Hichon – The second most important city of Asturias. He always speaks in excellent colors, because it is the oldest, the largest and most green port city of the entire region. Geographically, Hichon spread out on the beautiful coast of the Bisai Bay, which attracts tens of thousands of tourists, which keep their way not only from neighboring regions, but also from other countries. As for geography, the city is located in the north of Spain in the very center of the coastal strip, at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level.

Today, Hichon is considered a modern port city, the population of which is approaching three hundred thousand people. Every year, the resort attends more than six hundred thousand tourists who stop in comfortable hotels or remove small houses and villas on the bay.

One of the most striking settlements of Asturias is famous for its passive and active recreation, well-developed infrastructure and a large number of diverse holidays and festivals. There are in the city and many sports fields, museums, retail space, where things are sold from the most distant corners of the world. Not deprived of the city and architectural buildings of the XVI century, churches, cathedrals and chapels.

Gijon is a unique city, full of contrasts who make rest on its territory unforgettable.

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What is interesting to see in Gijon?

Top attractions of Gihona

Atlantic Botanical Sad

Hichon University University

District of Simadevilla

Main Church of St. Peter

Beach San Lorenzo

Gijon: Excursions and Events

Excursion programs that are presented in Gijon quite a lot. The most popular tourist sightseeing tour. Her raisin is that it can be done both by bus, accompanied by a guide, and in a balloon, in which the guide will also be attended. Such a sightseeing tour attracts a large number of people willing. Its cost is more than 20 euros, and the time spent in the air is 1.5 hours.

Also in Hichon are excursions along the northern coast. There is a story history and interesting facts. In addition to this excursion group, which moves on eight-wool cars, will present picturesque beaches, Lighthouse and Cape Cabo Peñas, which is the most northern geographical point in Spain. Also, many excursions that are organized in Gihon, offer to visit other nearby cities in the region, which also have beaches and a large number of attractions.

Events that pass in Gihona are organized with a big sweep. For example, the cider festival, which passes throughout the region in July collects thousands of lovers of this nutrition. In each institution, it is he who becomes the main highlight of the menu, which has a wide variety of tastes, ranging from classic and finishing quite specific, for example, with the addition of red pepper and cinnamon.

History Hichon

Climate in Gihon

Climate in Gihon refer to marine. This is explained by the pretty close presence of the Atlantic Ocean, which also gives this city. Increased air humidity, long rains and frequent fogs. The average annual air temperature indicator in Gijon hold on at +15°C, while in the winter period, the thermometer column may drop to -3°C, and in summer – get used to +37°WITH.

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Winter also happens rainy, with sharp gusts of wind and frequent precipitation in the form of snow. Summer in the city is warm and sunny, however, in comparison with other regions, it is clearly distinguished by the number of hot days. For example, the temperature is higher than +32°C can be seen only in July and August.

For a more accurate definition of degrees, it is necessary to see the weather in Gijon for months.

Gijon: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Conduct time to actively and have fun in Gijon you can almost any month. From May to September on the city beach there are several sites for playing beach volleyball and football. Teams are gained themselves, anyone can take part in these games, or simply support players.

Also in the summer period, many locals and guests of the city are engaged in windsurfing or diving, get up onto the board or ride yachts. It is noteworthy that you can order a walkway on a yacht in a small information center on the beach, the rental of the sports equipment is located there.

In Gihon, there is an Arena for Corrida, which always collects a large number of viewers for this spectacular and bright show with bulls. You can buy a ticket on the first floor of the construction, dates and schedule indicated there, it is worth noting that the Corrida is organized only in the summer.

In winter, the city opens the sports winter center. There poured the indoor rink. His area will pleasantly surprise any visitor. The rink is designed for 600 people. There are organized, both day and night skiing.

Transport features of Chichen

Transport in Gihon is presented exclusively by buses and taxis. Public transportation starts at 06:00 am and ends at 23:00. Despite the fact that Gijon is a big city, the transport plan for the flight does not cause passengers to wait at the stop more than 2-4 minutes. The fare is fixed in buses fixed and is 1 euro for all categories of citizens.

Also in Hichon there are five companies that provide taxi services. It is noteworthy that the cost of their services is not very different from each other, so the fare in a taxi to some extent can be called fixed. The price for 1 kilometer is about 1.2 euros. Also in the city you can rent a car. However, the fleet of Hichon does not boast a large variety of vehicles.

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