Ginza District in Tokyo &# 8211; Center of world brands and incendiary clubs

The construction of gindza began literally in ; pure field ; &# 8211; there was nothing except the swamp. A huge construction site began in 1590, after which they opened the chased yard: they produced silver coins (hence and name, since ; Ginza ; With Japanese &# 8211; ; Silver shop ;). The sorrowful milestone for the area was another "Flower Jewdo" – a fire of 1882. Three thousand wooden buildings with rice paper partitions – Sedzi turned into ashes in a few hours. Only three people died – the Japanese are vigilant and used to wait for trouble. According to one of the legends, Gyzu swept the daughter of a greenman, so that in the confusion to escape from a strict father to the beloved … no matter how there it was, the old, the original Ginza rushed to eternity almost simultaneously with the village, the abolished monarch – the "revolutionary" of Maizi. The next descendant of the goddess Amateras did not want, like its ancestors in dozens of knees, to carry out only decorative functions in the most ancient in the light of the Empire.

In 1868, he decided to retire the last military ruler. He who loses the decisive battle of supporters of the emperor, died peacefully in his estate 45 years later. And the courtyard from the traditional residence in ancient Kyoto moved to the castle of Jeddo, and taking into account that an end to the insulating policy came, the capital was renamed Tokyo, which means "Eastern Star". Belated pursuit of the West began. In the morning, the emperor looked out the window and saw an ashes in front of him. This spectacle surprised him: in Japan a wasteland and then and now – rarity, construction starts literally the day after a fire or earthquake. But what followed to build on Ginze? The border between the "Worlds" lost sense. The estates of Maidi abolished, there were no samurai, nor merchants in the country – only the Nazic of the emperor, the main case of which – to fulfill his will, adopt all the "tricks" of the West.

And then the measure of Tokyo Matsuda came to mind a brilliant idea. Not far from Ginza only that the station was built first in the country of the railway, taking the capital with ikoga. What if to turn a piece of silver shop into a piece of west? Imperial Palace, Railway Station and Quarter in European Style: What is not a triune change symbol! From England, hastily discharged a fashion architect of Thomas Waters, who built up 1200 current chunks with two-story brick houses with columns and balconies, exactly as on the famous London Riegene – Street.

Gindza &# 8211; Attractions Tokyo

Ginza &# 8211; the quarter for which it is clear to stroll if you arrived in Tokyo. Most establishments are open daily, but the best time for a visit &# 8211; weekend when the street is blocked for cars, it becomes a pedestrian. What is worth viewing?

  • Ginza Vako &# 8211; Building, open in 1932., roof crowned clock tower. Inside &# 8211; jewelry stores;
  • Sony Building &# 8211; Also an unusual architectural solution, a whole complex occupy electronics stores, restaurants and cafes work;
  • Kabukiza Theater &# 8211; You can visit the very idea (tickets from 4 thousand. yen), and you can simply admire the architecture in the traditional Japanese style;
  • Museum of Police &# 8211; Complex with free entrance and directories in English. Closed on Mondays;
  • Ginza district in Tokyo; Center of world brands and incendiary clubs
  • Quarter Yurakuche Gado-Shita &# 8211; Street of restaurants and cafes with a varied menu, will be able to try dishes from Japan, France, Germany and T.D.

However, Ginza is rich in not so many attractions, how many stores, it is still the main marketplace of the country, where they like to open boutiques world brands. Here are going to buy expensive clothes and fashion accessories, and excursions are visited if time remains.

What stores Ginza worth visiting?

Gindza &# 8211; Focusing shopping centers and colorful Tokyo stores, it seems that they are all collected in one place (although it is not so). The most visited department stores are:

  • Mitsukoshi &# 8211; It works from 10:30 to 20:00, the goods of all price categories are offered, the service sector is well developed;
  • Matsuya &# 8211; Open from 10:00 to 20:00, interest is clothing, home products, pet stores, exhibition hall;
  • Printemps &# 8211; It works from 11:00 to 21:00, here are the things of French brands, including clothing, shoes, wines;
  • Marronnier Gate &# 8211; Complex in 12 floors with panoramic restaurants, European and Japanese companies, presented mainly clothing.

In all department stores there are restaurants or cafes, they have a traditional schedule &# 8211; Feed here ready from 11:00 to 22:00 or even 23:00.

Kitchen Hinza &# 8211; What to try in Tokyo?

To visit ginze and do not enjoy masterpieces from local chefs &# 8211; I think it’s not the best idea, because the area is famous for good cuisine. And I, of course, I advise close attention to the traditional Japanese food:

  • sushi and rolls &# 8211; With these dishes, no one will not be surprised, but it is definitely worth trying to compare with domestic options from shipping;
  • Ramen &# 8211; Egg noodles soup, also popular in Russia, the composition includes meat or seafood, greens, spices (in one of the variations &# 8211; curry);
  • noodles sob &# 8211; Cheap pleasure, prepare from buckwheat flour, add a variety of fillings to taste the client;
  • Unagi-but-Kabayaaki &# 8211; Fried on coal acne, richly seasoned with soy and sweet sauce, is often served with rice;
  • Heyacco &# 8211; a simple dish with Tofu, Bonito flakes, ginger, cheese here are used here.

Personally, my opinion: in Japan you need to lean on seafood, they are high-quality and fresh, and the experience of cooking such food has many years of cooking, recipes are transmitted from generation to generation.

Ginza &# 8211; Tokyo quarter, worthy of tourist. It is worth come here if you want to walk on shopping, visit excellent restaurants, having fun, having fun in clubs. Attractions, although there are, but they are unlikely to call a stormy delight &# 8211; All pretty modest. Gindza &# 8211; Paradise for shopping, for those who are ready to spend.

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