Gili Meno

Gili Meno is found in the middle between Travangana and Air, it is the calm and least built-up island of three. Gili Meno is often called the island of newlyweds – if no one needs you, then you here. The island also love beek peckers and fans of eco-tourism. Here are charming beaches, inexpensive bungalows, a couple of cute hotels and again a book, hammock, great boat, diving snorkeling fishing, seafood in local Varunga on the beach in the evenings..)

Do not miss Gili Meno on the island

  • Spend a couple of days nothing – non-making, only beach, ocean, book ;
  • Rent a bike and run on the island
  • Stroll along the salted lake, part of which covers mangrove thickets
  • Visit the local skipping reserve and find out how locals make their little lept in a big ocean salvation case
  • Swim from the mask at the legendary snorkeling ; Speot Islands, if you are lucky ; You can even swim with turtles on their legitimate territory)
  • Bare at the legendary spot Nest, do not forget your water ; Waterproof chamber for chic photos
  • Try how the local goodies are preparing Little Cute Varungi on Meno Beach

Bicycle rental on Meno

Despite the fact that the roads on Meno are pretty bad, bicycle rental ; Great way to dating the island. Focus on the cost plus-minus 2-4 $ per day. You can rent a bike through any guest house island, as well as in the port area.

Lake Meno

Salt Lake with Mangrove Thickets ; The main attraction of the island. A pedestrian trail is laid around the island, there is also a couple of tiny Varungs, where you can drink coffee, eat or just spend the second hour behind the book surrounded by wildlife.

Turtle Reserve

Turtles were chosen by the south-eastern part of the island for nonsense. In a tiny reserve, located here, local volunteers create safe conditions for tugs and contain kids in special water tanks until they become strong enough to meet with the ocean.

For a small charity fee (about $ 10), you can participate in, so-called release of turtles ; Release Toddler in the Ocean. A very soulful event, participation in which will give you the opportunity to support the content of the reserve and the locals working here.

Snorkeling with turtle

The main charm of accommodation on the island of Meno is that you do not need to buy a standard snorkeling tour (unlike the islands of Travangan and Air) in order to meet the turtle in the ocean. Main ; Sweatshirts ; Located near Meno ; You can swim with a mask independently in the North ; Eastern coast or for very cheap to rent a local boat and sail on SPOT, located a little further from the coast.

Schedule on SPOT Early in the morning to get off the whit ; tours from neighboring islands. Rent of boats and private snorkeling tours can be organized through local guest houses and local tour operators (oriented in the amount of plus minus 20-30 $ per boat).

Underwater sculptures Nest

Unique in its kind (and very photogenic) underwater sculptural composition NEST is also located next to the Meno coast. The composition is a circle of 48 sculptures in the form of human figures. Nest is located at a depth of 3 meters near the west coast of Meno opposite the sign of Bask Nest (between Diana Cafe and Laskar Cafe). To statues from the shore ; about 100 meters, count your strength, going on spot yourself.

Alternative ; Rent a boat and combine mating with turtles on the eastern side of Meno. Going out on SPOT Early in the morning to get off the whit ; tours from neighboring islands. Rent of boats and private snorkeling tours can be organized through local guest houses and local tour operators (oriented in the amount of plus minus 20-30 $ per boat).

Varunga Meno

In fact, even compared to the neighboring islands of Gili, the choice of places to eat ; look at the sea, on Meno is not so big. But local Beach Varungi is distinguished by a special flavor ; with bamboo, wood and straw roofs as the main material, such a charming habark, very much in the style of wildeno)

The main part of such varungs is concentrated along the east coast in the port area.

Beaches and areas of Meno

Island Meno ; Small, calm and pretty homogeneous in terms of stay. Island can be divided into the southern and northern parts. In the south there are port, local village and a small number of beach hotels along the coast. The northern part is more tourist (if you can put it on Meno), most beach housing, beach varungs and cafes are concentrated here.

Port and Meno Village

Port Meno is located in the south of the island, from the side of the eastern coast, which ; looks ; on Gili Ayr. Little local village is located deep into the island immediately for the port. About 400 locals live here and is offered quite a lot of budget housing ; Simple bungalows and Homteseev.

South coast

Southern coast of the island ; deserted and practically not built. In the western part of the southern coast there are several small resorts, cafes and Varungi draws in the south edge, in the eastern part ; Inverted Reserve, couple of cottages for rent and local cafes.

Lake District, Central Island

The lake is quite most of the island from the west coast in the central part of the island. The coast here ; Desert, but a little eastern lakes and the north of the local village can be found great accommodation options in the bungalow format surrounded by wildlife. It is very calm and quiet here, but at the same time close both to the village, and to any part of the Meno coast.

North Island

In this part of the island are the most beautiful beaches of the island. The main mass of the beach housing Meno in the form of small resorts, beach bungalows and cottages is concentrated here. From east ; Excellent swimming spots with mask (turtles can be found even near the shore), with Western ; To observe the sunset.

Useful maps

Where to live

Choosing housing on the island, it is worth considering the fact that the infrastructure is developed here quite weak ; Roads are bad, electricity is not everywhere, with the Internet and communication there may be problems. But, on the island you can find gorgeous accommodation in terms of price / quality in any price category.

The main recommendations for the search for housing on Gili Meno:

  • Beach options for housing is best to look at the north coast of the island ; here, undoubtedly the most beautiful beaches. In addition, there is a good selection of resorts and beach bungalows.
  • Beach bungalows with beautiful sunsets Look for southwestern and northwest coast of the island.
  • In the central part, east of the lake are looking for charming ; Sweets ; ; Bungalow surrounded by wildlife. Good location location for those plans to spend time on Meno actively and a lot of walking ; Every day on the new beach.
  • Budget authentic housing options See in the south of Islands in the village of Meno. Here you can find very good options for Gozov and Homtereev.
Gili Meno

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Our choice on the island of Gili Meno

in the north

Mimpi Bungalow ; new, comfortable and relatively inexpensive bungalows located in ; two steps ; From the ocean, a pleasant lazy atmosphere and breakfast on the beach ; What else is needed for relax for a couple of days on such an island as Gili Meno?)

Seri Resort Gili Meno ; very pretty small hotel with three accommodation ; Hotel rooms, which are overlooking the ocean, beach bungalows and small private cottages with private pool. Luxury option for very reasonable money.

in the central part

The This-Kon Gili Meno ; A couple of pretty comfortable cottages in the central part of the island, very authentic, almost a family atmosphere, delicious breakfasts and free bikes, a great option for those who plan to spend time on the island without tied to one beach.

on South

Rapa Lumbung Homestay ; simple, but very clean and pleasant horses in the village of Meno. The perfect version of the budget and authentic accommodation on the island.

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How to get to the island of Meno

To the island of Gili Air, as well as to other islands of Gili, you can get from the islands of Lombok, Bali, Nusa Lebgang and Nusa Penida, as well as from the neighboring islands of Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno.

From Lombok Island

Lombok – the nearest large island to the islands of Gili and the main transshipment point on the way to the islands. On Lombok, respectively, is the nearest airport (LOP). Flights to Lombok from Other Islands Indonesia See here and here, international tickets Watch here.

The road on the way from the island of Lombok takes about 30 minutes.

The easiest option (if you are stopped on the island of Lombok) – buy in advance online tickets for flights of flight boats, which run from the beach of Sengigi to the island of Gili (about $ 15), tickets and timetables.

See schedules, Tickets & Prices:

If you are traveling a company or planning to move to Gili from the airport – a good option to take a charter boat. You can buy a charter right at the airport (with transfer to the port), through your guest house on Lombok Island or in advance online.

Charter boats on Gili may be an ordinary small open boat – in this case, before the boat sits, check the presence of vests and pack passports, money and equipment in waterproof packages. The cost of such charters from Lombok order 400 000 – 500 000 IDR for a boat. More controlled option in terms of quality and cost of charters – to get yourself to the port of Teluk Nare, from where you run high-speed boats charter company Lombok Speed ​​Boat and take a charter directly to the port (300,000 IDR per boat with an amount of 1-6 people, see Read more on Company website).

The most fiscal option – by bus-shuttle (from the airport) or taxi to get to the Bangsal port and take a ticket to local flight boats, regularly run between the islands, the cost of local boats is incommensurable below all tourist options (about 30 000 IDR to Eyre, on the way about 40 minutes).

from Bali Island

The road on the way from Bali Island ranks 1.5 to 3 hours at a high-speed boat (depending on the carrier and type of boat).

High-speed boats to Gili Islands are sent from Padang Bay ports, Serangan Pier (convenient option for those who go from Bucit Peninsula) and Sanur Beach. Cost from 18 to 55 $ / ticket depending on the selected option.

See schedules, Tickets & Prices:

Almost all transport companies carry out transfers to the port from the southern beaches of Bali and Ubud, specify when booking.

From Nusa Islands Leborgan and Nusa Penida

Many high-speed boats cruising from Bali Islands to Gili Islands make stops on Nusa Lemborgan and Nusa Penida. On my way ; about 2 hours, ticket cost of about $ 40.

See schedules, Tickets & Prices:

From Gili Trawangan Islands and Gili Air

Between the Islands, local flight boats regularly run, recognize the schedule on the spot, the cost of about 15 000 IDR (1 $). The charter boat between the islands will cost 15 – $ 20.

Gili Meno

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