Gibraltar. United Kingdom

In distant times lived Titan Atlant, Native Brother Prometheus. Years and centuries were swept off by him, leaving him eternally young. So everything would go, but one day he daring declare war to the gods of Olymp. For that Atlant was Sureden forever keep the sky on their shoulders. By bowing the head under the excessive weight, it is petrified Atlant where Mediterranean Sea merges S Atlantic Ocean. In others Antique legends, These mountain rocks spread Hercules, which connected Mediterranean Sea with Ocean. Curiously, that Two ripple rocks on both sides of the strait to the most medieval worn name Poles Hercules, And name Atlanta so remained in the title Ocean. Nature spied the nature Rocks of Gibraltar and Seuts, Forming Strait. Otherwise there would be no Mediterranean Sea – cradles of European civilization, as the water in it evaporates three times more than it comes from the rivers flowing into the sea. And if it were not for a powerful stream that flowed from the ocean, it would have disappeared long ago.

Historians have not yet established when on the shore of the strait town. It is known that at this place was the military Camps of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Carthaginian, Visigoths, We visited here Warriors Hannibal and Caesar. Most likely, the history of the city Gibraltara begin with Villages, founded by the oldest inhabitants of the peninsula – Iberians. Spring 711 g. huge Army of Arab Commissioner Tarik Ibn Said crossed the strait and landed at the rock. According to his name, the rock and got a name Gibraltar (Jebel-Tarik – Mount Tarika). Arabs immediately appreciated Strategic importance of the Gibraltar Rock and erected there fortress. Since then, the fortress has become evidence of numerous bloody battles. V 1540 G. Her stubbornly besieged Algerian pirates, after which the Spaniards are so strengthened the fortress, that she was considered for a long time impregnable. However B 1704., during the war for the Spanish legacy, Anglo-Dutch Fleet, disembarking landing Gibraltar fortress. British, dead grip clinging to Raly, turned it into a citadel, established not only in all subsequent wars, But in not less Dangerous diplomatic fights. so, over a thousand years There is this City-fortress, which is constantly "Capture»Multiple detachments of tourists. Ships, walking through the shed at night, first of all, see Bright red Lighthouse light "Europe", built on the extreme southern tip Gibraltar Rocks. Then the ship enters Gibraltar Bay, part Algeciras Bay. To be more likely to present Gibraltar, Raly and town, We will try to make a trip through this massive, exhaust lump, which Ernest Hamingway compared with "Giant petrified dinosaur". From the elevation can be seen in the West Spain (Algeciras and Cape Tarifa), in the north – again Spain (Little mountain town San Rok and city La Linea), and in the south through the strait vaguely whites Tangier.

A View Looking East Across The Raf Gibraltar Runway. Photo by CPL Scott Robertson Raf Command Photographer British Forces Gibraltar

On the cereal – the sand strip length about 1, 5 km. passes Neutral zone, where in Beginning of World War II The British dug out huge Module a depth of 5 m, to protect against the attack with the mainland. Now ditch, of course, loose. For this narrow strip, the carriage is sitting aircraft. Aerodrome here is so small that airplanes are declining far away in the sea and fly over water, To touch the landing strip At the edge of the shore. Otherwise, you can jump out again in the sea at the other end of the carriage. On the road laid by narrow strip of the transfer, during takeoff and landing Airplanes all movement stops. Artificial harbor Gibraltara From three sides is closed by walls Reinforced concrete moles. Sailors consider her very comfortable. Huge docks are mainly located on South Molu.

Gibraltar. United Kingdom

The first thing they see tourists on the east side Rocks, – this is House Governor and EUROPE BATTERY ". The road leading from here to the north, extremely picturesque – on the left rushes climbing eastern Wall of Gibraltar Rock: It seems that it comes out of the dazzling blue blue. Above the road curling in narrow Sandy beach, hang huge Concreted Skats, Absolutely smooth, steepness to 40E. They serve for Collection of rainwater, which then take Underground tanks and use for Drinking. Further on the shore sheltered Charming fishing village, live here Descendants of Genoese settlers. By the way, the majority bilingual population of Gibraltara (English and Spanish Languages) not British, not Spaniards, And descendants Genoesees. Oriental and Northern slopes of the rock absolutely stupid; a South and West – Pologee. Here and spread out town, protected serf batteries; sometimes they are stubborn in the most Scale, Gibraltar Scala Folded by limestone and is crushed by natural voids, of which the most interesting Cave of St. Mikhaila with massive Stalactitic columns. In the caves still find interesting Archaeological and paleontological rarity.

So-called so-called Gibraltar skulls. The first, almost collapsed, discovered in 1843., To him approximately 200 thousand. years. Second – B 1926., His age – 20 thousand. years. Both skulls, according to scientists, Neanderthal type. It is noteworthy that The second Skull of Children. This is one of the few sources to explore the early stages of human development Stone Age. WITH June to October v Gibraltar everything scattered the sun and from the sea the rock seems completely naked. Nevertheless, the local flora is rather rich – More than 500 species. Scottish pines grow in the city parks, California cypressions, Cacti, Magnolia, List, Olive, Orange and Lemon trees. In the city of many palm. O animal world Gibraltara It would hardly have to say if it were not for one circumstance. GibraltarThe only place in Europe, where in Wild state dwell monkey. True, their very few, Yes, and the remaining died if they were not Podcamlyali Urban authorities. Therefore, a joke is sometimes called monkeys Her Majesty submitted. Some scientists believe that it Remains of a huge herd, inhabited in the south of Europe to Roman conquest. There is another opinion that monkey Delivered here Arabs. However, it’s time to return to the city on Market square, near the old Sea Port. Early in the morning here everywhere Fish piles, All ichthyological wealth Strait and Bay. Among 40-50 sold fish species naturalist can find and very Rare. Near hot, narrow streets sparkling Showcases, Mountains of fruits, striped linen awnings, bright orange and red buses, cars of the newest brands, lively crowd: Gibraltar – Southern City.

Home Artery City – Main Street. On it near the impressive hog Anglican Cathedral St. Trinity Located magnificent The building of the garrison library With her huge Funds. And nearby Residence Governor of Gibraltar – Convert (or Goverment House). At the end of the main street overlooking South port, from which the famous gear begins Charles V; she goes up to the top of the cliff. Here is old Trafalgar cemetery, Where buried Sailors, Killed in the famous Sea battle. Four kilometers going into the sea, worth Gibraltar – narrow, massive, formidable, with stubborn in the rock tools. Once it was "The first outpost of the empire"And now resembles obsolete dreadnought.

Gibraltar. United Kingdom

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