Glasgow – Cultural capital of the British Isles: What to see first

Glasgow called the heart of Scotland. This is the largest city in the region and one of the largest cultural and historical centers of the UK. During the Tour of Britain here it is convenient to stop a couple of days. And to explore Scotland, the city will be a great starting point.

About the city

Modern studies argue that the first settlements on the site of Glasgow have appeared yet in the stone age. Later the territory was settled by the Celts.

According to legends, the city originated on the site of the monastery based by a preacher Munngo. It is considered a symbol and patron of Glasgow and all Scotland.

In the Middle Ages, he remained a provincial town where she was engaged in crafts. All began to change since the beginning of trade shipping and sharp industrial growth.

In the mid-19th century, Glasgow was considered The second after London the industrial center of Britain. The crisis of the mid-20th century forced the authorities to change industrial activities in the city to preserve the cultural heritage and the development of tourism. Various festivals and sporting events are constantly held here, hundreds of thousands of tourists go to admire the carefully saved architecture. The policies of the authorities made the city most prosperous in the whole kingdom.

How to get

Airplane to the city can fly from any major city of Great Britain. For flight from Europe it is worth choosing any capital, such as Prague or Amsterdam.

Railway and bus service is also well established. The easiest way to go from London or the capital of Scotland – Edinburgh.

What to see first

In Glasgow, rarely come for one day. Abundance of attractions requires at least thoughtful excursions. But one-day walks are quite possible, for example, if Glasgow is just a stop in a big tour.

The most interesting for visitors can be called Merchant City. Arising like a prestigious area of ​​the city in the middle of the 18th century, he was inhabited by wealthy merchants and wealthy citizens. During the crisis of the mid-20th century, Merchant City gradually fell into decay until the authorities took the course to restore cultural heritage. Now it is Place with a bizarre combination of ultra-modern offices and historical buildings, With many shops, clubs and boutiques. The area is considered a place of parties and all possible entertainment.

Glasgow - Cultural capital of the British Islands What to see first

Glasgow is famous A lot of museums, Many of which are open to free visits. The most famous and visited is considered Museum and Picture Gallery Kelvingrove. The construction of the building was timed to the international exhibition of 1901, held in the city. The exposition includes the works of classics, such as Rembrandt, Dali, Picasso and modern Scottish artists.

Gallery of contemporary art Located in the old building of the Exchange, built in the early 19th century. Earlier, the library was located here, and now all space occupy various exhibitions. Before the building is the monument of the Duke Wellington on horseback. Local jokers constantly wear a cap on his head, which causes confusion from the police. However, no one is going to fight this manifestation of vandalism.

Very interesting Museum of Transport Riverside. Samples of vintage cars, buses, carts and trains are collected in the exposition. There is even a sailing ship. Total copies more than a thousand. Also worth paying attention to:

  1. Scientific Center Glasgow
  2. House for art lovers
  3. Barrell collection.

All Glasgow is drowning in greenery, justifying its name from the Gael language – green City. Especially a lot of it in Botanical Garden. Outdoor almost 2nd centuries ago, the garden is famous for its abundance of plant species. They are so much that some grown to order and sell to other gardens.

Also notable architecture, especially exquisite Palace Kibbla. There are many more interesting places that you can see. Among them are university and school of arts, the library of Mitchell and others.

In Glasgow, come to feel the real spirit of Scotland. Any traveler must include his visit to his tour in Britain.

Glasgow - Cultural capital of the British Islands What to see first

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