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For me, Jerusalem is primarily a place where Jesus Christ was crucified. Therefore, it was so important for me to go along the path of Christ – the sorrowful way to Calvary.
I wanted to really feel everything that I described in my novel "A strange strange incomprehensible extraordinary stranger". And I felt how hot in the middle of the day, when 35 degrees are in the shade, and how I want to drink, and how hard to rise across a narrow, crowded idle crowd and merchants, streets.

The sorrowful path of Christ on Calvary – Via Dolorosa – passes through the Arab quarter.
Arabs earn everything. They are even a premises where the pretoria was previously located and kept the last night in the dungeon of Christ before execution, (now there is an Arab school), turned into place of income – sell tickets for viewing.
When I walked around Via Dolorosa, the Arab boy, looking at my guide, told me – "Crezy", and twisted my finger at the temple.
Curiously at the same time hear the call on Muslim prayer, see how Jews are in a hurry to the synagogue, and how Christians carry a cross on Via Dolorosa, hear the ringing of bells and the noise of merchants.

The most participation in the Holy Land is taken by the Franciscan monks. Their numerous churches, missions and behavior cause great respect.
On Fridays, the Franciscan Monks pass with the symbolic cross all the way of Christ on Calvary. On other days, the sorrowful way of the group of Christians from different countries is also held, which is shown in my video.

In fact, this is not necessarily "the very" place for which Jesus really passed. This place, revered by the Church in memory of the mystery of the life of Christ; place that is considered sacred believers.

VIA DOLOROSA or "Patterns" leads along the winding narrow streets of the old city in Jerusalem from the "Esse Homo" monastery to the Basilica of the Mernel of the Lord. According to tradition, it is believed that on this path, carrying his cross, was Christ from the Pretor Trusting Pilate in Anthony to the place of crucifixion – Calvary (frontal place).
On the way there are fourteen stops of the Cross. Each stop (station – Station) symbolizes an event or sacred memory.

1st stop – a place where Jesus was sentenced to death – the courtyard of the Al-Omaria school, where the Roman fortress was previously located.
2nd stop – where the crown of the crown is pinned on Jesus and where he takes his cross. Both Franciscan chapels of condemnation and scamps are partially located above the leafstrost, where, by tradition, Jesus was convicted of death.
3rd stop – where Jesus falls under the cross for the first time. At the corner of the street El Vad is the Polish chapel. Bas-relief Tadeusch Zelinsky over the entrance talks about the fall of Jesus under the cross.
4th stop – where Jesus meets his mother. Tradition says that the Virgin was standing by the road to see her son. Here, this little Armenian Catholic chapel resembles her sorrow.
5th Stop – where Simon Kirineyanina is forced to carry the cross. The fifth stop of the cross way is marked by the Franciscan chapel on the place where Via Dolorozo slowly begins to rise in Calvary.
6th stop – where Veronica wipes sweat from the face of Jesus. Altar with a semots in the chapel of the junior sister of Jesus. He was restored in 1953 on the spot, where, as it is considered by tradition, the house of Veronica was.
7th stop – where Jesus falls the second time. Large Roman Column, located in the Franciscan Chapel, marks the second fall of Jesus. Tradition says that he was sentenced to condemn him to death. Hence the Christian name of this place: "Gate condemnation".
8th stop – where Jesus was sad about the women of Jerusalem. She is marked with a Latin cross on the wall of the Greek Monastery.
9th stop – where Jesus falls the third time. Roman column celebrates the ninth stop. Next to her are apse and roof of the coffin of the Lord, resembling the fall of Christ at the sight of the future of the crucifixion.
10th stop – where from Jesus remove clothes, is inside the basilica.
11th Stop – where Jesus is naked to the cross in the eyes of his mother (the main Latin Cancer).
12th Stop – Where Jesus dies on the Cross (Greek Altar).
13th Stop – where Jesus is removed from the cross (the anointing stone)
14th stop – where Jesus was laid in the coffin.

Protestants do not recognize the coffin of the Lord. For them, he is behind the city wall.
Genuine whether the place is a question of faith! If you believe – then genuine, if you do not believe – you are looking for doubts!
Small empty hill, similar to Skull – "Bald Mountain" – visible in the photo near the lion gate.

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What was the genuine cross, on which Jesus crucified, the subject of disputes, and even a symbol of belonging to a certain Christian denomination. So, for example, Mormons believe that it was not a cross, but a tree in the form of the letter T.
I probably looked all the films about Jesus Christ, about His path on Calvary.
In the film of Mel Gibson "Passion of Christ", bloody Jesus carries a huge cross adapted for reusable.
The cross looks like a cross in the film Martina Rocket, although not without flaws.

Crucified on the cross in those times there were a lot. It was an indicative execution, long and painful, in the edification of others.
Vegetation within Jerusalem is very scarce, and make a huge cross, like those that make pine or oak, is simply impossible.
I rather agree with the English researcher Farrar, who believed that the cross was incomplete on an ambulance hand from the olive or fig tree.

Amazes the average of this path. As if everything was so there were two thousand years ago: the same idle curiosity crowd and indifference merchants.

We are removed into the courtyard, where in bloody clothes is the king of the Jewish. Sundays of the Sun. We are conducted for the city gate. Accompanied by the soldiers of the security regiment, we just cut down somewhere near the trees. Everything seems surprisingly everyday, as if nothing significant happens. But I feel the inexplicable feeling of something significant, which must happen. I do not leave the festive mood, as if it is not a penalty, but something more than just death. Following the king, we slowly delight on Calvary. I see that Jesus is exhausted, his clothes are all soaked in blood. At first, I hated him, then inappropriately sympathy penetrated into my soul, and now this sorrowful way has caused an invalid compassion for the righteous, voluntarily dividing the painful way to death with us. Ahead of us is waiting for the same suffering on the cross, and how can be offended by this unfortunate, who, without being guilty, will be crucified with us. We must be *************** He for having got rid of us from painful expectations of execution.
From time to time we shift my cross from one shoulder to another. People by whom we pass, screaming curses. What is happening seems terrible and inexplicable injustice. Someone crying. But why curse him, only his? Why, for which he is so hated? Where is this malice? After all, even recently, they welcomed their king with joyful exclamations? Why suddenly they wanted to get rid of the preacher of love? Judas and me, we deserved contempt for ourselves, Jesus became a victim of hate those who heal. If in my soul lives anger from betrayal comrades, then what this man should experience, who created so much good to people, distributed to them as many of his love, and in return received a shameful death on the cross? He suffers on a par with us, that is, for my sins. I just like Jesus, I wanted good to my people, and as a result I would be shamefully crucified.
It becomes hot, the smell of sweat dope head. Jesus goes ahead, his legs are brazed, and it can be seen that his forces on the outcome. The king from the last strength carries his cross, and suddenly it falls in exhaustion. The procession stops. I stretch my hand, helping Jesus climb. The feeling is that everything now worried just can not disappear without a trace, and the confidence increases with the fatigue from the rise in Calvary. Or maybe my whole life was only preparation for crucifixion on the cross along with the king of Juda? No, it can not be so easy to disappear. There must be any meaning in everything? Even in this shameful death. Must be sure to come an hour of payback. After all, there is the highest justice. Believe that there is!
Finally came. Pick up durning drink. Jesus refuses. I’m glad I drink his share. Gradually consciousness purre, and the body becomes less sensitive. Watch how nails are in live flesh, unbearably. Painfully want to ease, because we have never been output. Acute pain pierces my brushes, and I can no longer restrain myself – a warm jet wins a dirty dressing on the hips.
The soldier removes a sign of the unfortunate preacher with the sign "Jesus Nazoria, the king of the Jewish" and hesitates her to the headboard, which is clearly small to this person. When the nails are driven into the body of Jesus, he only cute slightly, and I see how the bandage on his hips he also becomes wet. Before my hearing, barely distinguishable words are given: "Father! Forgive them, for they do not know what they do ".
To whom he draws?
Finally, the cross lift and stick into the dug hole. The body immediately saves. So that it somehow retarded on the cross, between the legs are sticking the transverse board. Feet almost touch the earth. Now there will be a blow to the armpit. But why not? A, soldiers are engaged in delicate clothes. Throw the lot in order not to tear chiton. Really, really, the spent in Scripture comes true: "Divided my rises among themselves and about the clothes they threw jerebiy"?
I right from Jesus, Judas left. Hot. The sun is harshly. I want to drink. Feet and brushes burn fire. What a terrible pain! Mostly die.
– Why are you, the Dissism, do not ask for death?
Hardly open eyelids. Soldier from guard, squinting, looks at me. In her hands, he holds bread and a vessel with a soldier’s bed.
– drink, give drink.
The soldier takes a sponge, wraps her in drink and brings to my lips.
– More, let me still!
– Enough. And for a long time you have to wait for your death.
Vinegar only strengthened thirst, even more increasing suffering. Consciousness unfortunately does not leave me. Some people are suitable for Jesus. Probably, again they want to make fun of helpless.
– destroying the temple and at three days creating, – shouts one of them. – save yourself. If you are the Son of God, Sooty from the Cross.
– Saved others, and he himself can not save! If he is the king of Israel, let him come down from the cross, and we will believe in it.
– Personal on God: Let him save him if he got himself. For he said: I am God’s Son.
Jesus is silent. Spit on him. He is silent. Beat sticks by body. He is silent. For some reason, do not even look at us.
– If you are Christ, – I know Judah’s stinging voice, – save yourself and us.
Damned Judah!
– Or are you not afraid of God, when it is sentenced to the same? We are convicted fair, because we have taken decent on affairs; and he didn’t do anything bad.
These words take me the last remnants of forces. And suddenly through the pain and muddy veil from the dashing drink breaks the ray of hope.
What salvation they say? Can you still be saved from imminent death? Or only from painful rupture muscles and tendons?
Unexpected hope almost completely cuts off.
But how? Is Jesus Nazori can get away from the cross? What if he is really Christ, the Son of God? Then, it means that he is able to save himself?! And maybe me.
What a terrible sun. Jesus is completely sorry. Probably he has already lost consciousness. Lucky!
Tongue adhesion to the sky and move them there is no possibility. I look at the emaciated body of Jesus, on his drooping head with his hair sticking to the cheeks, and suddenly I have been taking a long time forgotten feeling of pity and compassion. Tears themselves roll out of the eyes and fall on the lips. Language lick them, and he will no longer stick to the sky. With difficulty squeeze out of the dry larynx:
– Remember me, Lord, when you attain your kingdom!
Jesus looks at me. In the eyes of his sorrow, on the face of peace, and on the mouth. Smile?! Can not be! He is rejoicing what is happening?!
Flashing finally, consciousness slowly leaves me, leading to unbearable pain.
And suddenly:
– True I tell you, now you will be with me in paradise.
… "
(from my novel "Alien strange incomprehensible extraordinary strangers" on the site New Russian literature

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