Give adventures in the south! Excursion to Pshad Waterfalls

South of Russia, Caucasian Mountains, Most recently, this region was wild, bold, stronghold of disobedience! Peoples inhabiting this blessed warm edge left after themselves a lightweight train of eastern fairy tales … in the period when it is impossible to travel is also free, as before, many remembered this mysterious and not fully studied corner of the Motherland. It’s time to meet him closer.

Hidden from prying eyes, under the canopy of noded trees, in the impassable forest runs the River Pshad. Crystal clear turquoise cool water flows from mountains that are visible in the distance. The river forms dozens of waterfalls and lakes, shallow, similar to skillfully conquered by the skillful potter Italian bowls for ablution, pleasantly plunge into them and relax while lifting up the river. This is a reserved, beautiful, clean place filled with southern forest flavors. Tourists climb up the river under the supervision of an experienced guide, to one of the high river waterfalls – 9 meters. Farther – Supplementary places requiring special equipment.

But this tour introduces not only with one of the most mysterious corners of the Caucasus, this is a whole trip along the coast, vineyards and mountains, one-day, saturated with adventures and history tour, familiarity with the villages on the passage and City Hero of Novorossiysk, The point with which the entire bay is visible, the main port of the city with huge cargo ships, with fishing ships, light yachts that are easy to dissect the surface of the sea, whether to deal with white sail. Remember the poems of Lermontov, who loved the Caucasian Mountains so much and chasing the Terrible peaks and gentle blue sea. The tour is filled with stories on the way about the history of these places, the history of battles, the needed pride of local nationalities, their culture and customs.

Extreme Jeepping On the river will make an acute note on a journey, large open cars at speed will be transported by off-road, crossed fast mountain rivers, raising thousands of sparkling splashes. Ancient Dolmen are hidden along the banks of the rivers. Five thousand years are these dolmen here, you can touch them. Scientists have not yet solved their mystery. The facilities of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, monolithic stones, who survived the centuries, are not treated to disclose their secrets.

Near the rapid river, at the beginning of the route to waterfalls there is a cafe and apiary, each can order from the menu what &# 8211; Delicious dinner consisting of various dishes, soups, salads; meat, grilled fish and honey collected from mountain meadows, which can be bought and take with you. All this will wait for tourists upon returning from the route! After a leisurely lunch on the way back in the evening, the coolness from the mountains falls, after a clock move, the bus makes the stop and the local winery offers a short vacation with a free tasting of local wines: light white, tap and sweet red, gentle pink with extractive rose varieties. The sun sits down, the mountains are clearer drawn against the background of the evening sky, sApaches of summer herbs and colors are enhanced with the arrival of twilight.

A glass of wine in hand completes a summer day filled with events.

Give adventures in the south! Excursion to Pshad Waterfalls

Comfortable bus quickly returns everyone to the place of collection.

Brief program of the day round:

1. Collection at 6 am in a conditioned place.
2. Novorossiysk, Monument "Revolution Sailors", Overview.
3. Takes on the way, travel information from a guide.
4. Pshad, Extreme Jeeping.
5. Inspection of ancient dolmenov.
6. The beginning of the route on the River Pshad. Order lunch.
7. Travel along the river, swimming in the river, photo session.
eight. Dinner.
nine. Winery, wine tasting.
ten. Return to the collection point.

Excursion to the Pshad Waterfalls is one of the most interesting and popular excursions, which shows the modern life of the south, and open the mystery of the history of the Millennium deep into.

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