Go on a campaign

Going to go to nature, it is necessary to thoroughly think about how to dress that we take with meals, equipment, how to prepare skis and t. D. When all this is done, You can only … Learn to walk! Walking in the forest at all what is in the city.

Try to move silently: Wild animals a bit and careful. Go soft steps, do not make boots like soldiers. Do not step on dry branches and trunks of fallen trees. The first can always be treacherously chirping, and on the second it is very easy to slip, especially if the bark has already fallen. Do not talk, do not whistle. Silent – sister secrecy.

AND be careful! The cheeks lied a counter breeze – right go, against the wind, the beast does not care. Noticed on the land of "Nabber" Maple: "Yeah, bullfires feed on the tree". Ears caught a quiet DRIGHT: "Ryabik saw me, now fly away!". The smell sharply: "Fox leaving the label"! Going to the glade, seek, the edge, stop and, without winding, Lay out open place.

It is necessary to move not only silently and secretly, but also be able to not lose the main direction. When clowning or pursuing an animal, you can get carried away, turn on the terrain and losing the orientation. Do not forget to notice the way, but Compass must always be with you! In addition to the ability to determine the general direction, you must still be able to choose the best path on a specific area. On the swamp you need to go through so as not to get bogged; In the mountains – to avoid unnecessary lifts and descents.

Out of all rules

In any hike comes the moment when It’s time to make a habit. If you stop for a while, the main thing is to find what to sit. In other cases, water and firewood should be on the spot. Good when nearby will be any natural shelter &# 8211; This is in case of bad weather: a thick tree, turn, cave. In the heat or at mosques, choose the place on the breeze.

Do not forget about the security of Bivak. Not Slide near tilted trees, Old Sukhomens: from the wind, and even just from old age they can collapse. Be extremely careful if you have to blame dry wood on firewood. Do not think during a thunderstorm to sit under high thick trees: lightning is most often hit in them! In the mountains Provide The possibility of stonepad, snow avalanche, sudden flood.

Arriving for the night, remember not only about your amenities, but also about the safety of the forest. About your culture, about your skill will be judged by how untouched your bed will be. All garbage – in the fire! Leftovers Fold in the side – They will be eaten by birds and beasts. Canning banks bury.

Leave the place of the privata as much as you wanted to see him, becoming on the halt.

Do not forget about security!

Railing a fire, remember the danger of fire. Take All precautions. Enclose the fire at such a place where the fire cannot spread to the side of dry forest litter or grass. Cheating the fire on the sand, on the road, on the spot twisted with the roots of the tree. If there is no such place, you wrap the fire, at least a pointed stick. Watch out for sparks. Leaving the prival, unable to fill the bonfire with water or throw snow. In no case do not leave a fire unattended!

In places where there are mites – encephalitis carriers, – you need to tie the sleeves, gates, a belt and trousers down to the ticks could not crawl under the clothes. Before the night Carefully examine yourself. In Central Asia, where the most poisonous snakes are Cobra, Gurza, Efu, – need to have ampoules with "antigurzin" and "anti-kobrous".

Go on a campaign

Our usual Wajuk is not so dangerous. Gadyuk himself does not attack: she bites when you, without seeing, come to her, or touches your hand, or give away during the night. In this case, a pure sterilized knife or razor make a shallow incision (not deeper 3 mm!) so that both punzes of the skin from poisonous teeth of the snake would be connected by this cut.

Now it follows suck and spit blood. Do it makes sense immediately after the bite and only when there is no wound in my mouth and on the lips. Then you need to get home as soon as possible or to some housing. I need home Full peace and abundant warm drink &# 8211; tea, coffee, milk.

Do not be afraid when you see that the branched place begins to swell hard. Lucky bite painful but fatal outcomes are extremely rare. Previously recommended to drag the busting place by the harness. Now it is established that it should only do when the cobra bite. When biteing all our poisonous snakes, the harness is strictly prohibited!

Never Do not drink raw water! Even absolutely clean water may be harmful.

What else to take with you

In addition, with long campaigns in the group It should be thermometer, Gigroscopic cotton wool, ammonia alcohol in ampoules, medical alcohol or at least triple cologne, manganese-sour potassium crystals (mangartan).

In the forest with you, not all that can come in handy there, but only, Without which it is impossible to do in the forest. Knowledge of this comes only with experience.

Go on a campaign

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