Ghosts of Old Konigsberg – Castle and Amber Room

Today’s article is slightly unusual, the fact is that lock Konigsberg ; This is a landmark that does not exist. Nevertheless, in the minds of the residents of Kaliningrad and even more in the fantasies of visiting tourists, the castle continues to live and attract attention. Therefore, let’s talk about it.

How to find konigsberg castle

The castle itself can be found in the 19th century, for example or before. Nowadays, you can see only his remains in the historic district of Altstadt. The most noticeable landmark in Kaliningrad ; House of Soviets in the Center. Next to him and stood the castle.

Of course the castle disappeared not without a trace, his foundation still hidden under the square near the house of the Soviets. Now it is not even hidden ; there excavations and remains of the castle can be seen. How ; We learn a little later.

the Amber Room

Another, truly mysterious landmark of Kaliningrad ; the Amber Room. If everything is clear with the lock, then nothing is clear with the room. The room that is in Peterhof ; this is a copy. The last place where the real amber room was seen was JSC Königsberg Castle. Her trail disappeared in 1945 somewhere in the basements of the castle. And that’s what’s interesting, the basements are still intact … so that it may be in the near future will find it.

On the other hand, if the room really was in the castle at the time of the end of the war, it is possible that it is lost. The fact is that as a result of the storming of the city, and thanks to English aviation in particular, a strong fire began in the castle. Amber at high temperature melts, so there is a chance that the amber room is no longer.

Location of amber room ; This is the main mystery of Kaliningrad and post-war Russia.

What can be seen

As I said, the foundation of the castle recently dug ; They got all the fence, opened the Square next to the House of Soviets and dig something there. From the ground it is impossible to see ; prevents the fence, well, except in the hole to peep. Therefore, we need to rise by several floors in the building of the House of Soviets.

From above, everything is clearly visible: the contours of the castle, its size, the place where the tower stood ; Everything can be seen. And if you apply a fantasy, the lock is reinforced right in front of you. Only, unfortunately, it’s all that remains from the castle.

What happened to the castle

Most reasoning about who is to blame that the castle is not preserved, are based on personal political preferences. Blame, usually, or the Germans or Russian. Actually guilty to find difficult. Just take that by the aggregate of historical factors there are no lock.

So what happened? Like most historical monuments of Königsberg, the castle suffered a lot during World War II. As I already wrote above, during the assault, a fire began in the castle. Inside everything burned out and part of the walls collapsed. There are old Soviet photos where the condition of the castle is visible.

Ruins of the castle stood in the middle of the city until 1967, when they were decided to demolish, despite the protests. The castle blew up. Why decided to do it? It is difficult to say, it was very difficult to restore it, to leave in that condition in which he was after the war also did not make sense, and dangerous. No matter, the result is such that he blew.

What was he like

At the beginning of the 13th century, Samba lived on the territory of East Prussia ; Prussian pagan tribe. Accordingly, their land was called sambia. Eastern Prussia then there was no.

In 1253, the Czech king dies, the Czech Republic sits down to rule his son Premysl Otakar II. The next year, under the influence of the then Pope of the Roman, Premysl went to carry the True Christian faith to the barbarians and for one conquer their land. In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church used Christianity in the same way as a democracy is used. Engaged in this Knight’s Teutonic Order ; Crusaders.

Separate sibs managed not from the first attempt.

Prussians finally surrendered in 1255. To entrenched on the new lands of Premysl II and the Grand Master of Teutonic Order Poppo Background Ostern laid a new fortress on the Pregel River ; Königsberg in Preußen ; Royal City in Prussia. The fortress was founded next to the Prussian settlement of Tuvangste.

Prussians submissively accepted Christianity. Those who did not want to do this mercilessly exterminated.

So Königsberg and the Royal Castle began their history.

In Kaliningrad, at the royal gate, the sculpture of Premysl II has been preserved.

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The fortress was founded on the hill, next to the Prussian settlement of Tuvangste. Initially, the fortress was wooden. She was rebuilt and completed, until she finally became the royal castle of Konigsberg.

The castle tower was the highest building in the city ; 84.5 meters. That is, the view from the roof of the board of the tips is almost the same as he was from the castle tower. Think about it when you find yourself there.

The royal castle is in the very Russian city in the sight of the huge-shaggy quadricle, a huge yard of the value of B 105 meters of length and 67m width. You can visit the castle daily: in the lance of 10 to 2 hours (Sunday 11 to 2), in winter, 11 to 2 h. Entrance of the coward of the courtyard through the door so called a small chamber. The entrance of 25 panels, which are paid to Castellane in the first floor; Harvesting for the entrance fee goes to charity. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to dreamed by a guide to the guide to the guide to the castle, such as in historical, so and in artistic.

It is only that the castle is a lot of interesting rooms, the GDѣ lived emperors and empress Germans, which are currently stored and very interesting paintings. Recommended Russian travelers to meet the royal castle. By request, showing the castle the minister gives the selection of the briefly explained.

Guide to Königsberg and the surrounding seaside resorts for Russian travelers. 1912.

Ghosts of Old Konigsberg - Castle and Amber Room

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By the way, in the same guidebook indicated the ruble ruble rate to the German brand: "216 are obtained for 100 rubles ; 217 Marks."That is, the ruble was twice as expensive than brand.

The castle had extensive basements, in one of which in recent years there was a Wine Restaurant Bernagericht ; with a German bloody court.

Thus lock Konigsberg existed until 1945. There are currently talking about the recreation of the castle, completely or partially not yet clear, but in among the residents of Kaliningrad, this idea is very popular. We hope so it will be.

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Ghosts of Old Konigsberg - Castle and Amber Room

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