Give your voice for the brightest!

The editorial office of the club "My Planet" published a short list of nominees of the premium "My Planet – 2015". Winners in each nomination you choose! Give your voice to the bright report, recipe and travel route. Results summing up November 15.

During the year, the participants of the club "My Planet" managed a lot: traveled on bikes all Australia, and on quad bikes – Mongolia. Saw the deepest caves of the planet and the highest mountain peaks. Stroked the funny lowland Icelandic horses and fed the ducks on the lake blundering that in Slovenia. Rushed along the river on a wooden raft and walked on barefoot swamps. They met the sunset among the fogs on Kamchatka, drank tea from the thermos on the snow-covered tops Alps and checked for the strength of Malaysian’s hut. Especially courageous visited Safari in Kenya and passed to the sacred Lake of State Aykund along with Sadhu.

In its path, the participants of the award celebrated new friends, fellow travelers and locals. What is only a colorful minister of the monastery with a mustache, like Baron Münhhausen. Or the leader named Yali "Napoleonic growth" in a hat with a pen, which met one of the club authors in New Guinea.

"With such an abundance of interesting materials it was difficult to make a choice. We have increased the number of nominations, expanded the lists of works issued on the vote, many wonderful authors were limited only by one material. But many, alas, did not enter the short list. However, the editorial office of the club is still grateful to everyone who published its report. After all, regardless of the results of the voting, each material reveals our planet even more fully and inspired to go on the road, "comments the intermediate results of the Prize Chief Editor of the club" My Planet "Veronica Razetskaya.

We are glad that a new nomination "Candidate for travelers" found a response. Thank you for sharing with us the stories of our moms, dads, grandmothers, teachers, lovers, friends – all those who are expensive to your heart. You write that "dreams should come true". Fully agree. Voting started!

Recall that in each nomination there will be three winners, with the exception of a journey candidate, here the winner is one. Results Let’s summarize November 15. Among the prizes – airline tickets, bike, survival set, hiking tents, backpacks. A separate winner, regardless of the results of the national voting in the nominations, "Council" and "Video report" will choose our partner Aviasales and will also give air tickets.

Give your voice for the brightest!

We are sure that you have noticed that the list of prize prizes has been replenished with rare finds from Andrei Ponkratova – the leading program "Man of the World" on the TV channel "My Planet". The winner in the nomination "The Best Travel Report" will receive a drum brought by Andrey from Sunny Rwanda. The prize for the third place among reports – chess from soap stone, which lead brought from Zimbabwe.

"In Rwanda, I met the Urugangazi team, who performs folklore dances and songs. Under the impression of their creativity, I purchased a drum. He is not very big, unlike those who play urugangazyans themselves, but no less ringing. I had two of them. One me, the other – to make a gift at a suitable case. I love making gifts. I myself am not a drummer, but I can try for neighbors. I really like in the moments of peace of mind to fulfill the song n at Rwandan drum. Gnatyuk "Dance on the drum": "You, fate, drum to the whole planet!" I think the winner of the premium will also find a melody for his soul. So play health, and let the neighbors be happy with you, "says Andrei Ponkratov’s gift.

For four years, the "My Planet" premium has established itself as an authoritative award, awarded for innovative travel and adventure projects. This year the prize has expanded the range of nominations addressed to travelers.

Reports, video reports from wanderings, travel routes, recipes collected by you in different parts of the world are accepted to participate in the award. According to the tradition of special prizes, "My Planet" will celebrate Travel-Companies that made an innovative breakthrough in 2015.

Give your voice for the brightest!

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