Ghost City in the Death Valley – Golden Rite

In 1904, they found gold here. Some Frank «Shorty» Harris stated that «Quartz is just full of free gold» And everything twisted, spinning. Hundreds of men who have fallen under the influence of gold fever. Everyone dreamed of becoming rich.

Soon this place began to advertise to the right and left. Gave him the name Rhyolite (Rhyolite) by the name of the rock, which gave the greatest amount of gold.

As usual, on the city, like flies on honey, speculators, merchants and other Deltsi began to fly. The first hotel appeared, and then as a snowball – Trading house, boarding houses, restaurants, established even the release of their newspaper. In general, life in the city flared up like a bonfire, in which a dry twig was thrown into. By the spring of 1905, there were one and a half thousand tenants in Riolite.

A year later, rhyolite could boast several shops, hotels, many workshops, their own hospital, school, stock exchanges and trade council. Even the opera theater was. As you can see, nothing stood on the spot and, it seemed, the city was ensured by a bright future.

In 1907, a railway communication with Las Vegas and Riolita mine found national fame. Population by that time increased up to ten thousand people.

Everything has changed dramatically in the summer of 1907, when the American economy began to give failures. Most investors rushed to withdraw their money invested in the development of rilatomic business. For the city, these events have become equivalent to signing the death sentence. Mine began to close, banks endured collapse, the trains filled people leaving the city.

By the end of 1909, less than a thousand inhabitants remained in Riolyt, one by one closed banks, schools, restaurants and enterprises. In fact, the city died, although for a few years in his body and beat the barely torn pulse. They say, in 1915 twenty people still lived there, but the authorities de-energized the city. The most persistent last resident of the city of Riolit died in 1924.

The city began to overcome weeds and be covered by a lack of lifeless, however, people continued to come here to look at the railway station and what remained from the city, which disappeared as quickly as the appeared.

Today, tourists often look into rhyps to see the skeletons of several surviving buildings, a museum and all sorts of little things. And and I did not pass by Andrews by rolling in Ghost city Rite (Rhyolite Ghost Town) On the way to Las Vegas. In fact, it is not already in the valley of death, which we left, but in the close proximity from it, so they look at him for the company with landmarks of lifeless lands.

Rotate on rhyolite Westered kilometers in fifteen after they crossed the border between California and Nevada, moving 374 track.

It remains very little from Rolyit, it is even difficult to imagine that there was no time a very thrilling town.

See – wander curious, but I would not say that the place is impressive as much as the definition itself «ghost town». As for me, so simply an attraction, designed to lure tourists and maintain interest in the history of America of the Gold Fever. Although, perhaps, we have already ceased to adequately perceive the surrounding reality, and for someone this place will be a real treasure.

Until today, the remains of the school, bank, shop, casino, and the old trailer have been preserved. There is still something like a house somewhere out of bottles, but we did not see it, and, honestly, did not even suspect about his existence, when we walked around Rolya, struggling with the roast of Nevada.

Ghost City in the Death Valley - Golden Rite

In addition, a museum was seen in which we did not go – Very hurried to advance towards Las Vegas.

In general, the place is funny and if your path will run on the highway 374, and in the reserve it will be superfluous half an hour, then you can jump.

In addition to the ghost town, rhyps in the valley of death and its surroundings there are also a couple of similar settlements. They are called Ballarat (Ballarat Ghost Town) and Penhemint City (PANAMINT CITY GHOST TOWN). The latter is located in Panamint Springs Area, the first nearby. So, having visited the valley of death, you can have a whole collection of ghost cities in the arsenal of memories.

Enjoy your dating with a ghost town Rite, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Ghost City in the Death Valley - Golden Rite

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