Go to South Carolina with your family

South Carolina, the State Founded by the Confederation of the United States of America, borders with North Carolina in the north, Georgia in the south and the Atlantic Ocean in the East. She Differs in the manifold of rainforest and soft winter. South Carolina is famous for its coastline, which is covered with numerous beaches, which makes it a favorite holiday destination for family tourists. Below are places that you can visit and entertain, which will help you enjoy this Beautiful tourist destination.

The capital of South Carolina, Colombia, offers its tourists a variety of attractions. Take your children to the famous Zoo Riverbeknes and Botanical Garden on the shores of the Salyuda River. Visit the Children’s Adventure Museum, which will instantly become a hit among children, raising interest in their learning. Want to spend time outdoors? Go to the rest area of ​​Island State Dreher – An ideal place for camping, picnics and hiking. Congari National Park Located south of Colombia, and is home to the largest zone of ancient deciduous forests in the world. Enjoy stunning landscapes on the background of rising pines and cypresses. If you are a story lover, go to South Carolina State Museum. The museum offers an exhaustive collection of art and natural, as well as the cultural history of the country.

If you visit Charleston, go to the South Carolina Aquarium and amazed abundance of exotic fish and sharks. Children can enjoy a turtle tour that offers aquarium. Take advantage of a pedestrian tour of this charming city, or choose one of the movable tours. The city offers cruises to observe dolphins than the whole of your family can enjoy. Become closer with these noble animals from the ocean. Take your family in Fort Sumä, where The civil war began. Take a tour of this island fort and enjoy beauty Havan Charleston. If you want to satisfy the nature fan within you, visit Middleton. You can see America’s oldest gardens. Another interesting feature of this city, Platation Stabjards, Where are you first-hand learn about what life was in America of the 18th and 19th centuries. Stubjards depicts how qualified carpenters and weak tech worked.

To enjoy the true atmosphere of the city, visit White gardens, which are broken by the copper river. Stroll through the boulevards built from oak board and palm branches, take a look at the old monuments of the war. Do not forget to visit Yorktown, east of the bridge over the copper river. Military history, models of ships and aircraft, as well as other memorabilias are located at the local exhibition, which will delight your children.

Protected by the foot of the Blue Range, this Bright city Greenville Provides southern charm on all of its visitors. Take your children to kindergarten, which offers extraordinary gardening experience. Explore New facts about the history of American Cherokee Indians In an interpretive center. You can not visit Greenville and not see the indoor Campbell Bridge, the only indoor bridge in South Carolina. If you are a big sports fan, you must Visit the center of Bi Lo, Super-modern sports and entertainment arena. Whether musical concerts, sports championships, corporate events or children’s shows, Bi-lo requires your visit to! Excursion around the city in horse crews is the perfect way take into the atmosphere of the city. Visit the Sassafras Mountain, the highest point in the state, and also take a look at all four states (South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia) from the top of the mountain. Park Waterfalls will show you the bridge of freedom, the stop on which opens a stunning view of cascading waterfalls, which attract many visitors.

Paradise for vacationers, Lake Murray offers a wide range of activities, including skiing and boating, fishing, swimming, and these are only a few activities available on the territory of the lake. Enjoy family holidays in recreation areas – from sunbathing to picnics. Rent a boat and taking a tour of the lake. Go fishing out for perch, carp, catfish, tokat and others. The territory around Lake Murray is a natural home for purple haircuts, and if you like to look around warm in the evening, you will see Thousands of swallows, which are going on the island in front of the twilight.

Go to South Carolina with your family

The most famous of all the beaches of South Carolina are located in Myrtle Beach, this is a lot of white sandy beaches along the huge Atlantic Ocean. it Coastal resort town with numerous amusement parks and water parks that are ideal for both adults and their children. Boardwalk Myrtle Beach – The famous embankment, where the atmosphere of the carnival is rushing, there are many attractions and live music is constantly playing. Here you will find several restaurants to Satisfy your taste. Try the seafood buffets that attract huge number of hungry tourists. Or stay to idle on the beach, enjoying the waves, collecting seashells and building sand castles.

Hunting Island – State Park, which enjoy holidaymakers and nature lovers. It is covered with extensive swampy territories and spilled streams, marine forests and cozy lagows. Go to Laguna if you are interested in fishing and camping. Try to interest your children wildlife, going to the turtle nests. Lighthouse of the hunting island, is the main attraction of this area. The feature is that this is the only lighthouse affordable public. Climb on the top to enjoy the stunning view of wetlands outside the lighthouse.

You can find new adventures on every corner of South Carolina. Whether you are a tourist or a citizen, here you will find endless opportunities for family holidays. Charming beaches, many museum, exciting natural objects, all this, no doubt, Scratch your stay in South Carolina and will remain in memory forever.

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