Go to the bottom in Brugge

Bruges – a city-tale city, a dream city. As it turned out, not only for me, but also for a couple of dozens of friends, acquaintances and colleagues, yes, in general, probably, everyone who at least once watched "Go to the bottom in Brugge". In 2007, this film became a directed debut for Martin McDona, whose no less beautiful plays for the first time in Russia were delivered on the stage of the Perm Theater "At the bridge". The idea of ​​the film appeared from McDona after visiting Bruges, where he experienced 2 contradictory feelings – delight and boredom. What won in my case? Let’s return to the answer a little later, but for now – to the main tourist issues.

How to get there?
Brugge himself walk from Brussels and surrounding towns (Antwerp, Ghent, Mechelen, Lyuven), Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, the nearest airport in the Belgian capital. Of the two Brussels airports, it is easier to fly in the stent, from where it is up to the cherished goal – 1.5 hours by train, to sit in which you can, even without leaving the building. Go down to the signposts down, having bought a ticket in passing (as many as 20 euros!) in a machine or cashier. Direct trains go every hour. Already on the platform it turned out that the Europeans call Bruges not at all Brugge, but. Bruph.

Where to live?
In 100 thousand Bruges about 300 hotels – Many. The easiest option is to move from the railway station to the IBIS Budget tested by Berlin (budget network of European hotels) – was quickly rejected. In this atmospheric town, I wanted to wake up in a small hotel overlooking the canal. Channel did not specify, but nice hotels here for every taste. After some oscillations (not far?) I chose B&B-hotel behind a channel, encircling the center, that is, essentially in the suburbs. Stepping from the railway station along the canal, I looked at the cutting sky of the spiers of churches and towers and could not believe that it came true: I, damn, in Brugge!

The hotel justified his 9 points on Booking.COM, being a 2-storey residential building on a quiet street. An extremely hospitable mistress poured tea, gave the card and immediately all her stood, noting where to walk and where to dine. Settled in a small cozy room, I happily went.

What to buy?
. shopping! In March there turned out to be extremely cool. After +20 in Sunny Rome +7 in cloudy Brugge, they seemed simply unbearable. I immediately remembered another city on the water, our northern Venice, where I always always, even in the summer, and once again delighted with my talent to dress not on the weather. After a couple of days, other channels were waiting for me, so the hat was just necessary for me. Entrepreneurs about the city had to be postponed for later, I first went to shopping street and was pleasantly surprised. Not Milan, of course, but a decent choice! However, after half an hour I fell into despondency: everywhere – fresh summer collections, endless sundresses, hats and light scarves. Whispering under the nose: "You have here and summer, probably no!"- I continued to religiously hope for a miracle. Around 15th, the store was not too terrible hat for 8 euros, and in the neighboring H&M – Warm sweater. Well, and dresser at the same time)

Continuing the topic of shopping, I note that the choice of souvenirs is not bad here, and prices are quite yourself, even multiplied by 65 (horror horror!) at the then rate. Traditional decorative plate for mom cost 6 euros (and somewhere cheaper 10 and you will not meet). If your man loves beer, you can choose the original shape of a glass (from 3 euros), and in the Christmas store there are excellent toys for New Year’s and not only theme, bells, figurines, etc. (from 5 euros). And also chocolate, lace and a lot more. In the benches you can buy guidebooks in the city in Russian (3-5 euros), which will be quite by the way, because on the Internet information about this wonderful place is the very same type.

What to look?
For those who suffer from topographic cretinism (get lost in three pines – another my talent) Brugge is the perfect city. In his narrow curves, the streets are absolutely impossible to navigate even with the card, so you can relax and enjoy, walking along the canals and completely arbitrarily turning there, where the eyes look. Navigate – very simple. Look Up – in the center of the lowest Bruges there are only a few spiers, so you definitely do not lose.

Attractions here – in line. First of all, of course, pulls to climb the Belfort Tower, a memorable to all the audience for the film already known to us (see.above). This joy is 8 euros, although it is just a little joy in this.

Half an hour in line and 10-15 minutes up wooden steps that are becoming all already, so you constantly have to miss those who descend. Rising, first of all try to escape from the cold (the wind in March – Hell!), but realizing that it is useless, you begin to look around.

Eh, deception, circle cheating! In the film, the heroes admired the views and even fell from this tower, in fact – high, on the chest side and lattice. But feelings are still beautiful: from here you can see the whole city!

Go to the bottom in Brugge

At the foot of the Tower – Markt (Market Square). As usual, with a rich history: Knights received their titles here, and the townspeople discussed the state of the textile industry of Flemishey. Here once stood gallows and guillotine, and now – a monument in the center and a lot of cafes around (the price of lunch – 25 and higher).

Five minutes another area – Burg, on the edge of which is the Basilica of Holy Blood, the two-level temple of the 12th century. According to legend, since 1150 the blood of Jesus is kept here. I did not hoped to see her, but, having come to the temple and setting around in some queue, soon it was before the priest who kept something like a test tube with a red liquid inside. A few seconds to pray, and pass on, not even time to realize what it was.

Initially impressive Begijnhof – once a settlement for lonely women, fuzzy (similar courtyard is in Amsterdam). Neat white houses and a sea of ​​yellow tulips among trees – a kind of simple, but harmonious and fascinating.

Where there is?
All sorts of cafes, beer and restaurants here are no less than hotels. Local pouring beer (5-7 euros) was not impressed (Czech for 50 rubles so far beyond competition), as well as famous Belgian waffles. But the saucepan of freshly breeded mussels is something! They are served with FRI potatoes and perfectly combined with beer. True, and it is not suiced – from 20 euros.

Liked the bars where only beer sell and nothing but beer. You can turn to the bartender for advice or choose at random, or take a sample of 3 small cups with different varieties. Such a beer is on the Burg Square, you can pull the selected variety from the balcony on the 2nd floor, leisurely watching the fuss.

Where to go?
Brugge is good, but exactly a couple of days. Passing it along and across, I began to clearly feel that the very delight is about to go into that very boredom. Therefore – away from the city to keep only light memory. Sitting on the Eurolines bus, in just 4 hours I was already in another city, another European capital, whose pictures did not cause and the shares of that interest, that one-sole modest photo: Neat houses along the canal.

Go to the bottom in Brugge

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