Gili Ayr

Gili Air is the smallest of the three islands of Gili, located closest to the island of Lombok. It is a pleasant, very relaxed atmosphere, which largely form local restaurants and beach bars competing among themselves in the art of the relax expression in their exterior interiors with a mass of hammocks, soft sun beds, lounge zones and quiet calm music.

On the island of Gili Air lives and works quite large and cohesive communes of the locals, so Gili Air ; Island is very cozy and well maintained, and the atmosphere is much more authentic here than on the next travangne. Many travelers are increasingly preferred by Gili Air, considering the trawangan too tourist.

Plan a minimum of 3-4 days to stop on the islands of Gili.

Do not miss at Gili Air

  • Find your paradise place on the island and spend a couple of days on the beach with a book and hammock, especially without thinking about anything and doing nothing.
  • Sit on a bike and run around the island, exploring both deserted local beaches and the central part of the island, tightly cherished and very authentic)
  • Take a culinary lesson in one of the local Varungs of the island.
  • Highlight the day on snorkeling and / or day for diving at Gili Islands.
  • ; And one more day on the study of the neighboring islands.
  • Get on yoga!
  • ; and please the soul and body in the local spa
  • Learn to spend the evenings lazy and relaxed, in the style of the island ; Watching the sunset and listening to live music in one of the local beach bars or clubs.

Gili Eir on a bicycle

Bike on Gili Air can be rented everywhere ; Rental items are near the pier, besides, almost every hotel on the island offers its guests rental bicycles. As mentioned above, Gili Ayr Island is pretty affixed and well developed, so it is very informative to ride a bike here ; You can watch the life of local residents, ride along coconut plantations and find wonderful local Varungi.

Like Travangan, Gili Air can be driven around the ring. Second beaches, beach hammocks and swing, picturesquely located right in the water, atmospheric beach bars and small beach clubs ; All this joy is located along the coastline, which stretches the ring road.

Snorcling ; Underwater sculptures and turtles

Snorcling on Gili distinguishes from most such tours to two unique options at once.

First, here you can see a unique (and very photogenic) underwater sculptural composition Nest, which is a circle of 48 sculptures in the form of human figures.

Second option ; swim with turtles) guarantees such a meeting naturally no, as we are talking about wildlife, but the chances are still quite high.

Snorcling ; Tours can be bought, again, at the pier or through your hotel. Options ; from budget snorkeling tours (in the area of ​​7-8 $ per person) to a little more expensive options on small boats with a transparent bottom or rental of a private boat (from $ 20 per boat for 4-5 hours).

Diving on Gili

Gili Islands – One of the best places in Indonesia for diving and one of the best places in the Divenga. On dive-spot, Gili can be found in huge turtles, mants, rods, sharks and barracud, and also see the steam ships.

Immersions for interesting seeds are available even to beginners. Two of the four main dive spots of Gili, on one of which you can meet sharks, are available for immersion immediately after passing the basic courses, the third (dive spot with turtles) – after passing the Open Water Padi Course.

A few dive operators work on Gili Air, besides, there are several dive resorts on the island, settling in which you can study Daiving more thoroughly. See Manta Dive Resort, which is considered one of the best dive resorts of the island.

On Guili Air is also quite popular free-diving format, swimming without equipment delayed. If you want to try yourself in this type of scuba diving, look for Freedive Flow operators or Gili Air Divers, which offer Fridailing courses on the island.

Ride on the island of Travangan and Meno

Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno – Two charming neighbor Gili Air. Trawangan ; The largest and most popular island from ; Gili Troika ;, it is often called ; Pati Island ;, by virtue of well-developed entertainment infrastructure. If you have time, we would recommend to stop on the travnanga at least one night in order to try goodies on the night market and get to know the nightlife of the island. Alternative ; come for a few hours on the island, take a bike and ride on the island.

Gili Meno ; The island is smaller and, compared with the trawangan, almost wild. Gili Air, by the way, can be called an intermediate option between the active travnant and completely sleepy and calm Meno, so I will visit the two islands. Plan to spend at least 2-3 hours on Travgano and at least 1-2 hours on Meno.

Between the islands, local boats regularly run, so you will not make problems on the two islands per day. In addition, each of the islands you can hire a private charter on Gili Air. In any case, planning a day or separate trips, first of all, find timetables and see the map of the islands to better navigate the terrain.

Culinary courses

Minimum of commercialization, maximum authenticity and openness ; This is the format of culinary courses on Gili Air. Usually in the menu ; Traditional Indonesian dishes in local interpretation.

Courses can be found on signs in local Varunga.

Beach clubs and bars

Unlike the raising life and energy of beach clubs and travbang bars, the entertainment infrastructure of Gili Air is much more relaxed and relaxed. Here you can often hear the sounds of a live guitar, rhythms of reggae or lounge. Special pleasure ; find ; his ; Bar or club on the southwest side of the island (see More Beaches Gili Air) and combine evening sites with a cocktail or beer for a nice music with surveillance for chic sunsets.

A pretty good choice of decent beach barchiks and restaurants with a pleasant atmosphere are also located on the northern and eastern sides of the island, so, in principle, wherever you stopped on the island, there will always be a pleasant place ; on spending evening ; on the shore of the ocean relaxed and pleasure.

Yoga and Gili Air

Two absolutely beautiful yoga centers are located on Gili Air ; Flowers & Fire Yoga Garden and H2O YOGA AND MEDITATION CENTER . Both centers are practicing various types of yoga and meditation, offer accommodation, cafes with healthy food, separate classes, subscriptions and integrated retrieves programs.

Local spa

The number of decent spas centers for such a tiny island as Gili Air, in fact, is quite impressive. Specialized Spa are located on the territory of local resorts ; Slow Gili AIR, Bel Air Resort and Spa and Villa & Spa Bulan Madu.

In addition to specialized spa, there are also quite a few tiny local massage salons that can be looking for a walking or riding on the island on a large.

Beaches and areas of Gili Air

Also, like on the other two islands of Gili, on Guili Eyr allocate two sides ; Eastern, which ; looks ; on the island of Lombok and Western, which ; looks ; to the nearby Memo. The eastern side is traditionally more developed infrastructure, Western ; more calm and relaxed.

But, in contrast, again, from the popular travang, the inner part of the island is no less interest than the coast itself.

Port Gili Air and Village Gili Air

Port Gili Ayr is located in the south of the island. In the port area, you can find a couple of excellent restaurants and cafes, rental points of Great and parking with horses ; Traditional way of movement in the island. A little on from the port of deep into the island is located, in fact, the local village. Here ; Mass of cheap housing (Guest Hawa and Homteseev) and excellent local Varungov.

Northern Island

Northern inner part of the island ; Less populated by local residents, here are offered a lot of beautiful villas and comfortable bungalows. The northern part goes on the northern coast, where you can find quite a lot of stylish cafes and barchiks. For this part of the island, its own, special, semi-bohemian atmosphere.

East Coast

The whole eastern side of the island is well developed infrastructure. Along the coast stretches a large coral reef, here you can swim from the mask right at the shore in the search for meeting with local turtles.

In the southeastern part, closer to the port is focused by the bulk of inexpensive housing, tour offices, dive shops, shops and cafes-restaurants. Northeast ; more calm, with relaxed ; hippie ; atmosphere and inexpensive housing.

South ; West Coast

This part of the island is considered the most idyllic. Beaches here are quite beautiful ; White Sand, Emerald Water. Along the coast you can find relaxed beach clubs and bars, with soft sun beds, cocktails in the menu and live music. From housing in this part of the island ; Beach Villas and Small Resorts.

North ; West Coast

This is the calm part of the island. The beaches of the northwest coast are less idylls than in the southwest, but the sunsets are the same beautiful. Housing here is much easier and more affordable with bungalows as a dominant format. From food ; Several cafes along the beach and local Varungi a little further from the coastline.

Useful maps

Where to live on Gili Air Island

To decide on the format and place of housing and navigate through the hotel map of the island, see section ; Beaches and areas ;. In principle, the island is so tiny that it can easily be waged in a couple of hours ; On the coastal ring, the length of the island is about 5 km, along the inside of the island ; from south to north ; About 2 km. Therefore, the main thing is to decide part of the island ; North or South (if you plan to look for housing in the inside of the island), West or South (if you want to live on the coast).

    Gili Ayr
  • Budget housing ; close to everything ; Search in the southern inside of the island, not far from the port and southeastern coast. Basic housing format here ; unpretentious guests and houssers.
  • Budget housing on the beach far from everything is looking for in the north-west coast. In this part of the island you can find very good and very inexpensive beach bungalows.
  • Medium-valued beach housing options (cottages, bungalows, small resorts) Look along the Eastern Coast.
  • Stylish beach housing (villas, comfortable bungalows) Watch on the southwest coast.
  • No less stylish, but much more affordable at the price of housing (villas and comfortable bungalows) are looking for in the northern inside of the island.

Our choice on the island

on the east coast

7seas Cottages ; very pretty stylish and at the same time very inexpensive cottages located in the southern part of the eastern port, close to everything in the literal sense of the word ; Porto, village, main tourist coastline and idyllic beaches of the west coast. Pleasant atmosphere, delicious breakfast, bicycles.

On the west coast

Gili Lumbung Bungalow ; Charming bungalows surrounded by a blooming garden and a completely stunning beach with soft sun beds, hammocks, cozy lounge zones, a bar and live music in the evenings.

Island View Bar & Bungalow ; Located in the central part of the west coast. Stylish comfortable bungalows, beautiful beach, very quiet and calm, from entertainment ; Only barbecue and cocktails on the beach)

in the south of the island

Gili Malibu Bungalows ; Pleasant little guest house in a residential area of ​​the island, with cute pure bungalows and authentic semi-family atmosphere. Nearby ; Good selection of local varungs and cafes.

In the north of the islands

The Bambu Huts ; Charming little villas, each with its own small pool and terrace. Great location for those looking for a calm atmosphere to the north beach ; 5 minutes on foot, you can also get to Western or Eastern beaches.

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How to get to the island

The island of Guili Air, as well as to the other islands of Gili, you can get from the islands of Lombok, Bali, Nusa Lebgang and Nusa Penida, as well as from the neighboring islands of Gili Trawangan and Gili Air.

From Lombok Island

Lombok – the nearest large island to the islands of Gili and the main transshipment point on the way to the islands. On Lombok, respectively, is the nearest airport (LOP). Flights to Lombok from Other Islands Indonesia See here and here, international tickets Watch here.

The road on the way from the island of Lombok takes about 40 minutes.

The easiest option (if you are stopped on the island of Lombok) – buy in advance online tickets for flights of flight boats, which run from the beach of Sengigi to the island of Gili (about $ 15), tickets and timetables.

See schedules, Tickets & Prices:

If you travel the company or planning moving to the island on arrival from the airport – a good option to take a charter boat. You can buy a charter right at the airport (with transfer to the port), through your guest house on Lombok Island or in advance online.

Charter boats on Gili may be an ordinary small open boat – in this case, before the boat sits, check the presence of vests and pack passports, money and equipment in waterproof packages. The cost of such charters from Lombok order 400 000 – 500 000 IDR for a boat. More controlled option in terms of quality and cost of charters – to get yourself to the port of Teluk Nare, from where you run high-speed boats charter company Lombok Speed ​​Boat and take a charter directly to the port (300,000 IDR per boat with an amount of 1-6 people, see Read more on Company website).

The most fiscal option – by bus-shuttle (from the airport) or taxi to get to the Bangsal port and take a ticket to local flight boats, regularly run between the islands, the cost of local boats is incommensurable below all tourist options (about 30 000 IDR to Eyre, on the way about 40 minutes).

from Bali Island

The road on the way from Bali Island ranks 1.5 to 3 hours at a high-speed boat (depending on the carrier and type of boat).

High-speed boats to Gili Islands are sent from Padang Bay ports, Serangan Pier (convenient option for those who go from Bucit Peninsula) and Sanur Beach. Cost from 18 to 55 $ / ticket depending on the selected option.

See schedules, Tickets & Prices:

Almost all transport companies carry out transfers to the port from the southern beaches of Bali and Ubud, check when booking the cost of the option or book an online option with the transfer on (transfer from remote beaches can be paid additionally, see in the description of the transfer tour).

From Nusa Islands Leborgan and Nusa Penida

Many high-speed boats cruising from Bali Islands to Gili Islands make stops on Nusa Lemborgan and Nusa Penida. On my way ; about 2 hours, ticket cost of about $ 40.

See schedules, Tickets & Prices:

From Gili Trawangan Islands and Gili Memo

Between the Islands, local flight boats regularly run, recognize the schedule on the spot, the cost of about 15 000 IDR (1 $). The charter boat between the islands will cost 15 – $ 20.

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