Global Village Park in Dubai

Global Village Park is one of the oldest sights of Dubai, the park has been 25 years old for which he was rebuilt several times and moved to a new place. Now this is a huge park with 90 thematic pavilions dedicated to different countries of the world, amusement park and other entertainment facilities.

What looks like? On VDNH in Moscow, only less in size. Global Village Park About 1 kilometer in length and 650 meters width. On the inspection of the park, plan a whole evening.

Important – work season

Global Village Park is a seasonal landmark, only works in the winter season. Opens in the last days of October, closes in the first days of April. In the season 2020/2021, the discovery took place on October 25, and closing on May 2.

Outside the season, the park is closed at all.

What’s new in the season 2020/2021

A lot of everything. And main news: the Pavilion of Russia finally appeared in the park!

The schedule has changed, as we will tell further in this article.

Naturally, there are measures of covid security similar as in all Dubai. We read about these measures in the article on the link above. In addition, the application "Global Village" appeared, in which you can buy a ticket to the park or pay parking.

Another GvPay by Noqodi application allows you to shop in the park contactless with a smartphone. Also in the park everywhere take ordinary bank cards. But cash now pay is forbidden.

Also in the park returned fireworks on Thursdays, Fridays and holidays. We assign the Global Village Park with an absolute victory in the nomination "The most nyashny measure of covid security" – here in the children’s theaters put plush bears on those places where it is impossible to accomplish the social distance.

Bus routes 102, 103, 104, 106 (go to the park from metro stations) are now operating new VOLVO buses of high comfort.

Ride or not go to Global Village?

Let’s say immediately if the Global Village park was near the metro station and if he worked at least from noon, we would definitely recommended him to visit. But considering his long-range location and uncomfortable hours of work, the situation is ambiguous.


– the ability to visit 3,500 stores with goods from different countries. It is even more interesting here, but look at ethnic products from around the world;

– Moderate (by the measures of the UAE) Entrance fee of 15 Dirhams, included visits to dance shows and children’s ideas. The actual course of Dirhama, see our article "UAE currency";

– a large amusement park, where you can pay only for attractions, and such a payment scheme in the UAE is rare;

– Opportunities to try Street Foot and Fast Food from around the world.


– Uncomfortable hours of work for tourists, what we’ll talk to a little lower;

– Uncomfortable location, what now let’s talk about.

Where is and how to get

Park is located in the south-east of the city, on the Sheikh Mohammed Hydway Highway (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road). It is 20 kilometers from the nearest metro. Dear.

Option 1 – Taxi. For trips to Park and from Global Village Park there are special reduced rates. To take advantage of these tariffs, you need to call a taxi through the DTC application (Dubai Taxi Corporation). The application is available for iOS and Android, called "DTC". How lower these tariffs? Until we can not say, did not use.

On ordinary taxi rates will cost expensive. From the nearest metro station "Mall of the Emirates" riding 20 kilometers, a trip will cost 45-50 Dirhams. From the hotel will cost even more depends on the distance. Current Tariffs See our article "Taxi in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah".

There is also a 30% discount on Taxi Careem Taxi. You need to order the car with the official CAREEM application and enter GVWOW promo. Discount Applies if the Park Global Village is a destination or travel destination.

Option 2 – bus. There are 4 routes from the metro stations right to Global Village. All movement interval – 30 minutes, work from 15-15 to 23-15.

Attention! Fare price on these buses – 10 dirhams per person. Payment by a NOL. card.

Bus 102. From the metro station "Rashidiya".

Bus 103. From the subway station "Union".

Bus 104. From the metro station "Al Ghubaiba".

Bus 106. From the metro station "Mall of the Emirates".

Dubai metro in Russian, see our article "Dubai Metro".

To know the exact time in order not to stand and wait for the bus, we give accurate schedules from the RTA (April 2021): bus schedule 102, bus schedule 103, bus schedule 104, bus tickets 106.

Ticket price

For the entrance to Global Village you need to pay, which is much surprised by many tourists.

Ticket price – 15 Dirhams (including VAT-VAT tax).

Free pass: children under 3 years old, older over 65, disabled.

Important moment! There are attractions in the park, but they are for a fee. What exactly, let’s tell later when we talk in detail about all parts of the park.

Tickets can be bought or in the box office at the entrance, or in the Global Village application, or on the official buy site.Globalvillage.AE / EN / .

Ticket Wonder Pass

Rather, this is an addition to the ticket, since the 15 dirham entrance charge it does not include. In fact, it is a combo pass on the attractions.

It costs 105 dirhamov. Get: 1 Passage on the Stunt Show Survivor show (10), 1 visiting circus (15), entrance to the Ripley’s Museum (40) and a mirroring labyrinth (25) and 105 points for attractions (105).

If you consider numbers in the paragraph above, you will understand that the ticket is very profitable.

There is a set of "Family Pass", costs 120 dirhams. Contains an entrance ticket, car parking and Wonder Pass. Useful only if you come by car.

Opening hours

From Sunday, on Wednesday: from 16-00 to midnight.

Saturday: from 14-00 to 23-00.

On Thursday, Friday, Holidays: from 16-00 to 01-00.

On Monday, login only for families and women.

Now many readers have a question: why such a strange schedule? The fact is that in the Arab Emirates weekend is Friday (sacred day in Islam) and Saturday. We wrote about this in the article "Friday and Weekend in the UAE". Therefore, the work has been extended on Thursday and Friday.

Festive days schedule, see our article "Holidays in the UAE".

The schedule is extremely inconvenient for tourists. Sensible tourists in the UAE go to the parks of attractions and water parks always in the afternoon, so as not to stand in the queues and avoid the crowd. And the Global Village park opens only at 16-00. After 1.5-2 hours, he becomes full of people "under the string".

What’s interestnig?

Cafes and restaurants in the kitchens of the world

In Glabal Village Park, more than 130 catering points. Of these, only 20 cafes and restaurants, that is, with seats. Restaurants are usually crowded. The rest are stalls and counters with national fast foods and streets.

If you want to try in one evening street food from all over the world, then Global Village is the best chance. If you are picky in food, then there will be a problem among this diversity to find yourself anything acceptable.

If you want to try many types of national food, it is possible to go to the food court of Dubai Molla, where the power points are not less, but no diversity is worse.

The shops

Number of trading points here Astronomical – 3500! Even in Dubai Molla and Mall of Emirates together there are so many. However, the amount does not mean quality at all. Most of these 3500 outlets are very small shops.

Most of all the stores of ethnic goods. In each pavilion, the goods from their country. In Moroccan, the chic selection of Tajins, in Indian you can buy curry for every taste or figure of God Ganesh, in Turkish Pahlava and Lukum for every taste.

Lovers of ethnic goods here will be insanely interesting. The rest will be moderately interesting.

Children’s ideas in Kids Theater

Price: Included in the price of the entrance ticket.

Are held in the children’s theater 3-4 times a day, Show Short – 10 minutes. Characters of our children are familiar: Heroes in masks, Ben and Holly, Engri Berds. The show is not bad, but all the communication of the characters is in English that for our children is unusual.

Concerts on Main Stage

Global Village Park in Dubai

Price: Included in the price of the entrance ticket.

Dance shows are held on the main stage (Main Stage) 4-5 times a day. Show Short – 20 minutes, but look interesting. The repertoire is dedicated mainly to India, Pakistanu, Bangladesh. Held on the Arabic and languages ​​of these countries.

Street artists

Price: Included in the price of the entrance ticket.

On the streets there are clowns, growth dolls, actors in costumes and in stilts. You can interact with them and photographed, do not take a separate fee for photos.

Amusements Carnival

Price: from 10 to 60 points, payment card Wonder.

In the center of Global Village there is a large amusement park. To ride attractions and play on automata, you need to buy a Wonder map and put money on it. 1 point = 1 Dirham, when replenished for large amounts there are discounts.

Prices are quite high. Local Extreme Batutu – 60 Points, Boat Moscow Max – 20 points, Shang High Carousel – 30 points. Ride all attractions and play automata will cost about 1000 dirhams!

"Wheel of the World"

Price: 25 points, payment by Wonder card.

Big Wheel Ferris Wheel of The World, Height 60 meters. Allows you to look at the Glabal Village Park from the height and appreciate its scale. Find the easiest way, the wheel is glowing, it can be seen from anywhere in the park.

RIPLEY’S Believe IT or Not!

Price: 40 Dirhams per museum, 25 per mirror maze.

This entertainment idea is from the US, now it has already spread more than 100 countries. This is a museum where photos, wax figures, scenes and installations that show facts that are very difficult to believe. Visitors themselves must guess – the truth is or false.

Entertainment interesting, but expensive. Also at the museum there is a mirror labyrinth. There is a combo ticket Museum + Labyrinth, the price – 50 Dirhams.

Stunt Show

Price: 10 Dirhams.

Show Cascaders on motorcycles, buggies and cars. Lasts 20 minutes, passes on a special arena 4 times a day, except for Tuesdays. Drivers no longer show tricks, and chat with each other, playing some kind of script. Acoustics here is clearly not at the highest level, there are many noise, and even with knowledge of English little.

Price: 15 Dirhams.

Circus-Shapito Capacity 500 people. Here are clowns, acrobats, motorcyclist. The representation lasts 30 minutes, passes in the circus tent 3 times a day.

Important advice

– in the park there is a dress code and a common set of rules of behavior, we were told about this in the article "What is impossible to the UAE";

– In the Global Village application for smartphones there is a park map. Otherwise, the application is useless, as it is just a set of links to the official website. The application is recommended to download in advance, since mobile traffic in the UAE expensive, what we talked about the article "Internet in the UAE cheap";

– On the territory of Global Village Park, free internet is available. In the 2019/2020 season, the park became the first attraction of the UAE with a total 5G coating;

– In Ramadan, the park works, however it will be very difficult to eat. All restaurants with sunset are clogged with "Under Typper". Read our article "Ramadan in the UAE".

Successful visits to Global Village, and read our UAE articles (List of articles below).

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Thank you very much for such valuable information. Do not tell you how to get from the butterfly garden to Global Village? Only taxi? And what will be the price?

Alexander – Glavred site

Only on taxi. 35-40 Dirhams on the meter.

Hello. Please tell me where you can find confirmation that Wonder Pass is worth 105 AED. And at the same time it includes visiting the show, circus, museum, labyrinth and another 105 points on the attractions. It looks very profitable, but on the website of the global Vilab, I have not found such information anywhere.

Alexander – Glavred site

Hello. Combo tickets can change, appear or disappear at any time. This article was updated on February 4, it means it was on sale. Now I looked, there is no such proposal. It’s a pity. May appear.
Unfortunately, I can’t recheck all articles every day. This is physically impossible. ((
Good was a combo ticket. I hope he will still be.

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