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In fact, Chukovsky’s roots was right – the children should not go to Africa. Adults will have to think three times before taking walks in this direction. It’s not about gorilla and evil crocodiles. These characters are present there, but the dangers and troubles are waiting for the traveler much earlier than he will meet with our smaller brothers. Which, by the way, do not consider us with their brothers at all. The first thing that amazes Russian who arrived in the edge of hot savannah and raw jungle is poverty. The degree of poverty is that it becomes clear: even the worst of their years, the beginning of the 90s, Russia spent in abundance. Most of the Africans lives not that without utility or electricity, but outside the concept that these benefits exist.

Naturally, a white man is fenced from a rough-primitive life. But it is so closely that it is impossible to isolate at all. Moreover, the existence of the aliel in Africa requires both everyday courage and elementary precautions. Do not try to go there without making vaccinations. Do not get hot on the part of the local fast food. It is better to undergo hunger than dysentery. Do not think there are unwashed any fruits. Even pineapples (which are a miracle here as good) in strictly obligatory washed with soap. If you have a mosquer biting you – this is not a trifle, but a good reason for panic. From malaria, let’s say, you are grafted – and from the rest?

Nightlife also requires caution. AIDS – the disease is mysterious: in Africa, in her homeland, there are whole areas where 100% of the population are carriers of immunodeficiency virus. There are those where this virus is not at all. But the paradox is that the most loving, wiggy and attractive black ladies occur from the regions of the first type. In addition, the life of a person in Africa is unusually cheaply cheap and, for example, a walk along a tropical beach on a secluded island can end tragically, if the simple-headed native warrior will like your watch or even ordinary shorts. You are for him – no one, and shorts are shorts. Lie whether – Painting in silky "Nike" and eat white bean? Do not forget about this logic under no circumstances.

Turning to a more pleasant part of the story – to the fact that you are there, actually, and go – we note that: in Africa, generally speaking, you can get the same level of service as in any other country. But for the same money. For example, you can dine in a beautiful club, "sharpened" Under the White People, drinking Lobster with great South African wines. But such a lunch will cost dollars in 30-40. Safari? The same story: Hunting for "big five" African animals in which are among others, lion and elephant will cost at least $ 20,000, not counting overhead costs. It occupies such non-environmental fun at least twenty days and is intended to sew the fans of the destruction of wildlife.

For moderates offered countless excursions to all sorts of national parks. It looks like this: I saw species "Land Rover", either minibus "Toyota" (still preserving some memory of the air conditioner who worked on the days of his bus youth) for a long time to drive you on dustproof. Then he will stop, and under diring of polite conductors, you will take a wooden gazebo where you will see in a kilometer from you. "But those dark boulders, – will tell you – no boulders, and hippos". Looking into binoculars, you will tense and decide: "Well, maybe hephep".

Go to Africa

Another attraction of Africa, quite standard – climbing Kilimanjaro. Mount Beautiful and, along climbing standards, simple. Everyone can climb on it – with the help of local conductors who need to be required, this is the law. However, only one of four who take such an attempt. The difficulty is that for the ascent of height almost six thousand meters, acclimatization is required, and in four days, released on standard climb, it is not enough. The exit is simple: if you want to fulfill an ambitious dream and personally make sure that there is no frozen leopard at the top, contrary to Hemingway, you must take care of in advance – for example, to resemble alps or the Caucasus.

However, whatever the form of travel in Africa you choose, remember the eastern wisdom: "time takes place for everything that is done without his participation". Even if you just gathered to be sought on the beach and swim from the mask, eye on fish and corals, do not rush. In Africa, you need to go at least three weeks. Otherwise you will not have time to penetrate the terrain, nor feel her rhythm. And this is the most important thing. Africans – what kind of tribe the tribe are neither – superior to a white man in musicality immeasurably. The plastic and the musicality of the Africans are such that Elvis Presley is just a log compared to the ordinary Coca-Cola dealer on the Mombasa market.

To "hand out" To all this, in order to feel with anything not comparable Africa’s attractiveness, a special dissolution of a person in hot, cruel, infinitely beautiful nature to get used to dusty and poor cities, to catch the movement of life in a vest of indifference, as if closing the entire continent – you need time. Need to endure your irritation, you need to go through the whole experience, whatever it is. And then you will definite Africa, and even if you leave this ideal alien northerner, the continent with relief will be a week and another – and with amazement, at first, without believing yourself, you will find that you do not want anything but to be there again.

Go to Africa

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