Glory Cumbhea, Glory Ganggu

Two nights in the cold winter water of Ganges on the outskirts of the city of Allahabad, which in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a few men were included in the projected bandages and started ablution. First hands, then face, body. Some plunged with your head. All in a low-voice mantra, from time to time exclaiming: "Glory Cumbsh! Glory Gangu!"

After an hour of swimsters gathered several hundred, and by the middle of the day – about three million! So in the north of India began "Mahakambh Mela" – The famous Hindu festival and the largest in the world, if you can put it, a religious meeting. Celebrated "Mahakambh Mela" time immemorial, and the reason for him was the wonderful event, which is surprisingly rich in the Indian Epos.

Once for a long time, when else "Earth was not land", The gods beat the world ocean to get the elixir of immortality. And received! And called him amrita. Place the elixir in the bowl (Kumbh – on Sanskrit). Yes, they were drunk. Everyone wanted to take possession "Live water". Divine nectar spacing. Drops fell in four places along the banks of the rivers. Where is now the city of Allahabad, Nasik, Udhain da Hardvar.

In these sacred places, Hindus now celebrate "Mahakambh Mela", that translated means a holiday big bowl. Collected once in 12 years alternately in four cities in sanctified Amrita shores. Then when the planets are built up favorable for believers.

Lasts a festival for more than a month. The main points this time come on the 14th, 24th and 29th days of January. And everyone has its own name, everyone corresponds to their mantras, in each of their rituals. But they all start with ablution, and then compulsory, if you apply the Christian term, communion "panda" – Hindu priest. He paints the pilgrim’s face with different colors, will put a constant tick – a point on the forehead between the eyebrows, which mumbles the patter of prayer. Two acts – ablution and prayers – are called upon to clean the pilgrims from all accumulated sins.

Some believers fall into trance. Preliminary long post, the cold of the first morning hours, fascinating the rhythm flute monotony, finally, deep faith – everything is going to a point in some moment. Man ceases to feel. Often just falls into fainting.

Well, what differs the current "Mahakambh Mela" from previous? First of all, what it opens not only a new century, but also the millennium. Who do not want to start a new time on a generally accepted calendar with a pure heart, sinless soul and good thoughts!

The opening of the festival coincided with the complete eclipse of the moon. And this is considered a good sign, a kind of additional guarantee of the effectiveness of sacred rituals.

Well, thirdly, on the first day on the Allahhabad land on the merger of Ganges, Jamne and the mythical underground river Sarasvati for liberation from the lading was gathered by an unprecedented number of Indians and pilgrims from abroad. It is expected that by the end of January, the total number of thirsty cleanliness can reach 25 million. Local newspapers predict generally an astronomical figure – 50 million.

What does such a cluster of people for local authorities mean – to imagine. They need a roof above their heads, they want to eat, they are sick, and sometimes even flames with epidemics, carrying thousands of human lives. Yes, what to say, maniacs, and terrorists may be among the pilgrims. Need, word, emergency measures.

Aliens live in an overwhelming majority in Cumbhnagar Cumbach Cumba Cumba. For their service, a whole administration of 20 thousand employees has been created, Allahabad police forces have strengthened by 10 thousand employees, in their own way, known only to them the plan prepared and special services. And doctors – remember about those who complete the ritual fainting – generally stood on a round-the-clock watch. Bureau works without breaks "Identification". Without such a service, it is also not to do. After all, every day in this unthinkable crowd is lost to 15 thousand people. Everyone should be installed, everyone finds his relatives.

Glory Cumbhea, Glory Ganggu

Do I need to say that prices for rooms in hotels, food, drink jumped to dozens of times. And on sacred objects also. Amulets, rosary, vessels with sacred gang water. By the way, the water here, of course, is sacred, but even Sadhu is holy people-hermites in saffron robes, or loose dressings, or simply asked ashes – and for some reason they buy, let Stridoga, drinking water in plastic bottles.

And one more feature. Several tens of thousands of pilgrims from England, France, Italy, USA, Japan, Australia participate in the festival. Where didn’t come from! There are from Russia. A little but there is.

Among foreign "Hindus" – about 500 people with famous names. And among these – superstars. Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Madonna, Pierce Brosnan. Color Hollywood and Pop Music. They, though, have not yet arrived, but only they said that they would come. But newspaper noise around "List of guests" Already stands and handed.

Of course, on the one hand, it is clear that Hinduism gets becoming more recognized in the world. The universalism of Hindu postulates and the Spirit is completely deserve. But on the other – it can be completely understood and accepted, to become part of not only the worldview, but also life itself literally for units in the West.

Nevertheless, the arrival of megasvera is very indicative. It is difficult to imagine that they are taking the warhead in search of the meaning or truth of life. Commercialization of the holy "Mahakambh Mela" becomes reality. But this is not a reason for crosses. On the contrary, here you can see a very attractive way "Incarnation" Festival. Christmas has long been a worldwide holiday. All the accompanying sales, shows, cruises and other functions at all silence the holiness of the birthday of Christ. So for examples to walk, as they say, it is far from.

And who knows maybe after some time and "Mahakambh Mela" will be celebrated by the whole world. In the end, the world is sin, we are all sinful, and it does not interfere with the sins. At least once in 12 years.

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