Giuseppe Berardy from Farm Club: Does not drink, does not smoke, does not dance

Farm Club – the oldest nightclub Verbier. He was opened by the Brothers Giuseppe and Seraphino Berardi in 1971, when Verbier was a small ski resort, where almost no one spoke in English. Since then, much has changed – the size of the resort, the audience coming here, the cost of a square meter of housing (especially strongly), but the brothers are still running the club. Kristel wanted us just to have fun, and we eventually stood up with questions about the history of Farm Club her friend who turned out to be the most Giuseppe Berardy.

"40 years ago there was no disco in Verbier, there were no nightclubs, but there were dances under living music. Band Services – Usually he consisted of six people – cost expensive: 1200 francs per night. And I thought that if we replace live music with plates (by analogy with Paris disco, which I saw a year before), it will be much cheaper".

For the club, the emptied basement of the Rhodania hotel was chosen, and in this room it is still based. Seven years ago the club survived a great repair, but the interior was specially left for the same. And rhodania closed and made a boutique-spa hotel instead Nevai.

"The first year was good, the second worse, the rise began on the third, and he continued until last year. For the first ten years, I worked in the club together, not counting DJ: I stood at a bar counter (and a total of 35 years spent), and he removed from the tables. Sometimes we had to serve 300 customers per night. Crazy were times. Then we still began to recruit the staff, and now he has 20 people".

On Saturdays in Farm Club up to 600 people. People stand in a long queue, although there are other discos in Verbier – Coco Club, Casbah, Coup d’etat.

"We have a lot of regular customers. First of all, it is three generations of Verbier residents – they have love for the club, one can say, is inherited. And more English. They usually do not go anywhere at all, but for Farm Club make an exception. Permanent customers have their favorite tables. And I can even call before the weekend and ask: "You will come or I give your table to another?"

If you ordered a bottle and did not finish, we glue her a piece of paper with your name and put it in the bar. Farm Club because there is so long – everything is most correct here. With celebrities who come to the club, I always limit the greeting and farewell. Here they can be sure that no one will pounce on them asking for autographs. On the contrary, the public pretends anyone. So the stars are resting with us on a par with everyone".

Already 40 years old Giuseppe holds every night in the club. Can read the book and leave the hour, if everything is quiet, and can sit with the other to the very closure. During the day he loves to ride a bike. But skiing drove – says, people are crazy and go too fast. Their competitive spirit fell.

Giuseppe Berardi from Farm Club does not drink, does not smoke, does not dance

"I do not understand musical. I say DJ: "Put good music, I want people to dance". I am only interested in the music of my youth and the classics, especially Russian, – Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov.

Clients club respember me. There is no fight here, because it is enough for me to approach the one who goes away, and tell him a few words. But I have to admit that people began to drink much more than 30-40 years ago. Then for the whole night the guest grabbed a pair of glasses, and now the bill is on the bottles. But when the club just opened, the fights happened almost every night youth from the surrounding villages came to demonstrate who here is the owner".

Now Giuseppe lives in Verbier 12 months a year. In his youth, he traveled a lot (with a special feeling recalls the trip according to Egyptian cities) and in Verbier remained only for the winter, but for 20 years it does not. Prefers sports and homemade pastime with his wife. Does not smoke and does not drink – a little wine and champagne does not count. And does not dance!

"Even in the summer, when the club is closed, I do not sleep at night. This is my long-term mode. I asked my wife many times: "Why share this strange life with me?" After all, it is not so easy. And she always answered that he loved me.

Spend 40 years in one place not easy, especially when you manage the disco. The usual life of such establishments is 10 years maximum. And here four times more! Farm Club – My home. I received a lot of proposals to change the job, but always refused. Probably here something in the air. But I am 62, and, I think, after 2-3 years I will retire. What will happen to Farm Club after me and brother? I do not know. This will solve the owner".

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