced him. The number of general topics grew, the novel rose, and in February 1928, Aragon and Tyol got married.

Louis by that time became "red from head to toe". His reluctantly was printed, and the chief earfed was Elsa. She worked as secretary, taught Russian, translated Ehrenburg, but the most profitable occupation was the decorations that she created from everything that came under hand – buttons, fragments, nut shell, pea, papier-masha. The poet’s husband also participated in the case: he took a suitcase since the morning and, like a salary community, went to the fashionable houses with him – two creators coexisted perfectly under one roof.

This is how Maja Plisetskaya described as described: "To live in Aragon and Elza was. Both writers woke up at dawn, drunk in a cup of black coffee and wrote, half-sidew in bed, until noon. In this watch, I did not exist for them. They did not answer questions, for calls at the door – and it was not suitable, did not fit to the phone. Silence. Only creaking feather yes embroidery ". They were each other for the first readers and the first connoisseurs. "That place where Elsa takes a bored look from my manuscript, I should rewrite again," said Aragon. Elsa in 1938 came out the first book in French. And after seven years, Triol was awarded the prestigious Hangovsk Prize for the collection of stories about the movement of resistance. For the first time in half a century, a woman received this prize, and even writing in a non-standard language.

War began. "… from lack of fats," wrote Elsa, "we began to rustle, like dry leaves". It did not prevent them from establishing a illegal newspaper. Elsa herself drove the suitcase forbidden literature in the train, "inside not covered with a nasal handkerchief". Walked on the knife blade: he is a communist, she is a Jewish, but survived. Mir has come. And wanted silence – a house in the village wilderness, wherever no one disturb them. Searches were delayed, but finally in July 1951 the dream came true, the house was bought.

Here they wrote and engaged in the economy. Planted lilac, jasmine, lavender. Aragon is always something cleaned, digging, dried out the forest. Once Lily sent the sister ring. Thanks, Elsa replied that it would not suit her now: fingers are froghed about the keys, nails are broken. On the face – wrinkles … "Stara, as a mortal sin," she summarized. But her wrinkles did not prevent Aragon in the same year to compose the poem "obsessed with Else". There, on the beloved mill, Elsa and died in 1970. Aragon worried in his own way: I remembered youth, got the secretary-lover. Buried them nearby, in the same place, in St. Arna-An-Xvelevina. As if anticipating attacks on his beloved husband, Elsa asked to knock out a quote from his novel on the tombstone: "Dead defenseless. But we hope that our books will protect us ".

Eleanor Apple and Tonino Guerra

Eleanor worked on Mosfilm with her husband. And in 34 years remained widow. It seemed that life was over. In the summer of 1975, the IX International Film Festival was held in Moscow, which was a huge event – such films, such names! On an extraction show, they were demonstrated, as it usually happened, the most interesting ribbons. Among them are a fresh picture of Michelangelo Antonioni "Profession: Reporter".

And it turns out that the legendary director together with the film crew is invited to receive Eleanoric friends – in the house of Neurosurgeon Alexander Konovalova. These were not just guests, the apartment for the meeting was chosen by higher instances and had to show foreign guests, as they live in Russia, – Giant Library, Piano, paintings.

Lore then did not want to see anyone, but she could not miss such a case. 60-year-old Michelangelo by then tired of the festival hype, was thoughtful and evil. The situation saved lively and charming Tonino Guerra (almost all films of Antonioni were removed by his scenarios). He joked, tried to engage all in a conversation. So Laura asked: "You were in Italy?"The answer" No "asked:" And you would like?"Where did he understand that in the Soviet Union, free movement is impossible in the world.

Laura, Tonino Guerra and Andrei Tarkovsky

Get married star Russian wives of great people

After 20 days, she received an invitation to Italy: "My bride Eleanor Apple". Someone advised to write about the bride, so that probably released. Laura postponed the invitation to his way and did not say about him – I did not want to lose work on Mosfilm, because of a random dating, and I would definitely dismiss. But in the winter they met again. Guerru then called Sergey Bondarchuk to Russia, who wanted to shoot a film about Moscow according to his scenario. And Tonino created such a collage: a woman who worked in the mother and child’s room at the Kazan train station, about the underground billiards in the Park of Culture, about the village of Village Brezhnev. He was summoned to the carpet and asked: "Senor Guerra, you saw that we have built altitude houses? You have seen our plants and factories? Why isn’t it in your scenario?"

Air is the easy thing that around your head. She gets lighter when you smile

The film, of course, was not shot. But love with the red-haired Muscovite, so who was like in Venetian beauties, was twisted with might and, and neither Goskino, nor KGB could prevent this. Then he gave her a bird cage filled with pieces of paper with funny and touching phrases: "I want to tell you round words", "If you have a snow mountain, keep it in the shade". Or the one that sounded later in the finals of "nostalgia" Andrei Tarkovsky: "The air is the easy thing that around your head. She gets lighter when you smile ".

Guerra at that arrival saw another Moscow: Shephenko, Huziyev, Tarkovsky, Hamdamova – authors of the best Russian cinema. Bella Ahmadulina translated his poems. Tonino was conquered and fascinated, first of all, Laura, who discovered this world. And then she still got into Italy, and here Intr. Lorin’s turn to twist herself to prove that evening in the society Fellini, Mazina, Marquez and Antonioni – this is not a dream. And Toninocheko, as then called his Laura, was with them a spin.

Tonino and Laura lived happily for 35 years, until his death in 2012.

Being a companion of genius is not easy … Earlier "My Planet" wrote about Russian Wives Pablo Picasso, Roman Rollan, José Raul Capablands. Each of them had their secrets. And here – the story of Lydia del Sejects and Henri Matisse, in which bitterness is larger than joy.

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