Giant waves in Nazare

Monday 13th, it turned out to be no better than a similar Friday!

A plane departure already as 2 hours delayed! We did not know exact exact reasons, and all the announcements on the speakerphone were exclusively in Portuguese, because the flight is internal. Bulb "Fasten seat belts" did not burn and passengers were walking by the aircraft racing limbs. According to the law of meanness, when I decided to go to the toilet, the plane came to move and the flight attendants turned me back, in one step from the goal. I had to go back to the chair and prepare for the takeoff.

Our plane, took acceleration, broke away from the ground and immediately pleased in the gray craft of well, very low clouds. Then gaining a height, he turned 180 ° and returned to our island that seemed between the clouds. We flew along the coast and even able to consider cities and mountains where we visited the day before. The azoras were a little bit that the azors were a sort of peak of our vacation, on which we were already climbed, and then the descent, albeit on other trails, but to the starting point of our journey.

Flying to Lisbon passed without adventure. After landing, already at the airport decided that we would not waste time on the city’s inspection and immediately go to Nazare.

Nazare – Coastal City in Portugal. Population of about 15,000 people. The most important attraction, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists a year, is huge waves on the North Beach Praia Do Norte. The wave season falls at winter December-January. The height of these giants can reach 30 or more. It was here that the record of Guinness Books Brazilian surfer was established, which saddled 25 meter wave in 2017.

Bus station SET RIOS

Buses from Lisbon to Nazare depart from Bus Station Sete Rios. Tickets can be bought on the station at the box office and in the MYRNE application. What I did, just the date on the purchased tickets for some reason turned out to be tomorrow! As so, I checked everything before buying! Here is not Pruh! Julia tried to calm me and said that I would try to change tickets to the train station at the station "today". Well, what, we went to the bus station with hope for the best. The navigator invited us to get from the airport to the set of Rios by bus, what we did. Paying for tickets to the driver, handed him a dozen, and I received tickets and ruble. Passing deep into the salon to Julia handed her tickets and money.

– Zhen, and why so little passing?

– Well, tickets are worth 2 euros and the surrender should have been given 6!

– Yes, oh my, that the day is such, solid misses and failures.

Today is clearly not my day: (.

Again, Yule had to calm me down and when she went to the driver:

– I apologize, my husband bought 2 tickets and gave you 10 €, and the delivery brought only 1 €.

– I correctly gave delivery! – the driver replied, but still examined his cockpit and found on the floor fallen bill of 5 €, which I handed us.

Well, at least one loss returned! My hamster with crying eyes with hope looked at Julia, promising to forgive all souvenirs if she returns the second loss.

Inside the bus station, Rios went to the aprash, is also dark, gloomy and many suspicious types. Having found a view of the box at the box, we went to them.

Julia applied to the cashier with the question of the possibility of exchanging tickets. Aunt for the glass answered in the affirmative, adding that for sharing we need to provide her paper tickets. Print Our electronic could be printed in Red Machine to the right of the Cass. We approached the machine, chose the English menu and on it stalled. The Red Machine demanded from us the reservation number, but we even kill, did not see this number on tickets. Again returned to the box office, they turned, however, to another window. Julia renovated our problem, the cashier tried to help us, but they did not understand each other. While I am in this set of words to which honestly listened, I did not hear a vaguely familiar "Imaail". And then I painted me, because for sure, the tickets came to E-mail! Thanking the cashier, returned again to the device. Introduced found Booking NR. and voila, tickets got out of the gap of the machine. Joyful, we returned to the first checkout and the cashier replaced them with new. UV, it turned out. And somewhere inside me, Homa spinned in the dance and periodically flapping in the paws shouting: "Yu, clap, clap, clap! Yu, clap, clap, clap". And the day was set 🙂

Direct to Nazare. Designations: VIATURA This is a route, Lugar – place. On our ticket, these inscriptions meet twice, because they drove with a change in Caldas Rainha.

At dawn

Officially, the city received this name only at the beginning of the XX century. When there was a union of several settlements, including the "Town of Nazare", in Portuguese Sitio Da Nazare. This is the upper part of the city, where there are important historical monuments. One of them is the temple of Our Lady of Nazareth, where the sacred image of Our Lady of Nazareth is kept, otherwise it is called black Madonna. It is in honor of her and called the city.

Our housing in Nazare was five minutes walk from the bus station. And when we came to the house and twitch in the bell, nobody opened to us. I had to call the owners and remind of our existence. After five minutes, the owner drove up, carefully studied my photo in the AIRBNB profile, and then me. Nodded himself and held us in our chambers. It was a two-bedroom apartment that occupied the whole last, the third floor. After watching all the premises and convenience, we dropped our backpacks and hurried to the ocean. Giant waves we go to you.

It so happened that on the south beach we came only a half evening, almost to the sunset. Through the low clouds that are concerned about the restless ocean, the last glimpses of the rays of the setting sun have made their way. Ocean fevered, minutes of silence suddenly exploded with a cascade of waves. They rolled into the beach with rapid languages, rearing at sushi bridgeheads for 15-20 meters, and then disassembled in the sand. And again everything calmed down.

In the sky only conversations that about the sea and about the sunset. There they say how the damn is great to watch the huge fiery ball, as it melts in the waves, and barely visible light, as if from the candle, burns somewhere in the depths. (with)

Already in the deep twilight we left the ocean alone and went to the Pingo Doce supermarket for products.

– Oh, Zhen, watch what shrimps are huge! Let’s take? Wow, see, set of shells, I wonder how to cook them?! Sorry, you do not tell me what to do about it?- asked Julia from the seller.

– Already ready? Only warm in salted water like shrimp! Zhen, but you can take? Ooo, octopus, you can?

Giant waves in Nazare

Hamster, remembering the combat merit of Yulia to return lost treasures, was generous and allowed to take everything. But at the same time reminded about reasonable limits and asked not to be carried away.

In the evening there was a PIR. Giant shrimp with beer, vegetable salad, spaghetti with meat. And even chips 🙂 myself now envy!

Lighthouse Farol de Nazare

The lighthouse is installed in the Fort of St. Archangel Mikhail, the construction of which was started in 1577 by order of the King Sebastian I. The fortress was intended to protect the Bay of Nazare from the attacks of Algerian, Moroccan and Dutch pirates, who attacked the city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. In 1644, King Juan IV ordered repair and expansion of fort. At the same time, the image of Mikhail Archangel was installed over the entrance to Fort, which gave the name to strengthen.

Even before dawn, we came to the south beach. Julia really wanted to take a photo, where she stands on ankle in water against the background of the impending wave. The model was prepared, studied where, with a raid wave, the desired depth will be, stood in the pose. But, the ocean was not so complacent today, as before. He decided to remind the bugs on the shore that the element of children is not a toy. Instead of expected ankle, a wave flew on the shoulders. Tons of water demolished july as a toy doll, and returning to the ocean water pulled her. With the fall of Julia, he strongly hit the knee whether about the sand, or she could not quickly leave a dangerous place. I, completely dressed, stood at a distance with a fotik and at the sight of this wave, was forced to flee, but was overtaken and wet. So I did not immediately realize that the spouse problems. Thank God that a powerful wave was only alone and I was able to get to Yulia and help her leave the tide zone.

After injury, our movement speed fell greatly and I offered Yule to return to the apartment, but she insisted to go to the lighthouse and put a tick opposite the main point of our trip – to see gigantic waves!

You can get to the fort with a lighthouse in two ways: on your two or on the funicular. Given the sad circumstances on the beach, we chose the most sparing way – the funicular.

The brainchild of the engineer Raul Meaniera, Elevador Da Nazaré, opened in 1889, the steam car was performed as a driving force located at the top of the city. The main problem of that time was the lack of the desired amount of water, and therefore it was transported every day from the lower city two water carriers. The funicular worked only in the summer, and at a time could transport to 60 passengers.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, the lift was redeemed by the owner, the Board of Trustees of the Church of the Blessed Our Lady of Nazareth, who organized the year-round work of the funicular. And just ten years later he returned his municipality, but already electrified.
In 1963, a catastrophe occurred – the cable holding a cabbage, and two people died. The reconstruction of the lift lasted for 5 years, and now in case of a cliff of the cable of the wagon cabins were equipped with a braking system.

Ticket in both directions on this miracle engineering thought cost 2.90 €. Lifting takes just a few minutes. The path from the funicular to the lighthouse a little more than a kilometer. From this road, there were beautiful views of the city below and the ocean. Already coming to the fort, we noticed huge banners on the walls and they obviously had a relation to what happened on the water.

And on the ocean, in the meantime, the annual surfers competitions took place. It was clearly visible as an assistant on aquabay slammed the surfer to the wave, and then the surfer came down from her on his board. And the waves on the north beach really were gigantic and the figures of the surfers were lost in these communes.

Competitions are, of course, great! But watching the raised to the horizon of the ocean was even more interesting! We sat under the walls of the fort and looked at the ocean. Observed how huge waves with thunder rumble rolled out stones. How the waves faced each other. You can watch it infinitely! What we have seen is very difficult to describe in words. Like poems that are lost translated and waves disappear when trying to describe them on paper. Even the photo is able to convey only a pitiful similarity of what you see eyes.

"Sit on the shore and feel the salty smell of the wind that blows from the sea. And believe that you are free, and life just started. "(with)

After some time, the fort for visitors and we, buying a ticket on the ruble, scored on the roof on the roof to the lighthouse! From here, there were even more interesting species and waves, but soon there were a lot of people on the roof and we decided to descend down. We went to the apartment, but in the evening they promised to return.

In the morning, we do not rush to the ocean, went to say goodbye. Last time look near the waves. Listen to Rocky. Inhale sea air. In a couple of hours, we had the way back to Lisbon. Farewell, Nazare, thank you for the ways to make us on this trip and for showing wonderful waves! Goodbye, and maybe before the meeting, who knows how our life will turn, but one thing we know exactly what you and your waves we never forget.

Giant waves in Nazare

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