Gili Islands

Three tiny islands next to Lombok ; Gili Travangan, Gili Air and Gili Memo, each of which can be accessed in a couple of hours, ; just paradise for lazy people. Relax cult reigns here, everything is subordinate to him. Beaches on the islands of the amazing whiteness, and the water with a magical turquoise sweat.

More recently, Gili islands were so peculiar asylum of becpeckers from Bali Island with a minimal set of housing, small beaches, rastaman cafes, magic mushrooms and a hippie atmosphere. But, the popularity of the islands did its job ; Active development began on the islands ; Near the simple bungalows, stylish cottages and hotels appeared, the beaches began to grow, glamorous restaurants and equipped beach zones were added to simple cafes. But, lazy and relaxing atmosphere is not doing anywhere.

On the islands of Gili it is definitely going to go if you are happy with the surfing and parties Bali and you suddenly want to be lazy to the company more than one hundred such lazy people like you) here so beautiful, good and lazy to require a huge power of will to leave these paradise places.

Plan a stop on the islands of Gili at least 3-4 days.

Gili Islands

Gili – Translated from the Indonesian "Little Island". The Gili Archipelago consists of three such little islands – Trawangan, Meno and Air. All three islands are in a friend of sight of each other (a few minutes by boat). Choose from three islands easily: Trawangan ; For the personalities of social, Meno – for hermits or lovers, Air – for personalities rather asocial, those who are tuskened by Travangana)

Each of the islands has its own charm and character. Total for Troika ; Super conditions for relaxes, beautiful beaches, excellent snorkeling and diving.

Most often, travelers choose one of the Gili Islands for a short stop for 3-4 days or make a stop on a day or two on trasman and spend 3-4 days per Eyre or Meno. All three islands include routes usually those traveling in format ; from the island on the island ;, seeking to get a diverse life experience on the islands.

Gili Travangan

Gili Travangan ; The largest and most popular of three cylinders. From the sea of ​​Gili Trawangan, it looks comfortable – a tiny sushi strip that is easily placed in the lens. On the island is still comfortable – the beach, no transport, except the carts with horses, many cafes and beach restaurants with laying places (Gili’s chip) and a huge number of cats of different sizes, colors and masters.

Do nothing on gili merchant. You can, however, rent a bike and drive around the island or go to the sea a couple of times – near Gili Excellent Dive Spaw. And the rest of the time – the pillow, hammock, book, beer-shrimp and / or juice fruit (who like it more) and beautiful types of calm emerald sea. Massage on the beach and yoga are available in the area of ​​the main beach of the island.

Gili Travangan. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoBlog

Transport on trasman. Photo Credit: 5Steps-PHOTOBLOG.Com

Gili Travangan. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoBlog

Gili Meno

Gili Meno is found in the middle between Travangana and Air, it is the calm and least built-up island of three. Gili Meno is often called the island of newlyweds ; If you don’t need anyone, then you here. The island also love beek peckers and fans of eco-tourism. Here are charming beaches, inexpensive bungalows, couple of cute hotels and again a book, hammock, great, boats, diving snorkeling fishing, seafood in restaurants on the beach in the evenings..)

Gili Meno. Photo Credit: Lodiplanting, Flickr

Gili Ayr

Gili Ayr ; The smallest of the three islands, located closest to the island of Lombok. On the island of Gili Eir, the largest commune of locals, the island ; Green, well-groomed, with a good choice of housing and perfectly beautiful beaches. The atmosphere on Gili Air is more calm and much more authentic than on the trasman. Many becpeckers are increasingly preferred by Gili Air, considering the travangan too expensive and tourist.

Perfect breakfast on Gili Air. Photo Credit: Yasemin Berlin, Flickr

Gili Ayr. Photo Credit: SunrisejetPhotogallery, Flickr

Diving on Gili

Gili islands are included in the list of best places for diving in Indonesia, and the islands of Gili are considered one of the most inexpensive and convenient diving training seats . Around the gili beautiful coral reefs and excellent dive spots, among local inhabitants of underwater depths ; Rare Green Turtles and Biss Turtles, Skate-Manta, Parrot Fish, Reef Shark, Black and White Shark Akula.

Immersions for interesting seeds are available even to beginners. Two of the four main dive spots of Gili, on one of which you can meet sharks, are available for immersion immediately after passing the basic courses, the third (dive spot with turtles) – after passing the Open Water Padi Course.

On all three islands Gili there are licensed dive operators and dive schools, educational beginners on PADI and SSI systems. Dive boats and dive equipment on gili of excellent quality, instructors ; qualified, many of them ; Europeans who have mastered. Prices for training, rental equipment and dives on all islands plus-minus the same on all islands: 3-day base course allowing a dive to a depth of 18 meters (Open Water Padi Course) will cost approximately around $ 390.

Moreover, on all three islands of Gili, freedive training courses are valid ; Underwater immersion on respiratory delay without equipment.

For more information about the dive operators and dive resorts, see the pages of the directions: Gili Trawangan | Gili Air | Gili Meno

Diving on Gili. Photo Credit: Laia Viñas, Flickr

Diving on Gili. Photo Credit: Christian Loader, Flickr

Snorkeling on Gili

Planning a stop on Gili, be sure to highlight the day on snorkeling ; In the area of ​​Gili Islands there are several unique spots, on which you can not only admire the corals and fish, but also swim with wild turtles. In addition, interesting from the point of view of unusual and entertainment is artificially created several years of spot Nest, located next to Gili Island ; Art under water in the form of a composition consisting of 48 sculptures in the form of human figures.

Snorcling formats ; Tours on the islands are offered different ; Budget tours in large boats (popular format on travganiza), tours a little more expensive on small boats (the main format on Air and Meno) and private transfers. In addition, in the sea you can get out boats with a transparent bottom, which run from Travgana and Gili Air between the three islands.

Gili Islands

Each of the islands there are also places where you can swim from the mask at the shore, just rented equipment. For fans of independent snorkeling the best direction ; Gili Meno, since it is from the coast of this island the most inverse snorkeling spots of Gili islands.

How to get to Gili Islands

Gili Islands are located 60 km from the west coast of Lombok Island. Conveniently getting from Lombok, Bali, Nusa Lebgang and Nusa Penida. All flight ferries and boats make stops on each of the three islands.

From the island of Lombok on Gili

Road on the way from the island of Lombok to Gili Islands from 15 ; 30 minutes.

The easiest option to buy a tourist charter on gili. You can buy a charter directly at the airport or through your guest house or Travel agency in Sengigi. Charter boats are usually small ; Check the availability of vests, pack passports, money and equipment in waterproof packages. Cost of charters from lombok order 500 000 IDR for a boat.

More controlled option in terms of charters ; Get to Teluk Nare port, from where Gili run charter company Lombok Speed ​​Boat and take charter directly to the port (400,000 IDR per boat with an amount of 1-3 people, see more on the company’s website).

Alternative to Charter ; Flight boats from Sengigi on Gili Islands (about 150 000 IDR / Ticket, usually early departures, see Schedule and tickets here.

The most fiscal option ; By bus or taxi to get to the Bangsal port and take a ticket to local flight boats running between the islands, the cost of local boats is incommensurably lower (10,000 IDRs before Gili and about 40,000 IDR to Travangana).

From Bali Island on Gili

High-speed boats to Gili Islands are sent from Padang Bay ports, Serangan Pier (convenient option for those who go from Bucit Peninsula) and Sanur Beach. Cost from 18 to 55 $ / ticket depending on the selected option.

See schedules, Tickets & Prices:

Almost all transport companies carry out transfers to the port from the southern beaches of Bali and Ubud, check when booking the cost of the option or book an online option with the transfer on (transfer from remote beaches can be paid additionally, see in the description of the transfer tour).

The most fiscal option – on the ferry through Lombok. In the port of Padan Bay, you can buy a connector to a local ferry to Gili Islands, which includes transfer from the LEmbar port, where the ferry arrives from Bali to the Bangsal port, where the boats go to Gili (in this version, tickets to the islands will cost about 150,000 IDR ( $ 10), but the time on the way is about 6 hours).

From Nusa Islands Leborgan and Nusa Penida

Many high-speed boats cruising from Bali Islands to Gili Islands make stops on Nusa Lemborgan and Nusa Penida. On the way about 2-3 hours, ticket prices are about $ 30-40, depending on the carrier.

Gili Islands

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