Ghosts in the castle datalon

Ruins of medieval castle Tantalon There are approximately B 5 mily from North Bervika on Southwest Scotland Coast. He stands on a steep cliff in front of the island Bass Rock. The castle is not only very old, but there are still many terrible legends and terrible stories about him.

Castle datalon Was founded in 1350 first Count Douglas by the name William Douglas. During its existence, the castle had to deal with the siege many times, the uprising took place, the intrigue and bloody retribution took place. For the first time he had to face the attack of the king James IV v 1491, Then he managed to survive it without much damage. V 1528 Castle datalon was attacked by the army of the young king Scotland James V, who wanted to revenge for his conclusion in the basement towers Douglas, where he spent two and a half years of his life. Then James V I wanted to challenge the castle with the ground and bombed it from the guns for more 20 days. But Tantalon was only partially damaged. Then the king James V threw his efforts and returned to Edinburgh.
V 1650 during Third English Civil War English military commander Oliver Cromwell invaded B Scotland. His troops led by General Monk siege Castle datalon and after twelve days of artillery fire they managed to demolish Tower of Douglas. The castle was badly damaged, and his defenders were forced surrender. Then Oliver Cromwell Six another part of the castle and only a massive wall is preserved 15 meters and thick 4 meters. V 1699 year James Douglas, II. Marquis Douglas I XII. Count Angus Decided to sell the castle Tantalon, or rather what remains from him to Complete with debts. Castle collapsed already from the middle 17th century, Therefore, it is not surprising that only our days have been preserved Perimeter walls, Dark basements and several rooms.

At the time of their greatest glory Castle datalon He had peculiar stone Facing. Behind him were Living spaces ruler, and in the middle tower of the castle was Constable premises or controlling lock. Separate rooms for Counts located in Tower of Douglas on the left side of the castle. Other places used to accommodate were located in the eastern Tower on the right side. Oliver Cromwell Then lined these last two towers of the castle with earth.

The weakest point of the castle Reed entrance to the central tower, so in the past he is several times Modified, and its protective properties improved. In the end, it was equipped with braces and cannons, which were used in the case of the castle siege. Lack of tantalon consisted in that he was absolutely not ready to attack artillery. It could only protect him Archers On the braces and devices for throwing the stones in the distance, which stood in the yard. With the advent of artillery defense of the castle, it was necessary to improve.
Was built Outdoor, bordered Inland yard and fortified Stone wall, clay shafts, braces, separately standing catapult. In the castle itself, a hatch and a bridge trap was built, whose remnants can still be seen now. Thus, the castle was protected on one side Inaccessible slope Rock, and from three others &# 8211; Deep RVOM. An important element of the castle was also watch tower, Built from Soft greenish stone From cliffs near the castle. Although this material could resist bullets from guns, But he was not very resistant to atmospheric influences. Torso this tower is currently under Protection of Scottish Protectors of Natural Resources, who are trying to restore her original condition and secure from destruction. V 2000 Many places on Talnelon were renovated. However, the damage remained relatively large, the parts of the castle, built from reddish solid sandstone, are best preserved.

Ruins of the castle datalon currently Open for public and are considered one of the most beautiful in Scotland. Due to the fact that the castle stands right on the coast, it opens a beautiful view of the sea and rocks, cool falling in his depths. Endless green meadows and fields extend around the castle. Tantalon, Thus, attracts visitors to their unique location and the surrounding beautiful nature. However, at the same time, many tourists come here for another reason. They want to see the ghost! Exactly by Talnelon In the past, it was possible to take a picture of one of his ancient inhabitants.
Walking around the castle, you can feel all his mystics and mysteriousness. The nervous may not be frightened, especially after the popular terrible local history.

Ghosts in the castle datalon

V 2008 One of the visitors of the castle managed to photograph Figure man, who walked around the castle with Clothes of those times, Big collar on the neck and reminded Courtful from long time. Gentleman who made a photo at first did not know what he managed to capture something in it special. Only in the evening, he looked at the photo from the trip and found Unknown Figure on one of the photographs. The image was transmitted to experts to find out if it was photomontage. But everyone agreed with the fact that with the photo I did not undergo Photo Production. Then enthusiasts pair of normal phenomena also started shooting and search Bringing. Today, the opinion is widespread that it was captured in the photo King Scotland James V, who in childhood for more than two years was concluded in the castle. In the photo, however, he is already in the form Adult Men.

People who do not believe in Scary stories and ghosts, argue that this is just optical illusion. Nevertheless, another similar mystery was revealed in the castle Tantalon. Thirty years ago Tourist Is Edinburgh photographed two of their children and her husband in the castle. As soon as it was manifested with a picture, the woman noticed that in addition to her family, it was captured in the picture female figure. At the same time, the woman clearly remembered that he had not seen anyone on the camera during a photo session. This photo also went Examination, However, no one could tell her who this woman and how she actually got into a photo. So it is possible that it was another ghost living in the castle Tantalon.

Next to the castle there is an island Bass Rock, which comes out of water North Sea. Lifting to height more 100 meters, This small rocky island is home to numerous colonies of white krachek and others Sea birds. Live here Hundreds of thousands of birds, so you can often watch how they are circling above the island. Bass Rock It was declared a natural reserve, and, in addition to the beautiful nature, he also hides the ruins of the monastery, an old prison and lighthouse 1902.

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