Ski tourist complex «Smooth» Located on the slopes of the mountain of the same name in the foothills of Western Sayan, in the Republic of Khakassia, about 20 kilometers south of Sayanogorsk, 110 km from Abakan, 520 km from Krasnoyarsk and 4440 km from Moscow.

The climate in the area is sharp-continental, with a cold snowy winter, which is replaced by a short hot summer. The average temperature of January minus 17-18°Since July — 20-22°WITH.

Smooth functions year-round — In winter, as a ski center, the rest of the time — As sports and entertainment and wellness complex.

«Smooth» in winter

For winter recreation, four ski slopes, operating from the beginning of November until the end of April.

Main route — this is «North», with a length of 3.5 km and the difference of heights of more than 800 meters. Upper plot, increased complexity, goes into the lower, more flat.

The longest — «Northwest» Route. Its length is 4.2 km, and the height difference is 890 m. There is a more complex relief here, in addition, there are interesting virgin sections near the prepared track, freeryer’s dream.

«South» the route is very small, but the most snowy. It stretches for 1 km, the height difference is about 200 m. In its characteristics and relief, it is suitable for children and beginners.

Significantly lower and slightly away «Training» Route. It is equipped with evening lighting and has a length of only 100 m. In addition, a running ski track is laid.

For lifting skiers, there are four lifts of different types:

  • Double Roofing Road (CCD) Transport Skiers to the Middle «North» Tracks. Lift time — 13 min., bandwidth 800 people per hour.
  • A four-seater CDP operates on the top section of the main route. Per hour she can carry up to 2400 people, travel time – 8 minutes.
  • The upper cable-towing lift delivers skiers to «Northwest» Highway.
  • Babi elevator lift transports children to «Training» Highway.

The main routes on the smoothness have international FIS certification. This allows you to conduct competitions in all types of slalom and take the highest level athletes. Here several times the finals of the championship of Russia in skiing.

For visitors to the ski complex, several rental items for children and adults are organized. Trains work instructors who are followed by security and tag newbies.

Closes the ski season Merry carnival holiday — Day of laughter.

«Smooth» in summer time


In summertime, individual visitors and organized groups are accepted.

Vacationers offer cycling and horseback riding, paintball, equipment and equipment rental and equipment. There are tennis courts, sports grounds and an outdoor pool.

On the basis of a sports-hotel, several races on sports and wellness are held annually «Fitness tour». Its program includes classes of Wushu and Qigong, meditation, lectures on the healthy lifestyle, wellness and bath procedures. Duration 5 days.

Where to stay

Three residential complexes work on the smoothness:

Four-storey Sports Hotel « Smooth » Made in ecostel. At the same time can take up to 130 people. There is a restaurant and an indoor pool. Located 7.5 km from the ski route, free shipping.

Sports and entertainment complex « Frying » Features four cases of different levels of comfort, with a total capacity of more than 230 people. Nearby is «Training» Route. Distance to lift — 9 km. Travel costs 50 rubles.

Shelter « Mountain » Offers accommodation in separate houses designed for 2-16 people, with a total capacity of 60 seats. They are located on the slope of the mountain near the track, at an altitude of 1290 meters. Works only during the ski season.

How to get to smooth

The nearest airport and the railway station to the TourComplex «Smooth», Where can I get from Moscow, is in Abakan. Aeroflot and Siberia airplanes fly here. Flight time from Moscow – 4.5 hours.

From Abakan bus station to Sayanogorsk, with a periodicity of 40 minutes, go buses and route taxis. Time in the way about an hour.

From Sayanogorsk to the smooth can only be reached on personal transport or by taxi (300-500 rubles).

Important! When booking places in any of the three tour cells, ABakan shuttle service is provided – Sayanogorsk – Smooth.

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