Glitter Biarry

Biarritz is like clothes that constantly enters and comes out of fashion. The town, located on the seashore in the Basque Gulf, was a quiet fishing village, until Napoleon III and his spouse Enermatrian Eugene did not build a summer palace here in 1854. The town became famous thanks to the story of Ernest Hemingway "And the sun rides", And for some time was the center of attention as a fashionable alternative to Riviera; Designer at home Fashion Chanel Karl Lagerfeld even built her house here. When in the 60s, the fever began to fade, the Biarritz was opened with surfers, and now international surfing competitions are held here.

Today, the town is a motley mixture of the former Glory of the Old World and the disorderly ease of hippie. Biarritz is served by cheap flights of European airlines, and almost half of the last flight passengers appeared aboard in sandals on the Bosu’s leg and long-to-knee shorts, pressing the surfboards to him. On the main shopping street Biarritz – Quixilver Street – Serfing equipment shops Neighboring Ferregamo and Powl Smith boutiques. In other words, there is nothing unusual that the surficist girl with rings in the nose prepares pancakes in the kiosk near the gate of the very chic hotel "Hotel du Palace".

The former palace Hotel Du Palace was converted to the hotel in 1893; In 1903, he burned down and was re-built in a few years. The hotel takes the best plot of land in Biarritz, leaving a small moon-like beach overlooking the rocky cliff. Despite the fact that the beach resort is formally located here, the formalness does not occupy. And do not think to appear in the lobby in bikini. Many guests appear on breakfast in white shirts, in pants and sometimes even in ties. Consider this concession to the aristocratic past; In addition, dogs (even large German shepherds are allowed in a restaurant at any time.

Outside the hotel you can see a continuous flow of Mercedes, Bentley and several vintage cars. The hall is fueled by mirrors in gold frames, heavy drapes and antique furniture with silk upholstery in the best traditions of architecture and the decor of the second empire. Corridors are laid out special tested boards and covered with rings of royal blue. Rooms with high ceilings are decorated with intricate stucco and panels, and exquisite furniture is withstanding in soft cream and yellow tones. Bathrooms recently renovated, large enough, lined with marble tiles and equipped with powerful shower devices.

Glitter Biarry

The center of the hotel is a huge pool, which looks as if they were taken straight from some classic Hollywood masterpiece. Here you can order food right from the pool, and the service personnel in white jackets will bring you a whole table to the booth, covered with a tablecloth, with Chinese porcelain and silver. Many guests bring three shifts in the pool: Bikini – in the morning, dress – for lunch, and something for swimming in the afternoon. Maintenance in the pool is also higher than all sorts: Towing a literally running any wishes of guests, whether it is just a desire to move an umbrella or bring a fruit cocktail from the bar. Located near the pool restaurant called "Lippocapm" offers a variety of light salads, as well as traditional backed chicken-type dishes in tomato sauce baked in a clay pot. A restaurant "La Rotonda" overlooking the sea – this is the most "formal" Hotel Restaurant.

Sea water in the pool is constantly heated, but if someone wants really sharp sensations, then he is a direct path to the beach, where the waves are four feet tall (and sometimes above) – the most common thing. The beach is divided into a plot for swimming and surfing, and everything you need for surfing equipment can be rented in the nearest casino, literally within walking distance. Good luck and good wave! Prices begin by ?425 ($ 483).

It is believed that surfing to France was brought in 1956 by Hollywood screenwriter Peter, when he filmed a film in Biarritz and the sun rises. Seeing gorgeous high waves and a completely deserted beach, he sent to California for his beloved surfboard. Local residents who have never seen surfing before that, thought he was crazy, but soon the tradition had passed.

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