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As soon as snow falls, here and there is a whisper of winter sports lovers: "You have already opened the season?"," When we go roll?"," Let’s go to the slope!"," How it is, you have no beard?! Urgently buy!" etc. Yes, roll cool, even if you are not a pro. Two or three hikes on the slope, and besides the battered priests and knees, you can get pleasure. And we will tell you where the most picturesque slopes for lovers and beginners. Clean the board and ski, you are waiting for ski resorts!

Rose Farm, Sochi

Excellent slopes not only in the Alps, but also on the expanses of Russia there is from where to move with the breeze. The resort "Rosa Farm" has highways for any level, even children’s. If you have never stood on a blackboard, you can take a lesson with a coach – he will teach you also to fall. We recommend lingering on the slope to darkness, then you can ride under the starry sky. It’s romantic =)

Ski pass in high season: from 5,300 rubles for two days for an adult and from 2,700 rubles for a child up to 14 years.

Get The most convenientness from Adler, and from there by train "Swallow" or right from the airport on Skybus Shuttle. For details and relevant prices, watch on the site .

Bobrow Log, Krasnoyarsk

Siberian slopes are not inferior to the southern. At the resort "Bobrow Log", though not such high slopes, as in Sochi, but competences are often held here, and therefore the tracks are good. Imagine: under the board there is snow, and before the eyes of the mountain – well, what beauty!

In winter, 14 tracks of different levels are available on the slope. Professional instructors are waiting for you, as well as other entertainment: skating rink, spa, other sports. At prices Check with the site .

Chamonix, France

If you really want abroad, then it’s better not to find the Alps. The French resort of Chamonix is ​​located at the foot of the Mont Blanc massif. What are the beautiful names, and. This is the oldest and most famous resort in France – in 1924 the first winter Olympic Games held here.

Ski-Pass for one day will cost 65 euros. Do not confirm in the tracks: if you ride insecure, you better go to La Flegere or Les Houches. Experimental skiers and snowboarders will appeal on blackways LE BREVEN and LES ESSERT. All details on the site .

Kitzbühel, Austria

Go to roll an article about ski resorts

The resort-pearl of Eastern Tyrol runs between Salzburg and Innsbruck. Here skiing back in the 19th century! You are waiting for more than 170 km of trails with drops of heights from 800 to 2,000 meters. There are even night rates. But the place is attracted not only by the slopes – there are many pedestrian routes and other winter sports.

Get to The resort can be from three cities: Munich (157 km), Innsbruck (94 km) and Salzburg (77 km). From the last city rides a direct train, but from others will have to get from transfers.

For ski pass For two days you pay from 100 euros per one. It is convenient that one ski pass unites many tracks. Accurate information on prices Look for the website.

Hemcedal, Norway

One of the best holiday resorts with children. At this resort, the largest children’s area with educational slopes and game park Lynxland. Hemsedal is the most popular resort of Norway, and nature around is not inferior to the same Alps. Trails are prepared here not only for mountain descents, but also for cross-country ski lovers. And besides this race on dog sledding, iceside, walks on the sleigh, hiking in the mountains.

The resort is located Not far from the capital – halfway to Bergen. From both cities travels the train, your stop is the city of Gul, and from there on the suburban bus. If not hunting with transfers, use the Oslo-Hemsedal flight bus, which goes through the airport. But look for prices on the site.

Well, configured seriously? Then read our article on how to prepare for a ride on the slope.

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