Glare pearl shore

Dubai guide does not indulge historical spicy. There are enough everyday natural exotic and the traditions of the ancient Arab life, which is straightforwards to connect the present from the distant last. You think about it, looking at the frankprint of fish – the ancestors of those that came across here on a primitive hook in the era of the first fishing settlements, and what turmoil jumped in market cages. Like from distant times is to you and a portrait of a cheerful hunter with a catching bird on hand.

In a wonderful fiction, the Dubai Museum submerging tourists into the world of crafts or crafts of local people, it is possible to observe as much as possible on television screens, as the feathers of Bedouin’s interlets virtuoso attack the desert inhabitants – all sorts of antophun and hunches. The same, the local ruthless sister of the Sahara desert, unchanged, as in the first century Islam, also does not withstand the pressure of the forces tamed by man. She slowly retreats in front of the expansion of oasis – cities of the United Arab Emirates, hiding them with hot breathing of their eternal firebox. Giant calorifer deserts Alongorally almost up to 30 degrees Celsius warms up in the summer months the waters of the Persian Gulf (it is called Arabic) to the white sandy bottom with his pearl sinks, crabeiem with minuna and flocks of fish, strongly resembling a Black Sea Barabulka.

Although the first seconds at the airport of Dubai to the impression are similar to the occasion in the sauna, you get used to this pecke. Especially since the air conditioners work everywhere: in hotels, cars and shops where you enter through a light fringe of vertical blinds. In the hardest time – about 13 to 16 hours – everything freezes. Sun in Zenith, I want an ice mineral water and a cool soul. Business people go on a leisurely lunch, tourists and "Chelovela" Cock in hotels. Only on construction sites of skyscrapers, it seems, the movement of people and mechanisms will never stop. Workers from India, Pakistan, the countries of the Arab world, the states of Southeast Asia are a rapid pace, the floods are upwards, iridescent of the giant mirrors of tinted glasses. It is appropriate to note: in the UAE 28 years after the creation of this state, approximately 2.5 million live. human. Of these, about 30 percent – the indigenous population, the rest came to earnings.

No matter how you knocked out the molding of the current frowning day, you will remember about the past of Dubai often, facing every step with the choppers of the thorough centuries. Already in antiquity he became famous for "City of merchants", Since on the shores of the deep-water lagoon that divides today’s settlement into two parts – Dear and Bur-Dubai, there were bravery, ventured maintaining trade relations between Mesopotamia and the civilizations of the Indus valley. A half a century ago, Dubai was considered the most important port of the bay, where the largest markets in the region were located in the region, referred to as arabic "Suk". Until the 40s of the 20th century, the source of his well-being was mining pearls and trade. But the pearls appeared artificially, and the old fishery fell into decay. What fate threatens in this case the country – you can guess. But in the 60s, oil fountains struck from the bowels of Oakay, the reserves of which were identified as having an industrial importance, and his new life began.

The current day of the Emirates is extremely interesting as an example of the development of the region, resolutely built of prosperity plans, based on the real ideas about how to develop its own economy, which is real wealth and progressive economic practice. In the edge, where more than 700 thousand people lived in recent information, deprived of such necessary natural charms, like fresh water and green cover, made of tremendous much to conquer the nature in the best sense of this concept. It is said that 3 billion dollars cost "drip" Irrigation system. From the reservoirs of precious moisture produced from the bowels, as well as by desalination, the water supply lines were carried out to each palm transferred to the city soil from the grove together with the root system, to each flowerbed. The latter are cracked with thin hoses, through small holes in which water sprinkles on the brown cover of the earth, not allowing it to pour thin shoots. However, around the world the most persistent. The blooming Brazilian Liana-Buiganvilets, which are not only good for the living ingredients, but also run, like ivy, by the slightest hooks on smooth stone walls.

Dubai – the land promised for tourists. Gold, precious stones, incense, textiles, silk, exotic fruits, electronics and haberdashery. And everywhere! It is felt that this is not the limit. And what awaits those who only have to visit here?

"Tourists need to give what is worth their money", – Stresses me in his office responsible worker of the Government Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing Abdul Rakhim Mohammed Abdullah. He speaks of changes that occurred since the late 60s, when tourists interested in the found in oil began to come here. Revenues from it became the most important source of investment in the infrastructure of the Emirates. Country of poor pearl curls, residents of palm leaves huts took up the skyscraper, development of the education system, the rapid expansion of a network of entertainment institutions. She boldly canceled duties, in order not to dry out the flow of merchants, the army of kindergarten and adventures on land arrived at the land. One of the consequences – Dirham’s course has not changed since 1980.

Dubai is often called in Europe "Paris Persian Gulf". There are many different clubs, restaurants that are willing to visit in the evening. In general, in Dubai, a very interesting recreation industry. There is an amusement park, water park, two rink with artificial ice, zoo. You can become a viewer and a participant in such exotic sports, like skiing from sand dunes, camel run, not to mention horse races, surfing and t.NS. Every two years held an international airshow. Dubai Aviasalon is considered one of the most expensive and prestigious in the world.

One of the innovations is the construction of a tourist "Cities on water". Grand Project called "Western Harbor" provides for the construction of the Persian Gulf on the square of more than 2 million. kv. m unprecedented on the scale of the recreation complex. Its numerous objects: hotels, shopping centers, residential areas will be scented on the shores of the artificial channels communicating with the sea.

Price "Emirates Venice", which is supposed to open for visitors to 2002., About 4.5 billion is estimated. dollars. According to the representative of the representative of the Tourism and Commercial Marketing Department of the Government of Dubai Sergey Kanayeva, in the near future the acquaintance of guests Dubai with Sultanat Oman is activated. This Sultanate is a colorful Arab country with a picturesque nature and abundance of ancient forts and fortresses. Her capital Muscat spread out in the harbor of volcanic origin and keeps the features of patriarchal eastern antiquity. Original season offer – tour "Arabian Norway". Mountain ridges of Oman, emerging far away to the sea, form real "Norwegian" Fjords. Skating on wooden ships-dow with an occasion of Schhers, of course, will like tourists from Russia. Another novelty – a cruise on the Persian Bay on a five-star yacht "Lily Marlene". In November 2000, the Dubai Kegelban tournament will be held – the most expensive competition in the world of this kind. His cash prize – 1 million. dollars.

Are there any crime in Dubai? Perhaps there is, but few people heard about her. Mother criminals in local prisons say they do not hold. The severity of punishments is large; However, it seems to talk about it, only well knowing the local practice of legal proceedings. Recently, very peculiar information came across. As if once, our domestic fans of the Rack appeared here, seduced by the prospect of working on a local appetizing Nive. On the gold market, his marriages were chosen "Points", which they counted safely pull 100 US dollars per month. Considered, several bandits were behind bars. And soon they were publicly hung. Perhaps this is the story of a rack in Dubai and breaks down.

Now there is almost everything for the full knowledge of the country and recreation. Hotels for every taste and pocket, clean beaches, exquisite cuisine of solid-caliber institutions. By the way, it would not seem to say, long ago, Dubai was surprised by the world coastal superwear "Jumeira Beach" The height of more than 320 meters, the main building of which is similar to the outlines with a huge ship walking under the rod sails. He was called the best hotels in the world, even those who did not have visited him. Here is such confidence in Dubai quality. But there was some kind of couple of years, and "Jumeiraira Beach Hotel" There are such powerful competitors like hotels "Ritz-Carlton" and "Royal Mirage". New festivals are gaining strength: "Summer surprises" (He passes from July 15 to September 15) and a special gastronomic. In a word, you do not have time to look around, as new offers from Dubai, one more curious.

Glare pearl shore

Therefore, there is nothing to be surprised that Russian pilgrimage is systematically growing. Investments in tourism rapidly grow rapidly. And it creates a healthy economic climate, allows you to increase the business potential of the tourist industry. Prospects for her brilliance, as they say some of the results of the hotel business. So, Dubai hotels received more than 1.2 million from January to June 1999. guests. And despite the fact that they were filled with more than 75%. Uncomplicated calculations show that the current number of guests is 17% more compared with the same period of 1998, when 245,654 guests visited hotels and apartments. The total annual income amounted to 1.34 billion. Dirhams (about 400 million. dollars). Number of guests. In hotels from the countries of the Arab region up to 20% (420 thousand. man), Europe – up to 18% (399 thousand. man), Africa (not including Arab countries) – up to 20% (57 thousand. man), America – up to 21% (48 thousand. man), Australia and Oceania to 14% (12 thousand. human).

Helding success in the development of trade, Dubai’s state men do not forget about the development of their own production, such as food, leather, furniture. At the raw materials produced in the mountains work aluminum factory. 250 thousand. Tons of silver metal exported to 40 countries.

Dubai manitis tourist-businessmen with extraordinary power. It offers them a wide selection of spheres of activity Trade, transportation and delivery, production, offices. It is no coincidence that they came to thought: the tourism industry should be developed by certainly in combination with the marketing of the advantages of Dubai as an avail business center.

Every year in the spring here is noise for the month of the World Trade Festival. Usually, many hundreds of stores, shops, trendy salons, restaurants that significantly reduce prices are involved in the shopping festival. Discounts achieve even .50%. It happens to 40% reduce prices hotels. Some airlines are actively joined by this lubrication boom. The effect is amazing – now the number of guests out of 100 countries exceeded 300 thousand.! The one who buys goods worth about $ 50 receives a ticket to participate in the daily prizes in which you can win some "trigger". It can be kilogram ingot of gold or car. In general, buying in Dubai profitable. There is no income tax and income tax. The only local tax is an import duty of 4 percent, 18-carat gold is sold in local jewelry stores at a price of $ 10-12 grams.

Golden Market Dubai – this is a big street, where many shops with sparkling shop windows are located. Business grip of local traders are widely known and from us, and abroad of the Emirate. True, they are called here to the counter not so proud as on the Golden Cairo Market, where specially trained hearts act often, loosely peeking into the eyes and in hockey blocking motion of the open mouth. The goods are densely awake and are settled for huge shop windows, which allows you to familiarize yourself with its spectrum and carry out the necessary comparisons without excessive.

Another famous market – the spice market – stretched along the promenade of the deepwater lagoon, dividing the city of Dubai into two parts – Deer and Bardubai. Easy breeze spreads the unearthly aromas of this corruption far away and powerfully delays in the labyrinths of its holes and minks scored to ceilings with drawers, bags, poured shelves and weights. Many tiny shops sells with spices and fragrant oils, brought from afar on wooden ships, as in the old-fashioned antiquity of the Indian teak tree.

Curious eye and acute mind here is abundant food. Getting acquainted with any traditional market that preserves the ancient name "Suk", where to argue about the price in the order of things, you do not regret the dots of chic shopping palaces. In fact, here is the extraordinary palace of the East everywhere. Here are handmade carpets worthy of decorating Sheikh’s draws. Here are the multi-storey ripples of the particle of original fabrics brought from different countries of Asia. We will pass through the collaps and enfilads in the brilliance of evening lights, in the noise of Arab speech and fascinating melodies, which, it seems, will never be the end, get to the fish market, where, despite the late hour, there is everything: from large shrimps to heavy tuna, and You will never forget Dubai!

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